Why do people fish for pike?

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Catching northern pike can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Pike will smash almost any bait you can think of from live/dead baits to a large variety of artificial lures. They are often found in thick vegetation where they can sit nearly unseen and ambush any prey that comes by.

How many lakes are in Allegan County MI?

In Allegan County, there are seven established lake levels: Base Line Lake, Dumont Lake, Miner Lake, Monterey Lake, Osterhout Lake, Pine Creek Lake, and Pine Lake with Barry County.

How big is Miner Lake Allegan Michigan?

Miner Lake is an all-sports lake located in Allegan County (Allegan Township). Miner Lake is about 325 acres with 7.1 miles of shoreline and is relatively deep with a maximum depth of 83 feet and a mean or average depth of about 24 feet. The lake has a volume of water equal to 7,950 acre-feet.

What is Allegan known for?

EXPLORE ALLEGAN Nestled on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, the charming and historic town of Allegan offers an inland adventure to those visiting West Michigan. Allegan is home to the Old Iron Bridge, constructed in 1886, and celebrates its importance to the town with the annual Bridgefest celebration every June.

What fish are in Pike Lake Michigan?

Pike Lake is located in Allegan County, Michigan. This lake is 32 acres in size. It is approximately 55 feet deep at its deepest point. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout and Yellow Perch.

How did Allegan get its name?

Allegan was named in a neologism by Michigan historian Henry Rowe Schoolcraft in 1837 to sound like a Native American word.

What is in Allegan Michigan?

  • Saugatuck Dune Rides. 2,730. Off-Road & ATV Trails.
  • Oval Beach. 1,074. Beaches.
  • Butler Street. 407. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Mount Baldhead Park. 241.
  • Saugatuck Chain Ferry. 158.
  • Gun Lake Park. Parks.
  • Fenn Valley Vineyards. 292.
  • Kalamazoo River. Bodies of Water.

Where is the best northern pike fishing in Michigan?

Pike can be caught while fishing many lakes or rivers in Michigan. According to the Department of Natural Resources, Muskegon, Portage, Manistee, Michigamme and Houghton lakes are among the notable pike fisheries, while nearly all of the larger rivers in the state provide for good pike fishing.

Can you camp in Allegan Forest?

If you desire an outdoor stay, two rustic campgrounds are provided with picnic tables, vault toilets, and drinking water. During spring and summer, camping is limited to designated campsites in campgrounds.

How big is the Allegan State Game Area?

Over 50,000 acres of family fun.

When was Allegan Michigan established?

Named by noted Michigan geographer and ethnologist Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, Allegan County was set off in 1831 and organized in 1835.

What county is Wayland MI in?

Wayland is a city in Allegan County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 4,079 at the 2010 census. The city is located at the northwest corner of Wayland Township, but is politically independent. The city has also incorporated a portion of land in the south of adjacent Leighton Township.

How many zip codes are in Allegan County Michigan?

Allegan County, Michigan: 14 Zip Codes.

How do you fish for pike from shore?

Pike will be in deeper water away from shore during the summer so it is paramount to use waders and cast far for these fish. During the fall, focus on weeds and logs in 6-20 feet of water. If you find these features near shore, they can be awesome for fall anglers.

How many pike can I catch in Michigan?

No size limit on Northern Pike and up to five (5) Northern Pike may be retained in the daily possession limit with only one (1) greater than 24 inches.

How big do pike get in Michigan?

Most of the pike will run from 24 to 30 inches, but bigger pike are common.

What is the cleanest lake in Michigan?

Big Glen Lake Big Glen Lake is one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in Michigan. It is near the small town of Glen Arbor in northeast Michigan. Big Glen Lake and its sister waterway, Little Glen Lake were once a part of Lake Michigan during the ice age.

What’s the biggest perch caught in Michigan?

Perch average 4 to 10 inches long, but the Michigan state record, dating back to 1947, was 21 inches long and weighed 3.75 pounds. Perch vary in color according to their size and habitat.

What’s the biggest bluegill caught in Michigan?

The current state record for a bluegill is 2 pounds 12 ounces, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Master Angler Program. Kemp’s fish will have to be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist before it can be officially listed as the new state record.

Do Pikes eat bass?

Northern Pike are at the top of the food chain in most lakes and they just about eat anything. Walleyes, Chubs, Perch, Bass, Shiners, Frogs, Snakes, Birds, Bugs and other Pike are all on there menu.

Can pike bite you?

A man was recovering yesterday after being bitten on the foot by a pike while he was water skiing at the weekend on Llangorse lake, near Brecon, Powys. Darren Blake, 31, was waiting to be picked up by a boat when he was bitten.

Has a northern pike ever attacked a human?

While a few reports have implicated Northern pike in attacks on swimmers, these fish really pose no danger to humans (unless you get your fingers caught in their mouths). The story is different for the small fish they prey upon.

How old is Allendale?

The General Assembly chartered the Town of Allendale on December 20, 1873, and Z. A. Searson became the first mayor. Town planners laid out boulevard style streets one hundred feet wide with trees and flowers in the medians. A hotel opened in 1873 beside the train depot, and an academy opened within a year.

Is Allendale a city?

Allendale is an unincorporated community in Ottawa County in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is also a census-designated place (CDP) for statistical purposes. The population was 17,579 at the 2010 census.

What exit is 28th Street Grand Rapids?

See details below. Exit 28 is also close to cities: Comstock Park, MI (4.5mi/8m ); Grand Rapids, MI (6.6mi/9m ); Marne, MI (5.9mi/8m ). Exit 28 can reach interstate highways: I-96 (0mi/0m ); I-196MI- (5.1mi/10m ); I-94 (64.4mi/1.2h ).

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