Why Channel Catfish is Worth the Catch

I believe channel catfish are indeed the best to catch. Bullhead catfish are bottom feeders, meaning they eat a lot of vegetation on the bottom of lakes. The channel catfish prefer fresh fish as a good meal. Bullhead catfish taste real muddy due to eating whatever they can eat as a quick snack giving them whats called a mudline in the fillets. This can be soaked out with a little extra preparation time but when you can catch channel catfish why bother.

Channel catfish in OklahomaFlakey, Hardy Meat

Channel catfish have flakey, hardy meat, which when cooked gives off a rich, hearty flavor when biting into the battered fillet. In my opinion, channel catfish taste much better than even cod when cooked right. Catch a bullhead catfish, as well as a channel catfish, prepare each one the same and I bet you the pick of the two will be channel catfish.

When I first caught a channel catfish and cooked the meat, I was in total taste bud heaven from the first bite. The flavor and texture of the meat, the richness of how the meat tasted was even better the walleye. Now, some walleye fisherman would argue, but it’s up there competing for the gold.

To prepare either bullhead catfish or channel catfish, I usually soak the fish fillets in buttermilk to give a little extra boost in taste, for about 3 hours before deep frying the fillets. I then mix 2 cups of cornmeal to a cup of flour, two eggs, a teaspoon of salt and a cup of beer, your favorite to set the batter. Mix in a large bowl until mixture is of a medium thickness.

Before dipping your fillets into the batter, airdry the fillets for about five minutes before battering them up. This allows the batter to stick to the fillets better thus keeping the batter from frying off the fillets while they cook.

Hushpuppies Done Right

Take your fillets and soak them like in a previous manner and set them aside. While they soak, take a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of pepper, some sweet corn from the can, anything you prefer and combine in a bowl. After your fillets have been soaked for three hours lay down some wax paper on your work surface and lay out the fillets in stips. Once laid out on the wax paper spoon out the mixture on the fillets spreading it out in a thin coating on the fillets.

Once done with spreading the mixture on the fillets, roll the fillets up lengthwise and add toothpicks to keep the fillets from spreading back out when deep fried. Once the toothpicks are placed every inch or so, cut the fillets into one-inch strips and dip into the batter. Deep fry and enjoy the best hushpuppies you have ever tasted!