Where is the tunnel on the Etowah River?

An unassuming trail off a back-road in Ballground/Canton leads to a gorgeous swimming hole on the Etowah River, pictured above. There is parking, as this is a common put-in/pull-out space for kayakers and tubers. Our boys and pup love the rocky beach area, flowing stream and waist-deep pools.

Is Etowah River good for fishing?

At low levels the Etowah has perfect wading areas for catching striped bass. There are stretches of the river that are knee to waste deep for as far as a mile or more. These shallow areas often have one or more fish weirs crossing them. These weirs act as funnels that stripers often use to their advantage.

Where can I fish on the Etowah River?

They typically are found in their upstream spawning runs coming from Lake Allatoona. There is also plenty of great bass fishing below the Lake Allatoona dam and in the tailwaters section, if you want to take a break from trout fishing.

Is there catfish in the Etowah River?

Common fish species in the Etowah River include: carp, smallmouth buffalo, redhorse suckers, blue catfish, channel catfish, striped bass, redbreast sunfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, redeye bass, spotted bass, largemouth bass and freshwater drum.

Does the Etowah River have rapids?

The Etowah River has Class IV rapids, meaning they are long, difficult rapids with narrow passages and turbulent water that require precise maneuvering. These rapids “send hearts racing,” according to westernriver.com.

Are there small mouth bass in Georgia?

Whether stocked illegally or not, smallmouth bass have taken hold in the Savannah, and some anglers are glad. Smallies in the Savannah River are heavily concentrated in the shoals. To catch them, fish the current breaks and seams where slow water meets faster flows.

Is lake Allatoona good for fishing?

Allatoona Lake – A Natural Retreat just north of Atlanta Allatoona Lake is the largest of 11 public fishing areas including trout streams in Bartow County. The lake offers great fishing for all ages and skill levels. The lower Etowah River, below Allatoona dam is well-known for striped bass and spotted bass.

Where does the Etowah River begin?

The Etowah River has its headwaters in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of the Metro Water District, northwest of Dahlonega in Lumpkin County. The Etowah River flows southwest to the confluence of the Oostanaula River in Rome, Georgia in Floyd County (Figure ER-1).

Where can I shore fish on lake Allatoona?

The Etowah River flows westwardly across North Georgia from its origins in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Dawsonville, eventually winding its way to Rome where it joins the Oostanaula River to form the Coosa River.

Is there gold in Etowah River?

Fishing from the Blockhouse Jetty can yield some decent catches. For bream, crappie and bass I would focus on the left side of the jetty. Bream and crappie can be found along the shoreline all around the small cove there.

Can you swim in the Etowah River?

Etowah River Rich placer gold deposits were found in the Etowah River in Cherokee County. Large quantities of lode gold that was mine by the Cherokee and Sixes Mines, and placer gold deposits were found in the Etowah River.

Where is the best bass fishing in Georgia?

  • 01 of 10. Clark’s Hill Lake. Jake Wasdin/flickr/CC BY 2.0.
  • 02 of 10. Lake Hartwell. Hartwell is a 56,000 acre Corps of Engineers lake.
  • 03 of 10. Lake Oconee.
  • 04 of 10. Lake Sinclair.
  • 05 of 10. Jackson Lake.
  • 06 of 10. Lake Lanier.
  • 07 of 10. West Point Lake.
  • 08 of 10. Bartlett’s Ferry.

What is the legal size for bass in Georgia?

Largemouth Bass 12 inches statewide except: Lake Blackshear: 14 inches.

What fish is biting on Altoona?

The easiest path to the tunnel is to put in at Castleberry Bridge in Dawsonville, Ga. From here, the tunnel is just 3.5 miles from the bridge.

How do you catch stripers on Lake Allatoona?

Allatoona is known as a good lake for catching numbers of spotted bass, and it’s also known for good striped bass and hybrid bass. Allatoona is a very busy lake for recreational boaters during the summer, when many bass anglers opt to fish at night.

Is the Etowah River Clean?

“Bait is the most important key to catching stripers,” said Russell. “Threadfin shad are the easiest to find during June. Gizzard shad become a little harder to find in June, but you can usually find them in the backs of coves or in flat muddy bottoms.

What does Etowah mean in Cherokee?

The Etowah River has made the Georgia Water Coalition’s 2013 “Dirty Dozen” list — a selection of the state’s worst water offenses. The Etowah and Chattahoochee rivers are lumped together on the list, now in its third year.

How deep is the Etowah River?

However, the deepest point on the river is located at the Etowah River At Ga 1 Loop reporting a gauge stage of 15.01 ft. This river is monitored from 6 different streamgauging stations along the Etowah River, the highest being perched at an elevation of 1,042 ft, the Etowah River At Ga 9.

Can you kayak on the Etowah River?

Etowah is a Muskogee word derived from italwa, meaning “town”.

What is Dahlonega Ga known for?

North Georgia’s best family paddling takes place on the Etowah River. The river may be accessed at four launch sites established in and around Cartersville which are part of the 163-mile long Etowah River Water Trail .

How long is Etowah River Trail?

Known for its wine country, mountain vistas and performing arts community, Dahlonega is full of things to do, places to stay, great restaurants and events year-round. The site of the nation’s first major gold rush in 1829, Dahlonega in the North Georgia mountains was originally home to the Cherokee Nation.

Where are the crappie biting on Lake Allatoona?

The Etowah River Water Trail stretches 163 miles from Lumpkin County in north Central Georgia to Floyd County in Northwest Georgia passing through or near the towns of Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Cumming, Canton, Cartersville, Euharlee and Rome.

Are there trout in Allatoona?

Chattahoochee River mouth (between river miles three and four), the mouth of Spring Creek and the old river channels and submersed structures are good places to target.

Where can I find crappie on Allatoona?

A tiger trout has been added to GON’s Lake and River Records list. Bob Geresti didn’t expect his last-minute decision to go fishing one afternoon on Lake Allatoona to result in catching a rare breed of trout.

Are there alligators in Lake Allatoona?

Target spring spawn crappie from March to April in the shallows of Kellogg, Illinois, Stamp Creeks and Etowah River areas of the lake. During summer, seek deeper brush piles or other fish attractors located on humps and channel ledges, as crappie will concentrate in deeper habitat during this time.

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