Where is the best fishing in White Rock Lake?

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“Its an excellent fishery,” says Charles Baseman, operations supervisor for the White Rock Lake Park. “As an inner-city lake, it gets very little pressure from fishing.” That means more-and bigger-fish than you’ll find in some of North Texas’ more popular lakes. And the lake’s fish are safe to eat.

Is fishing good at White Rock Lake?

The lake is currently stocked with largemouth bass and catfish.

Are there alligators in White Rock Lake?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the park, public street, sidewalks and parking adjacent to the park. #20328.

Can you eat fish from White Rock Lake?

The species has been stocked in several Texas reservoirs. High summer water temperatures restrict walleye growth and survival in much of Texas. However, in the north Texas lakes, such as Lake Meredith, the species does very well. Six-to-eight pound specimens are common at times.

Is White Rock Lake stocked?

Outboard motors on White Rock Lake can be no more than 10.5 HP. However, boats with larger motors can navigate the lake using their trolling motors. Several fishing piers are available. Camping is not allowed, but picnic facilities abound.

Is alcohol allowed at White Rock Lake?

Business Hours 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Are there walleye fish in Texas?

In 1952, the city outlawed swimming in the lake because it was needed as a water source. White Rock no longer supplies the city with drinking water, but swimming is still prohibited. The TCEQ is responsible for deciding how bodies of water in Texas are to be used.

Are motor boats allowed on White Rock Lake?

No, swimming is not allowed at White Rock Lake. They do have a dog park at the north end that has an area for the dogs to swim but no public areas for people.

What time does White Rock Lake close?

White Rock Lake Park is home to 33 types of mammals, including squirrels, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, possums, bobcats, red foxes, and minks. There are 54 varieties of reptiles, including rattlesnakes, turtles, lizards, and horned toads. 20 kinds of amphibians call the park home including salamanders, toads and frogs.

Why no swimming White Rock Lake?

Yes there are, and use the first one you come to as restroom availability can be seasonal.

Can people swim in White Rock Lake?

Answer: No. Fish are an important source of protein in the diet. The Texas Department of Health only recommends that you limit consumption of those species which contain the highest levels of mercury (largemouth bass and freshwater drum).

What lives in White Rock Lake?

Best Places to Fish Trinity River The 25-mile upper section from the Lewiston Dam downstream to Junction City, offers the best year-round fishing on the Trinity. Below the dam is a fly fishing only section. As much of the river flows through private land, be sure to pay close attention to signage when you are visiting.

Are there bathrooms at White Rock Lake?

White Rock Lake Trail Closure at RP Brooks Park The White Rock Lake Trail is currently under construction an the RP Brooks Park Pedestrian Bridge will be closed starting on Monday July 25th. This portion of the trail will remain closed until construction is complete in October 2022.

Is it safe to eat fish from Texas lakes?

Tips & Tactics. Catfish can be caught throughout the lake although they are not overly abundant. Crappie can be caught on minnows and jigs along the dam and in the deeper water on the western end of the lake.

Where can I fish in Trinity River?

White Rock Creek rises two miles southeast of Frisco in southwestern Collin County (at 33°08′ N, 96°47′ W). Intermittent in its upper reaches, the creek follows a southerly course for 23½ miles into White Rock Lake.

Why is White Rock Lake closed?

Yes. You can. over a year ago. You sure can, but they have some grills there!

How long is it around White Rock Lake?

The perimeter trail follows about 9.6 miles around the 1,200 acre reservoir. Numerous other activities are enjoyed in White Rock Lake park, such as boating, kayaking, and disc golf.

Can you fish in Bachman lake?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no general statewide prohibition on public consumption of alcohol in the Texas Penal Code. In other words, Texas law allows a person to drink a beer while walking down the street (or while standing in an alleyway) unless an exception applies.

Where is White Rock Creek?

You and your pet will enjoy the wide variety of big and small K-9’s that frequent this park, and most importantly you’re only steps away from hiking, jogging, cycling, or boating around Dallas’ largest lake.

Can you bring your own grill to White Rock Lake?

These are some of the most historically popular lures: Crankbait, Grubs, Paddle Tails, and Ring Worms. The best walleye lure of all time, grubs on a jig, are the most popular alternative to live bait. If you want to fish fast and avoid keeping bait alive this is your primary option.

Can you walk around with alcohol in Dallas Texas?

Meredith Reservoir has the best walleye fishing in the state of Texas and is comparable to many lakes in the native range of walleye.

Is White Rock Lake safe for dogs?

Lake Meredith and White River Reservoir are the two major lakes in Texas with decent populations of walleye. New Ballinger Lake also has walleye. Walleye prefer moderately deep lakes with gravel, rock or sandy bottoms. It is found primarily in cold water lakes but has proven to survive in warmer impoundments.

What is the best lure to catch walleye?

From Mockingbird Lane / E Lawther Drive on the north side of the lake, you can access a drop in spot for your kayak or paddle board.

What lake in Texas has walleye?

“Camping is not allowed, but picnic facilities abound.”

What lakes in Texas have walleye fish?

This area is gorgeous. If you like to bike or run, this is the perfect place with biker/runner paths. If you just want to have a picnic, or kayak on a beautiful lake, while looking at the city skyline in the background, this is also your place. Very nice!

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