Where can I fish in Drayton Valley?

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  • Brazeau West Canal. Located 50 minutes west of Drayton Valley, on the very edge of our bucket list.
  • Brazeau Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area. Water Activity The Brazeau Reservoir is located 43 minutes west of Drayton Valley and is.
  • Wabamun Lake.
  • Buck Lake.

Can you fish in Brazeau Dam?

Provides information for campers at Brazeau Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area, located southwest of Drayton Valley. The area is a great place for bird and wildlife watching, canoeing and kayaking as well as fishing and power boating on the reservoir and the canal.

What fish are in the Blindman River?

Blindman River is a stream in Alberta, Canada. The most popular species caught here are Northern pike, Walleye, and Goldeye. 141 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

What type of fish are in the Sturgeon River?

At the Villeneuve station, Sturgeon River has a discharge of 0.4 to 3 m3/s. Fish species which may be found in the river include: walleye, pike, perch, burbot, goldeye, sturgeon, whitefish, and sauger.

Can you fish in the Pembina River?

Pembina River is a stream in Alberta, Canada. The most popular species caught here are Walleye, Northern pike, and Goldeye. 63 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

What kind of fish are in Buck Lake Alberta?

Buck Lake has native fish populations of Walleye, Lake Whitefish, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Burbot, White Sucker, Trout-perch, Brook Stickleback, Iowa Darter and Spottail Shiner. The lake has a long history of providing an excellent summer Walleye sport fishery and a winter Lake Whitefish commercial fishery.

What fish are in Swan Lake Vernon?

While shallow, Swan Lake supports a great fishery, though not for trout. Instead, this lake is a prime walleye and pike lake. As well, yellow perch and burbot reside here. Walleye make for good fishing, and Swan Lake is easily fished from shore or by boat.

Can you fish in Abraham lake?

Fishing is possible here, although there is no official boat launch. Several areas along the shoreline provide ample areas to launch smaller boats, and the shoreline near the dam is often considered one of the best spots for fishing. The lake holds an abundance of brook trout, cutthroat trout and sunfish.

What fish are in Swan Lake Alberta?

Which fish can I catch at SWAN LAKE? The most popular species caught here are Brown Trout, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local rules and regulations.

Are there sturgeon in the Red Deer River?

Sport fish include: walleye, northern pike, sauger, lake whitefish, yellow perch, burbot, lake sturgeon, mountain whitefish, goldeye, brown trout, bull trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and cutthroat trout.

How many fish can you catch in Saskatchewan?

Anglers may possess no more than one limit of each fish species at any time. This includes fish that are eaten or given away for that particular day, as well as all fish that are at your camp, being transported by or for you, or fish that are in storage.

Is the Sturgeon River clean?

Total suspended solids The Sturgeon River has not experienced drastic changes to the background nutrient levels and chloride and E. coli have consistently been within the provincial guidelines. This is the desired zone for a healthy river.

Where do you find sturgeon in a river?

By this time, the Sturgeon are sitting back in the deep slow moving pools or in dark corners of the river during the day. At night, they will come into the shallows or swim up to the base of a rapids. Sturgeon are bottom feeders. They basically eat anything edible that they find on the bottom.

What rivers in Alberta have sturgeon?

Despite the name, lake sturgeon are strictly river fish in Alberta; living in the North and South Saskatchewan river systems.

Can you fish the Athabasca River?

The Athabasca, one of Alberta’s best fishing rivers, begins in the Canadian Rocky Mountains near the town of Jasper and winds some 1,538 km (956 mi) before spilling into Lake Athabasca. We’re excited to be here, and hoping to get up close and personal with burbot, goldeye and Rocky Mountain whitefish, too.

What kind of fish are in the McLeod River?

Fishing for rainbow trout, eastern brook trout, whitefish and bull trout in McLeod River is the main recreational activity at this new campground. There are also hiking and mountain bike opportunities in the area.

What kind of fish are in Obed Lake?

Obed Lake contains eastern brook trout, yellow perch, and trophy class brown trout.

How many perch can I keep in Alberta?

Mountain Whitefish – 5 in total. Walleye and Sauger – 3 in combined total. Northern Pike – 3 in total. Yellow Perch – 15 in total.

Is Buck Lake a good lake?

Buck Lake, a quiet lake surrounded by the rolling hills of Wetaskawin near Drayton Valley, is known among anglers for its abundant walleye, northern pike, good-sized perch and lake whitefish. Buck is a good spot for families, offering kid-friendly fishing.

Can you swim in Swan Lake Vernon?

An uncrowded lake; great for swimming.

Why is Abraham Lake so blue?

The beautiful turquoise colour of Abraham Lake is a result of glacial rock flour particles that are contained within the water. Abraham Lake is well known for the methane bubbles that freeze in a stack-like formation within the lake’s water during winter.

Can you fish in Sylvan Lake?

What You Can Catch – Sylvan Lake has some of the best sport fishing in Alberta. There are Lake Whitefish, walleye, burbot, yellow perch and pike to be caught. Some anglers have reported catching trophy pike weighing 20 pounds or more. It should be noted that walleye and pike are catch and release only.

Can you fish at Jackfish Lake?

Fishing on Jackfish lake Near Emo, Ontario This lake has excellent fishing for walleye, smallmouth, perch and northern pike. The many bays and numerous weed beds offer excellent cover, particularly for bass.

Where do you fish in Brazeau Reservoir?

​The Sardine Lake Recreation Area, located between Carnwood and Alsike, features fishing and canoeing, and a boat dock for non-motorized boats only. ​Other “hot spots” include Buck Lake with pike, walleye, whitefish and perch, and of course, the great Pembina River.

What kind of fish are in Fish Lake Alberta?

  • 5 trout of any size.
  • 3 Northern Pike of any size.
  • 15 Yellow Perch of any size.
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