Where can I fish from shore on Lake Winnipesaukee?

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Who Needs a Fishing License on Lake Winnipesaukee? A New Hampshire fishing license is required to fish on Lake Winnipesaukee. Residents and non-residents are eligible for a New Hampshire fishing license. Licenses are required for anyone 16 or older for fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

Are there lake trout in Lake Winnipesaukee?

The Connecticut River, Lake Sunapee, Lake Winnipesaukee, Mascoma Lake and Squam Lake are among the top lakes for walleye fishing.

Are there salmon in Lake Winnipesaukee?

No Muskie’s & No Pike — there are plenty of big Pickerel. NH Fish & Game Fishing Info.

Do you need a fishing license for Lake Winnipesaukee?

Lake Winnipesaukee Fish – Alligator Gar.

Is there walleye in Lake Winnipesaukee?

Larger lakes across the state, with chain pickerel or northern pike populations, may include Bow Lake, Comerford Lake, Conway Lake, Great East Lake, Lake Sunapee, Lake Wentworth, Lake Winnipesaukee, Mascoma Lake, Massabesic Lake, Merrymeeting Lake, Moore Reservoir, Newfound Lake, Ossipee Lake, Paugus Bay, Silver Lake, …

What is the biggest fish in Lake Winnipesaukee?

New Hampshire Fish and Game confirmed a record-setting catch on Lake Winnipesaukee this week. Ryan Scott Ashley, of Gilmanton, reeled in a cusk in Moultonborough. The cusk was 35 inches long and weighed 12 pounds, 8.48 ounces.

Are there muskie in Lake Winnipesaukee?

Lake Winnipesaukee is home to many species of animal including otters, beaver, muskrat, mink, fisher, moose, deer, black bear, coyote, and bobcats. Only one dam releases water from Lake Winnipesaukee. It is located at the southern edge of Paugus Bay in Lakeport.

Are there GAR in Lake Winnipesaukee?

Lake Winnipesaukee fishing is always a great idea. The 21-mile long lake boasts a wide variety of fish, including rainbow trout, salmon, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, and more.

Are there northern pike in Lake Winnipesaukee?


What lives in Lake Winnipesaukee?

When landlocked salmon are deep, the best method to catch them is trolling with lead core line or a downrigger, using copper, gold, or silver lures. Fly-casting can be productive in lakes during insect hatches and is the preferred method for catching landlocked salmon in rivers.

How do you catch lake trout on Lake Winnipesaukee?

Is Lake Winnipesaukee good for fishing?

Is it legal to fish at night? Fishing for most species is allowed any time of the day or night. The exception is trout and salmon can only be taken from one hour before sunrise until two hours after sunset.

Are there catfish in Lake Winnipesaukee?

Yes. All anglers age 16 and older must pay for a NH Recreational Saltwater Fishing License to fish recreationally in the coastal and estuarine waters of the state. Why do senior anglers need a saltwater license, when they can get free freshwater fishing licenses in NH?

How do you fish a landlocked salmon?

5 fish daily limit; no length limit. 5 fish or 5 pounds daily limit, whichever is reached first; no length limit. Many waterbodies with trout have special rules. Designated trout ponds and fly-fishing-only ponds open the fourth Saturday in April and close Oct.

Is it legal to fish at night in NH?

Walleye were introduced into New Hampshire presumably from Lake Champlain and are now abundant in the CT River from Monroe to Hinsdale. They are also occasionally caught in the lower Contoocook and Merrimack Rivers.

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in NH?

Walleye in the Connecticut River can grow large, with fish exceeding 24 inches. They can be found in great numbers in deep holes during the winter, where fishermen use blade baits to catch them. At one point, walleye were the most popular fish in Vermont. There was even a commercial fishery for them on Lake Champlain.

How many fish can you keep in NH?

New Hampshire State Record Bass The state record largemouth bass was caught from Potanipo Lake. The state record smallmouth bass came from Goose Pond.

Where can I fish for walleye in NH?

New Hampshire man catches 37-pound lake trout, the largest ever caught in the state. A fisherman in New Hampshire broke a more than 60-year-old state record by reeling in a fish weighing 37 pounds. Thomas Knight, 58, caught the big laker last Tuesday at Big Diamond Pond in West Stewartstown.

Are there walleye in the Connecticut River?

The largest largemouth bass ever caught in New Hampshire was found in Lake Potanipo. The largest largemouth bass ever caught in New Hampshire was 10lbs 8 oz, by G. Bullpit. The trophy-sized fish was 25.8 inches long.

Where are the biggest bass in New Hampshire?

Lake Winnipesaukee is currently categorized as oligotrophic (low productivity) and listed as a high quality water by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES).

What is the world record lake trout?

The biggest lake trout ever caught is a gigantic fish of no less than 102lb. Two anglers caught it on Lake Athabasca (Saskatchewan, Canada) back in 1961. This behemoth reportedly measured an incredible 60 inches.

What is the largest fish caught in New Hampshire?

Today. Lake Winnipesaukee’s current water temperature is 70°F.

What’s the biggest bass ever caught in New Hampshire?

The muskie’s native range brushes up to the Northeast, encompassing parts of western Pennsylvania and New York. Included in these waters are some of the best trophy muskie fisheries in the world, and they are all just a short road trip away from anglers in New England.

What movies were filmed on Lake Winnipesaukee?

  • Starring: Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Set on: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.
  • Filmed on: Smith Mountain Lake, VA.

Is Lake Winnipesaukee clean?

While tiger muskies can be found stocked in various waterways in the state, there are no native muskies and therefore there is no New Hampshire state record for musky.

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