Where can I find sturgeon in Minnesota?

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That said, the state’s most popular sturgeon fishing destinations are Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, which offer both a catch and release season and a harvest season in which you can keep one fish per calendar year. The harvest season runs from late April until early May and early July until late September.

Are there sturgeon in the St Croix River?

Today, sturgeon populations have strongly rebounded in their native range, especially the St. Croix River, and has quickly grown into a popular catch and release fishery. The population in the Lower St.

How do you get sturgeon through the ice?

What kind of sturgeon are in the St Croix River?

Headline-grabbing behemoth caught through the river ice has been certified as the largest in Minnesota history. The giant Lake Sturgeon caught on the St. Croix River by Darren Troseth two weeks ago has now been confirmed as the new record-sized specimen of its species ever reported in Minnesota.

What do I need for sturgeon fishing?

To fish for sturgeon, you’ll need a 6 to 8-foot musky rod with a level-wind reel, a braided fishing line in the 80 to 100-pound test range, a heavy slip sinker, and a 5/0 circle hook. Once you’ve set up your fishing rod, bait the hook with a nightcrawler worm to attract sturgeon.

Where is the best place to catch sturgeon?

The most popular areas for sturgeon fishing are the upper Mississippi into the Ohio and Missouri watersheds. The Great Lakes region is the most common target, though it is a huge area.

Are sturgeon hard to catch?

“Of all the fish we target,” he says, “sturgeon are the most challenging, the most unpredictable.”

How much ice is on the St Croix River?

The ice is 16-18 inches thick in the common areas. Be sure to stay away from the King Plant and the construction area for the new St. Croix River Crossing.

What Rod should I use for sturgeon?

A 10-12′ surf casting rod is heavy duty enough to tangle with these large fish. You can easily cast the large weights that are sometimes needed for this fishery. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Series spinning rod is an ideal rod for shore sturgeon fishing.

What’s the largest sturgeon caught in Minnesota?

A 120-pound, 78-inch sturgeon caught by an ice fisherman over the weekend has broken a couple of Minnesota records. The DNR confirmed the fish is the largest catch-and-release lake sturgeon, and the longest fish, that’s been caught in Minnesota – at least, since they’ve kept records.

What size sturgeon can you keep in MN?

Sturgeon can be kept only from April 24 through May 7 during the 2018 spring season. Harvested fish must be between 45 and 50 inches in length or over 75 inches. The purchase of a sturgeon tag is required. The limit is one per person.

Can you eat sturgeon?

Sturgeon has a refined flavor and consistency. That charm is why eating it raw is the best way to eat it. You can enjoy the charm of the fish meat by eating it as sashimi, sushi and marinading it. Even when boiled, you can enjoy the tender texture of sturgeon.

How do you rig for sturgeon fishing?

What is the biggest fish ever caught in Minnesota?

The captured muskie tipped the scales at 55 pounds, 14.8 ounces. Sprengeler wrote that it measured 57.75 inches in length with a 29-inch girth. The previous Minnesota record for heaviest muskie, 54 pounds, was set in 1957 on Lake Winnibigoshish.

What kind of fish do you catch in the St Croix River?

Walleye, sauger and smallmouth bass are the primary target of anglers fishing this stretch of river. A variety of other fish offer additional opportunities. Sturgeon, muskellunge, white bass and catfish are just some of the fish anglers can seek.

Where do sturgeon go in the fall?

In the fall, movement from rivers into estuaries and associated bays begins in September and continues through November. Most subadult and adult Gulf sturgeon spend the cool winter months (October/November to March/ April) in bays, estuaries, and the nearshore Gulf of Mexico.

What hooks for sturgeon?

Most sturgeon anglers will use what most call a sturgeon rig. Typically, this is a 18″ snell made of 60 lb line or leader material attached to a 5/0 circle hook. Circle hooks help to prevent gut hooking fish.

What is the best white sturgeon bait?

White Sturgeon Baits Squid, smelt, herring, salmon, trout (where legal) and other dead fish will work fine. For the larger ones, it is a good idea to use a large bait. When the shad are running a nice 2lb shad makes a great bait for large White Sturgeon. Just make sure your bait stays on the bottom.

What’s the best time of year to catch sturgeon?

While generally occurring during the third week of June, the freshet can happen anytime from mid May to mid July. Weather is the key to the timing of the freshet. A really nice spring sturgeon! July and August offers the golden days of sturgeon fishing as far as I am concerned.

What scents do sturgeon like?

Are sturgeon bottom feeders?

Most sturgeons are anadromous bottom-feeders, which migrate upstream to spawn, but spend most of their lives feeding in river deltas and estuaries. Some species inhabit freshwater environments exclusively, while others primarily inhabit marine environments near coastal areas, and are known to venture into open ocean.

Can sturgeon hurt you?

Unlike sharks – who are natural predators and attack their prey, sturgeon aren’t aggressive. Strikes are simply accidental collisions. But sturgeon can grow to 11 feet and weigh over 1,000 pounds, so a strike is like being hit by a truck.

How can you tell if a sturgeon is biting?

What happens if you catch a sturgeon?

Atlantic and shortnose sturgeons are protected species. If you accidentally catch a sturgeon, keep the fish in the water and remove the hooks. If the hooks are in too deep, cut the line. If you need to remove the fish from the water in order to do this, use wet hands or a wet rag to support the belly.

How many lines can you have on the St Croix River?

To answer your question. Yes as a MN resident you can fish 3 lines as long as you are in WI territorial waters. You won’t have any problems anywhere on the St Croix with 2 lines. As a MN angler you have the option of fishing 3 lines when you are fishing in WI territorial waters.

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