What’s the water temperature at Green River Lake?

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Green River Lake’s current water temperature is 75°F.

What kind of fish are in Green River Lake Ky?

Green River Lake supports three species of black bass, muskellunge, walleye, channel catfish, crappie, white bass and sunfish (bluegill).

Is Green River Lake good fishing?

Wednesday, Sep 21 2022 The lake has reached summer pool. Most fish above the 22 ft depth range. Bass are hitting crank baits, soft plastics, and early in the morning on topwater. Crappie can be targeted with jigs and minnows.

What kind of fish are in Green River Reservoir?

Fish Species Smallmouth bass, northern pike, chain pickerel, yellow perch, brown bullhead and various panfish.

Can you fish in Green River?

The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is a world-renowned fly fishing stream; its clear, emerald waters support a large population of trout, with rainbows being more common just below the dam and browns dominating downstream. There are also some cutthroats in the river.

How deep is the Green River Kentucky?

It ranges from 100 to 300 feet (30 to 100 m) wide in the upper course to 300 to 1,500 feet (460 m) wide in its lower course and ranges from 3 to 50 feet (1 to 15 m) in depth.

How do you catch crappie on Green River Lake?

Does Green River Lake have blue catfish?

Channel catfish (top), blue catfish (middle) and flathead catfish (bottom) can all be found in Pool 4 of the Green River. Spotted bass are the most common of the black bass species observed in Pool 4 of the Green River.

Why is it called the Green River Kentucky?

Tributaries of the Green River include the Barren River, the Nolin River, the Pond River and the Rough River. The river was named after Nathanael Greene, a general of the American Revolutionary War.

What is the water level at Green River Lake Kentucky?

Lake Level Update: as of 6:00 am lake level is 675.53 with a setting of 6 tenths on the bypass valves and an outflow of 56 cfs (cubic feet of water per second).

How big is the Green River Reservoir?

The 653-acre Reservoir includes about 19 miles of shoreline, one of the longest stretches of undeveloped shorelines in Vermont. Access to the park is in the southern part of the Reservoir off of Green River Dam Road.

When can you fish the Green River?

The Green River fishes excellent in May before and after high water. High water typically begins around May 20th and lasts about 2 weeks. However, every season is different due to weather and snowpack.

Is there steelhead in the Green River?

The section of the Green River from Kent to Auburn is often the best stretch for steelhead angling, and abundant access is available in the area. The Highway 18 bridge in Auburn is an especially popular spot. There are also opportunities to catch steelhead from Auburn up to Flaming Geyser State Park.

Can you wade the Green River?

The Green is best appreciated from a boat, but wade fisherman can also equally enjoy the river from the shore. There are three main sections of this tailwater. The A, B and C sections are separated by mere miles, but can fish very different depending on the time of year and Ill go through each section independently.

What is the cleanest lake in Kentucky?

Green River Lake is a 8,210-acre (33 km2) reservoir in Adair, Taylor, and Casey counties in Kentucky lying in the section of Kentucky known as the Highland Rim. The lake was developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1969 by impounding the Green River.

What is the deepest lake in Kentucky?

Laurel River Lake is considered one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in Kentucky, according to Kentucky Tourism’s website. Travel time: About two and a half hours from Louisville. What you can do: Swimming, fishing, skiing and scubadiving.

How many fishing poles can you use in KY?

There is no limit on the number of fishing poles (or fishing rods) an angler may use at one time.

How many bluegill can you keep in Kentucky?

(a) Largemouth bass size limit, fifteen (15) inches; daily creel limit, one (1). (b) Bluegill and sunfish daily creel limit, ten (10).

Where can I catch big catfish in Kentucky?

Kentucky lake, Barkley lake, Cumberland river, and Tennessee river offer great catfishing opportunities.

How do you catch catfish in the Green River?

Where can I find flathead catfish in Kentucky?

Fishtrap Lake and Tailwater Provide good opportunity for tickling/noodling during nesting. Flathead catfish Excellent Numerous large fish with good numbers found in the lake and into Levisa Fork.

Can you swim in Green River Lake?

There are several Kentucky State Park lakes that offer beach swimming and Green River Lake is one of them.

Is the Green River Deep?

The Green is a large, deep, powerful river. It ranges from 100 to 300 feet (30 to 100 m) wide in the upper course and from 300 to 1,500 feet (91 to 457 m) wide in its lower course, and from 3 to 50 feet (0.91 to 15.24 m) in depth.

What is a blue hole in KY?

The Blue Hole is the first of two major springs at McConnell Springs. Its blue color is caused by its unusual depth which is estimated at about fifteen feet. The waters originate from a wide area of south-western Lexington, flowing underground through the limestone bedrock.

What is summer pool at Green River Lake?

The lake has a minimum pool elevation of 653 feet msl, which forms a 5,070-acre lake 18 miles in length and a water quality pool elevation of 664 which forms a 6,650-acre lake 21 miles in length. Summer pool at 675 msl forms 8,210-acre lake 25 miles in length.

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