What kind of fish are in Cooks Bay Ontario?

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Cook’s Bay is a large bay of Lake Simcoe. It is famous for it’s jumbo perch fishery and trophy pike. Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass also call this large weedy bay home. The holland river empties into the south end of Cook’s Bay and is a well known spring hotspot for big crappie and jumbo perch.

Where can I find pike through the ice?

Where can I fish for pike on Lake Simcoe?

Recommended Locations: Target the weediest sections and bays of Lake Simcoe. Cooks Bay near the mouth of the Holland River is a great place to start, most pike fishermen congregate in this area throughout the year. Other locations to explore include Big Cedar Point, Innisfil and out off Fox Island.

How deep do you ice fish for pike?

The tip-ups placed there produce best, with baits suspended 5 to 6 feet down in 8- to 12-foot depths being the most typical array. Most tip-ups are placed 10 feet off the cover, but one is placed in a 3- to 4-foot clearing or pocket and another is set well off the sharpest break over deeper water.

Where can I ice fish at Cooks Bay?

Lucky’s Sons ice fishing huts are located about a kilometer out on Lake Simcoe at the mouth of Cooks Bay. This location gives us great fishing throughout the season so you get your best chance to catch some great jumbo perch, lake trout, pike and whitefish. Fun for the whole family!

Where can I fish in Cooks Bay?

Hot spots include the deeper water at the mouth of Cooks Bay, around Simcoe’s westernmost islands, and Kempenfelt Bay, which is one of the few trout areas that can be reached by foot.

What is the best bait for pike ice fishing?

  • Large (Not Jumbo) Golden Shiners. While it’s true that pike eat prey items over to half their body weight, they key in on more plentiful food sources that take less exertion to capture.
  • Medium-Large White Suckers.
  • Large Sea Smelts.

How do you attract pike ice fishing?

What is the best bait for pike?

Soft rayed fish that have lots of natural oil in the skin and flesh make the best dead baits for pike fishing. These natural oils leech into the water and help to attract pike that may be cruising in the area. Some of the best dead baits are smelt, alewives, small whitefish, chubs, and the always popular sucker.

What is the biggest fish caught in Lake Simcoe?

Brochu’s fish weighed 16.8 pounds and measured . 94 metres (37 inches) long and was 55.9 cm (22 inches) around. It is also the pending Ontario record.

Where is jumbo perch on Lake Simcoe?

Some of the more productive areas for Jumbo Perch include Cook’s Bay, Lake Couchiching, Virginia Beach, Snake Island, Innisfil Beach and Beaverton. Perch are very plentiful in Lake Simcoe and are caught on a variety of techniques.

Are pike shallow or deep in winter?

Weeds and rock in combination with sand transitions in shallow water draw pike shallow during portions of the winter season. But when pike drop deep, as they often do during midwinter, rock-rubble drop-off edges and especially deep rock humps near shallow cover usually are where they hold. Pike suspend in some lakes.

How do you jig pike through ice?

Where is the best ice fishing in Ontario?

  • Lake Simcoe.
  • Lake of the Woods.
  • Lake Ontario.
  • Ottawa River.
  • Lake Superior.
  • Rice Lake.
  • Lake Nipissing.
  • Georgian Bay. This large, northeast arm of Lake Huron is one of Ontario’s most cherished destinations for its sandy to rugged shoreline, gorgeous scenery and endless outdoor pursuits.

Where is the best ice fishing on Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe perch seem to be everywhere on the lake, although the most heavily targeted ice fishing areas are Gilford, Keswick and Virginia Beach. Most successful depths range from 9 feet to 35 ft.

Is it safe to ice fish on Lake Simcoe?

Vieveen Investments, has been providing a safe and comfortable winter ice fishing experience on world famous Lake Simcoe. Just a little over an hour’s drive north of Toronto Lake Simcoe offers a variety of winter sport fish including Lake Trout – Whitefish – Perch and Herring.

Is there pike in Lake Simcoe?

Northern Pike are very abundant in Lake Simcoe. They are generally caught in the many shallow weedy bays that surround the shorelines. Some of the more popular hotspots for Lake Simcoe Pike, include Cook’s Bay, Lake Couchiching, Virginia Beach and around Snake and Thorah Island.

Can you swim in Cooks Bay?

Glenwood Park beach is a great beach for swimming. The beach is located on the southeastern edge of Cook’s Bay of Lake Simcoe. Visitors will find paid parking at the park. Pack a lunch, sit at the picnic tables in the park and enjoy the view while the kids can have fun playing on the playground.

Is Lake Scugog good for fishing?

Lake Scugog is a great place for fishing! There are many species of fish in Lake Scugog, including: Largemouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass.

What time is best for pike fishing?

As another rule of thumb, the best times for pike are usually around sunrise and sunset. However, since in spring the weather isn’t as harsh yet and water temperatures allow pike to hunt for longer – you can successfully catch pike throughout the day.

What is the best depth for ice fishing?

In my experience, I’ve found that most of the best ice-fishing action comes in water from 3-to-20 feet deep. I like to set up my traps so that they cover a variety of depths. Areas with rock piles, weed beds, or dramatic contours are all good spots.

What is the best time of day to fish for northern pike?

Early morning right before the sun rises is an excellent time to target hungry pike. You can either find them in open or shallow water hunting down their first meal of the day.

How deep do northern pike go in the winter?

Often northern pike can be found in less than 10 feet of water during the winter months, so start shallow and gradually work your way to deeper water.

What color do pike see best?

The very best lures to use for pike in clear water are swimbaits, softbaits, and crankbaits with an authentic pattern and swimming action. Natural lure colors that resemble the pike’s prey, such as white, silver, green, or black, have proven most effective.

What color looks best on pike?

The ability of slower retrieve along with a softer underwater tone gives you the injured fish action northern pike prey upon. Best pike lure colors: Red/Black or White (sunny days), Chartreuse/Blue (cloudy days).

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