What is the water temperature of Stillhouse lake?

Water lightly stained; 85 degrees; 8.46 feet low.

Where can I fish in Stillhouse lake?

At first light, topwater baits fished on rocky points or over hydrilla beds can be good. Later in the day, drop a heavy jig or large worm into matted hydrilla in 5′-15′ of water. Smallmouth bass can be good year round. Topwaters and crankbaits fished around rocky points and riprap can be very productive.

Are there alligators in Stillhouse lake?

Alligators have been observed in the Lampasas River above Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir for many years and reports of illegal harvest or documented dangerous interactions with the recreating public or local livestock have been extremely rare.

Why is Stillhouse lake closed?

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineering in Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lakes have made the decision to close all the designated swim beaches at both lakes due to low water levels. Currently lake levels are low enough that the designated swim areas are out of the water and cannot remain open.

Is Stillhouse Hollow Lake free?

A day use fee is required at most parks. A $30 annual permit covers fees for a year. Some parks have campsites for tents and RVs, with water and electric hookups available. Additional fees apply for camping.

Is Stillhouse lake open?

Open 24hrs (no fee). No boat ramp or camping. Park hours are 6AM – 8PM.

Is it safe to swim in Stillhouse Hollow Lake?

The public is still allowed to swim in the lake, but we urge you exercise extreme caution to underwater obstacles, be aware of your surroundings and as always please wear your life jacket whenever you are in or near the water.

Are there alligators in Waco Lake?

But according to acclaimed wildlife biologist and Baylor professor Fred Gehlbach, alligators are no strangers to Central Texas. “We’ve had gators in Lake Waco in the past, but only one every 15 to 20 years,” he said.

Are there alligators in Bell County TX?

“There are alligators in over 100 counties in Texas, including in Bell County. There isn’t a large population, but they have been observed in the Stillhouse lake area and along the Lampasas river for many, many years now,” Warner said.

Are boats allowed on Stillhouse Hollow Lake?

Stillhouse Park has a four lane concrete boatramp that is located adjacent to the marina. A loading dock is provided to board your boat.

Is Stillhouse lake safe for dogs?

The veterinarian and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers suspect the cause to be an aquatic organism that, in some cases, can produce toxins potentially life-threatening to animals and people. The animal doesn’t just have to drink the water. If they get it on their fur and lick themselves, it can be just as dangerous.

Is Stillhouse Hollow Lake closed?

Open 24hrs (no fee). Park hours are 6AM – 8PM.

Can you fish at Dana Peak Park?

There is a free fishing dock at the entrance to Dana Peak Park. There is also a fishing dock in Union Grove Park with the cost of day use area fee. Stillhouse Marina in Stillhouse Park also provides fishing facilities for a cost.

What is the water temperature of Belton Lake?

Water lightly stained; 85 degrees; 8.43 feet low.

Is Belton Lake man made?

Since Belton Lake is a reservoir and is manmade, it was constructed in 1954. Even though this lake was completed in 1954, the construction actually began years earlier in 1949.

Who owns Stillhouse Hollow Lake?

The project is owned by the United State Government and managed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control, multi-purpose water supply and recreation.

Why is Belton dam closed?

Belton Dam Overlook Safety Issues When officials expressed their concerns to the Corps of Engineers who oversee the dam, they ultimately decided to close the dam until a solution is found. I made the decision to close that area until those concerns could be addressed because the next accident could be fatal.

Can dogs swim at Stillhouse Hollow Lake?

Dogs are not allowed on the swim beach. We just stopped for a minute to take some pictures and walked a little further down. Dogs are allowed along the water at the day use areas away from the swim beach.

Is Belton lake Safe?

“We have received the report of water and algal tissue samples from Lake Belton,” Dr. Amanda Chadwell with the Bell County Health District said. “I have reviewed the test results, and while the level of toxins is dangerous for animals, at these levels they do not pose a health risk for humans.”

Do all Texas lakes have alligators?

This means that once a year or every two years they are sighted because of the fact that there are not many alligators on North Texas lakes at all (most of them have been found on the Trinity River, Lake Worth or remote areas on the outskirts of popular lakes).

How far north in Texas are alligators?

In Texas, the American alligator ranges from the Sabine River of East Texas to the Gulf of Mexico across the coastal marshes to the Rio Grande and west to around Interstate 35. This range includes about 120 counties with the highest concentrations occurring along the Gulf Coastal Plains.

Does the Brazos River have alligators?

Just like fish and other aquatic species that coexist along the Brazos banks, alligators are still in the same ecosystem and active, so be aware of these large creatures when navigating the Brazos River and other waters within the lower basin.

Are there alligators in Port Lavaca?

An alligator laid dead Tuesday morning in an irrigation canal off of Old Seadrift Road in between Seadrift and Port Lavaca. Wildlife photographer John Humbert reported several dead alligators to Texas game wardens after discovering them on Sunday evening.

Does Belton Lake have alligator gar?

What to fish for… Fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish, white crappie, bluegill, green sunfish, longear sunfish, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, white bass, hybrid striped bass, alligator gar and longnose gar at Belton Lake in Central Texas.

Are there alligators in the Lampasas River?

The Lampasas River is the northernmost and westernmost river in the natural range of the American Alligator, which is still found there. In June 2015, two men were arrested for shooting and killing an alligator that they found on the river.

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