What is the slot limit on Cross Lake?

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As the City of Shreveport owns this lake, anglers can find several regulations not seen elsewhere. See our “boating” section below to learn more. This lake also has 14-17-inch slot limit, requiring that any angler catching a bass caught within that range to release it immediately.

How is fishing in Cross Lake?

Cross Lake is probably best known for producing some large northern pike with fish in the 15 pound range being taken most years. If targeting pike or tiger musky don’t forget to use a wire leader for these toothy fish. White perch are abundant in the lake and are often an over looked panfish.

Can you fish at Cross Lake Shreveport?

Most of the fish in Cross Lake are Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Pan-fish.

What kind of fish are in Cross Lake Louisiana?

Fishing for largemouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, green sunfish, longear sunfish, redear sunfish, warmouth, hybrid striped bass, bowfin, longnose gar and spotted gar at Cross Lake in Louisiana.

Can you boat on Cross Lake?

Though fishing and boating are especially popular activities on Cross Lake, swimming and waterskiing are also permitted.

How is the fishing in Caddo Lake?

Other good ways of catching Springtime bass are dark colored swim jigs, chatterbaits, and swim baits around the base of the trees and clumps of grass or pads. Summertime fishing on Caddo Lake usually involves fishing more soft plastics like 6-8 inch straight tailed texas rigged worms with a 1/16 to 1/8 oz.

Is Noodle legal in Louisiana?

Noodling — pulling a catfish from the water by hand — is now legal in Louisiana In Louisiana, some people like to fish by sticking their arm into murky water, feeling around for a catfish, and grabbing them by the mouth. A new law legalizing it goes into effect Aug.

Are there alligators in Cross Lake?

Yes, there are alligators on Cross Lake. There are alligators in nearly all large bodies of water in North Louisiana.

Can you swim in Cross Lake Shreveport?

Cross Lake is a great swimming lake. Most of the property around the lake is private, but you can take a dip in the water at the Ford Park area on the south side of the lake. The park also has a beautiful picnic are bbq area.

When was Cross Lake built?

Cross Lake History The original timber dam dates from 1884 and was put into operation in 1886. Corps engineers reused machinery and supplies from the construction of the Winnibigoshish and Leech Lake dams at this site. The dam was constructed to its present appearance between 1905 and 1907.

How many acres is Cross Lake?

Cross Lake is located at the city of Crosslake, Minnesota. It covers 1,813 acres, which places it in the upper 5% of lakes in Minnesota in terms of size.

How many acres is Cross Lake Wisconsin?

Cross Lake is a 89 acre lake located in Kenosha County. It has a maximum depth of 35 feet. Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike.

How big is Shreveport Crosslake?

Cross Lake is an 8,575-acre man-made lake built in 1926 that is around 13.4 square miles.

How deep is Caddo Lake Texas?

The Caddo Lake watershed is a maze of slow-moving bayous, wetlands and backwaters covering nearly 27,000 acres of cypress swamp. The lake’s average depth is 8 to 10 feet, while the Big Cypress Bayou averages 20 feet deep.

Is noodling for catfish illegal in Louisiana?

Did You Know Catfish Noodling is Now Legal in Louisiana? I may be a few days late on this one but apparently one of the many laws that went into effect in Louisiana on August 1 was the legalization of catfish noodling.

Where is noodling legal?

I know, can you believe the nerve of making such an awesome sport illegal? Noodling is legal in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

What is noodling in Louisiana?

Noodlers fish for catfish by sticking their hands into man-made or natural catfish holes. The goal is to get bitten by the fish — on purpose — and pull it out of the hole by its gills. Noodling was never explicitly illegal in Louisiana, but a state law clarifying noodling as a legal fishing method went into effect Aug.

Does a 70 year old need a fishing license in Louisiana?

If you’re age 18 or older, you must have a Basic Fishing License to fish recreationally in Louisiana waters.

Is night fishing legal in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, night fishing exists in some form throughout the state. Although mostly considered a winter sport, it can be done on any cool night. Most people will say that they prefer this method of fishing because the fish bite better in cooler night waters.

Can you use goldfish as bait in Louisiana?

Several states including Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana and North Carolina do not reference goldfish or define legal bait well enough for us to make an interpretation of the law.

Where is the best crappie fishing in Louisiana?

Picking Louisiana’s finest crappie waters is a tough proposition, but the Atchafalaya Basin, Caney Creek Lake and Poverty Point Reservoir clearly rank among the best.

Can you fish with yo yos in Louisiana?

You may not use more than 50 yo-yos or trigger devices. You must clearly tag each device with your name, address and phone number. You may not attach them to a metallic object or anchor them with any artificial object.

Which part of Louisiana has the most alligators?

Of the almost 4.5 million acres of alligator habitat available in Louisiana, coastal marshes account for more than 3 million, followed by cypress-tupelo swamp (750,600 acres), Atchafalaya Basin swamp (207,000 acres), and lakes (32,105 acres).

Do people in Louisiana swim with alligators?

If you see a large alligator in your favorite swimming hole or pond, do not swim with it. Although alligator attacks in Louisiana are rare, it can happen.

Do alligators live in Shreveport Louisiana?

It is near the town of Shreveport in northwestern Louisiana. The 8,960 acre lake is a good place to go hunting for alligators. You do need to follow the hunting regulations and obtain the proper tag.

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