What is the largest lake near Tucson?

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Parker Canyon Lake is located South of Tucson and about 30 miles Southwest of Sierra Vista. The lake covers about 130 acres making it the largest lake in the Coronado National Forest. Parker Canyon has a campground with over 60 camping sites. They do have drinking water available at the sites.

What Lake has the best fishing in Arizona?

Alamo Lake State Park may offer the best largemouth bass fishing in Arizona, possibly the western United States, and the crappie fishing action can be fantastic as well! This desert lake, located near the small western town of Wenden, is remotely situated amid a gorgeous slice of Sonoran Desert.

Does Tucson have any lakes?

The City of Tucson has three lakes which can be used for boating and fishing. Archer Lake at Christopher Columbus Park is for model boats only (no boating, no fishing).

How deep is Silverbell Tucson?

SIZE 13 acres. Maximum depth 7 feet. RULES Swimming, wading, glass containers and littering are prohibited. No live baitfish allowed.

What is the most beautiful lake in Arizona?

Watson Lake, Prescott With its bizarre rock formations and crystal-clear waters, Watson Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Arizona.

What is the best fishing spot in Arizona?

  • Scorpion Bay Marina, Lake Pleasant, Peoria.
  • Alamo Lake, Wenden.
  • Parker Canyon Lake, Patagonia.
  • Lee’s Ferry at Glen Canyon, Page.
  • Lower Salt River, Mesa.

What is the cleanest lake in Arizona?

Lynx Lake is a pristine oasis within Prescott National Forest, and it’s widely regarded to have some of the clearest water in Arizona.

Are there bears at Parker Canyon Lake?

Parker Canyon Lake and Lakeview Campground are open. Bears live in the wildlands of the Coronado National Forest. They usually avoid people, but are attracted to human food and trash.

What kind of fish are in Rose Canyon Lake?

About Rose Canyon Lake Rose Canyon Lake is near Tanque Verde. The most popular species caught here are Rainbow trout, Brown trout, and Brown trout (fario).

What fish are in Lakeside lake?

  • Rainbow trout.
  • Largemouth bass.
  • Crappie.
  • Sunfish.
  • Channel catfish.
  • Carp.

What kind of fish are in Parker Canyon Lake?

For those who like to fish, Parker Canyon Lake offers both cold and warm water species, including rainbow trout, longmouth bass, sunfish, and channel catfish. There is a fishing pier and a paved boat ramp at the lake, as well as a lakeside paved area and a graveled path along some of the best catfishing shoreline.

Is Patagonia Lake safe to swim in?

Patagonia Lake allows swimming in any part of the lake except the boat launch areas. The lake is considered to be wild water and swimmers swim at their own risk.

What kind of fish are in Silverbell Lake?

Silverbell Lake is well stocked and offers great urban fishing through out the year. The lake has Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and Rainbow in season. There are picnic areas and a great spot to relax and enjoy the day. The Rules for this lake include – No Swimming, wading, glass containers or littering.

Do you need a fishing license for Silverbell Lake?

A class U Urban Fishing License is required to fish in the pond. Fishing pond is open during park hours only. 6 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Licenses can be purchased from the Arizona Game and Fish Department online or at more than 300 license dealers statewide.

When was Silverbell Lake stocked?

Since 2004 stocking has been routine with catchable catfish during the summer months (March-November) and Rainbow Trout during the winter months (November- March).

Are there alligators in Arizona?

Though alligators are native to wide swaths of the southeastern United States, their range doesn’t extend to the Arizona desert.

What are the 2 natural lakes in Arizona?

However, there are only two natural lakes in the state: Mormon Lake in Flagstaff and Stoneman Lake near Sedona. Are there natural lakes in Arizona? Yes! Arizona has two natural lakes: Mormon Lake in Flagstaff and Stoneman Lake near Sedona.

Are there any swimmable lakes in Arizona?

State Park Lakes. Several of Arizona’s State Parks have swimmable lakes, including Patagonia Lake, Roper Lake, Alamo Lake and Lyman Lake. Patagonia Lake allows swimming in all parts of the lake, but there’s a designated swim area at Boulder Beach near the campground.

Do you need a fishing license for catch and release in Arizona?

A valid Arizona license is required for taking wildlife (including fish) in Arizona. The licensee shall carry the license when participating in hunting or fishing or other forms of take. Take means pursuing, shooting, hunting, fishing, trapping, killing, capturing, snaring, or netting wildlife.

What kind of fish are in Alamo lake?

Fish species in Alamo Lake include Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Bluegill Sunfish Lepomis macrochirus, Redear Sunfish Lepomis microlophus, Green Sunfish Lepomis cyanellus, tilapia, Common Carp Cyprinus carpio, Yellow Bullhead Ameiurus natalis, and Threadfin Shad.

Does AZ have any natural lakes?

Stoneman Lake is a small lake located in northern Arizona, about 30 mi (48 km) south of the city of Flagstaff. Like the nearby Mormon Lake, it is one of the few natural lakes in Arizona.

Can you swim in Saguaro Lake?

Have you been to Butcher Jones Recreation Area at Saguaro Lake? This popular lake spot offers a great place for swimming, plus kayaking, hiking, picnicking, and possible wild horse sightings!

Is Saguaro Lake clean?

Beautiful scenery and great to be on the water but the lake us not very clean. There were dead minnows (many of them) in certain areas and the water is anything but blue (think more brown/green).

Can you swim at Parker Canyon Lake?

Parker Canyon Lake You can camp, boat, fish, swim and hike here.

What is the water temperature at Parker Canyon Lake?

Canyon Lake’s current water temperature is 81°F. Today’s forecast is: Clear throughout the day., with a high around 108°F and a low around 82°F.

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