What fish are in the Soque River?

Most of the land along its banks is private, as is the water itself. The river is stocked with large trophy trout that rival the size of trout anywhere in the country. If you want to have a chance at a true trophy trout, there is no place better in the southern United States than the Soque River.

What is the best month for fly fishing in Montana?

  • Late April to Early July.
  • Mid July until early September.
  • September and October.

What part of Montana has the best fishing?

  • Bighorn River.
  • Blackfoot River.
  • Clark Fork River.
  • Flathead River (North and South Forks)
  • Gallatin River.
  • Madison River.
  • Missouri River.
  • Smith River.

Does Montana have good fly fishing?

Montana is home to some of the best fly fishing rivers, spring creeks and lakes on Earth. The amazing diversity of wild trout waters ensures that there is destination to match nearly all interest and skill levels.

Is the soque river private?

Soque River (Private Trophy Water) When you hear the name Soque River here in the southeast you think of giant trout, and lots of them! We at Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing are lucky enough to have 100% exclusive access to this wonderful trophy rainbow and brown trout fishery.

What is the best fishing river in Montana?

  • 1) The Yellowstone River. The Yellowstone River has always had a special place in our hearts and we without a doubt consider it the best river to fly fish in Montana.
  • 2) The Missouri River.
  • 3) The Madison River.
  • 4) The Blackfoot River.
  • 5) The Bighorn River.

What is the cost of a non resident Montana fishing license?

The Montana fishing license cost for a nonresident for an entire season of fishing is $117.50. There are many different fees that contribute to the total cost of the license. See full breakdown of costs below: Conservation License.

Where do people fly fish in Montana?

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing The Yellowstone is Montana’s biggest un-dammed river, making it a cutthroat, rainbow and big brown paradise. From fishing the headwaters in Yellowstone National Park to the big waters near Big Timber this is should be a “must” on every fly fisher’s bucket list.

Where is the best place to fly fish?

  • Russia.
  • Alaska.
  • Brazil.
  • New Zealand.
  • Cuba.
  • Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Florida.
  • Montana.

Where is the best fly fishing in the US?

  • Southwestern Montana.
  • Central Pennsylvania.
  • The Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
  • North Platte River, Wyoming.
  • South Fork of the Flathead, Northern Montana.
  • Florida Keys.
  • Northern Pike on the Fly.
  • Great Lakes Steelhead.

How much is a guided fly fishing trip in Montana?

Single angler, single room rate – $2,175.. What’s included: Expert guided fly fishing for 3 full days, 4 nights lodging and taxes (which includes breakfast each morning and airport shuttle), delightful riverside lunch and drinks each day, travel to and from hotel and river, rod/reel, terminal tackle and flies!

What size fly rod for Montana?

Our most commonly used rods are 9 foot 5 and 6 weights. The best all around rod for fishing large Montana rivers is a 6 wt and the best all around rod for the smaller rivers like the Gallatin is a 5 weight.

Where are the biggest brown trout in Montana?

The fish weighed 32.42 pounds and measured 37 inches long. Robbie Dockter of Conrad holds the new Montana state record brown trout caught March 3 on the Marias River. The fish weighed 32.42 pounds and measured 37 inches long.

What kind of fish are in the Soque River?

About Soque River Fishing The fish in the river include brown trout and rainbow trout perfect for trophy fishing. The fish are on average between three and twelve pounds but bigger catches can be found on occasion.

Where can I fish the Soque River public access?

Be aware that public access is limited. There’s a section of the river that is open to the public for fishing located just north of the Jackson Bridge. In local terminology, the Jackson Bridge is located shortly after you drive through the dip when going north on Hwy 197.

What fish is Montana known for?

Cutthroat, Brown, Rainbow and Brookie- Montana is world famous for its trout fishing. But whether you’re on the rivers, searching the alpine lakes or checking out the reservoirs and ponds, you’re going to find more than trout swimming in our waters.

What is the fishing season in Montana?

The Montana Fishing Season typically runs from about March 1st through about November 1st. These are the prime months for fly fishing in Montana, although we really fish year-round.

Can you fly fish in Glacier National Park?

Montana offers an excellent fly-fishing experience and the lakes and rivers that provide fly fishing in Glacier National Park are no exception. Once in a lifetime, you need to treat yourself to an authentic Wild River Adventures fly fishing trip in Glacier National Park.

What happens if you fish without a license in Montana?

However, the person must meet the qualifications for a license in the person’s state of residence. (3) A person convicted of a violation of this section shall be fined not less than $50 or more than $1,000 or be imprisoned in the county detention center for not more than 6 months, or both.

Can you fish with two rods in Montana?

It is legal to fish with 2 rods in Montana.

Is fly fishing in Montana catch and release?

We hold our trout in very high regard and want to share them with you but also want them to be a memory for as many people as possible. This is why we practice catch and release here in Montana.

How deep is the Madison River in Montana?

The Madison River has an average of 18″ feet at most points – although beware that its swift movements make it a treacherous body of water to cross. However, it’s definitely deep enough for kayaking, swimming, and – of course – fishing!

What kind of fish are in the Jefferson River Montana?

Since the river is inhabited primarily by brown trout, fly fishing on the surface produces little action. Fishing the Jefferson River, as in other brown trout waters, requires using large streamer or nymphs to catch the larger fish. During the summer, popular choices include Muddler Minnows, Prince Nymphs and Matukas.

What is the trout capital of the world?

1. Kamchatka. If you want to catch huge numbers of native trout on skittering mouse imitations, Kamchatka is the undisputed champion. Kamchatka has the best trout fishing on planet Earth, but only if you enjoy watching giant rainbows destroy your mouse pattern in a hundred different ways.

Where is the best trout fishing in the world?

The country of Iceland provides some of the top trophy brown trout and Atlantic salmon fishing found anywhere on the planet. Iceland is notorious for being one of the most stable countries in the world: Number 1 for safety.

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