What fish are in the River Tillingbourne?

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The River Tillingbourne supports a fish population of both wild brown trout and coarse fish. The Environment Agency has been working with local fishermen to improve the habitat for these fish by recreating a pool and riffle habitat and by cutting back overhanging vegetation.

Is the Tillingbourne a chalk stream?

Water feeding into the Tillingbourne system bubbles up from the chalk downs and as a result the river shares many characteristics associated with a true chalk stream, such as relatively clear water, low banks and stable flows.

How many chalk streams are there?

Our chalk streams are unique – there are only about 200 chalk streams in the world, and most of them are in the southern half of England (with a few in France).

Where can I paddle in Surrey?

  • Abinger Hammer Green. Tillingbourne Stream runs through the pretty village of Abinger Hammer and it is perfect for paddling in with wellies.
  • Gostrey Meadow.
  • 3. Box Hill.
  • Chilworth Gunpowder Mills.
  • Flood Meadows.
  • Tilford.
  • Frensham Great Pond.
  • Virginia Water Lake.

What designation have chalk streams been given?

The River Tillingbourne runs along the south side of the North Downs and joins the River Wey at Guildford. Its source is near Tilling Springs to the north of Leith Hill at grid reference TQ143437 and it runs through Friday Street, Abinger Hammer, Gomshall, Shere, Albury, Chilworth and Shalford.

What does the Bradshaw model show?

Proposal – That all chalk streams in England be designated as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) regardless of present condition and that the species of interest in these designations include relevant fish as well as the white clawed crayfish and the presence of Ranunculus together with the evolutionary significant …

Where does the River Wey join the Thames?

The Bradshaw Model is a geographical model which describes how a river’s characteristics vary between the upper course and lower course of a river. It shows that discharge, occupied channel width, channel depth and average load quantity increases downstream.

Why are chalk streams so rare?

The non-tidal stretches of the river are fed by 38 main tributaries covering a 3,841 square mile (9,948 sq km) catchment area, one of these being the River Wey which joins the river at Thames Lock, near Weybridge in Surrey.

Are chalk streams rare?

These streams occur only where chalk bedrock meets the Earth’s surface, making them globally rare. Their stable, cool, nutrient-rich waters allow chalk streams to support an exceptionally high number of species — so much so that these habitats are sometimes described as “England’s rainforests”.

Why are chalk streams so clean?

Chalk streams are a characteristic and attractive feature of the Chilterns landscape. They are also a globally rare habitat, confined to north west Europe and to the UK in particular. In fact more than 85% of all the chalk streams in the world, are found in England.

Do I need a licence to kayak on the River Wey?

Since chalk is permeable, water percolates easily through the ground to the water table and chalk streams therefore receive little surface runoff. As a result, the water in the streams contains little organic matter and sediment and is generally very clear.

Can I paddle board on Frensham Pond?

All craft on the River Wey and Godalming Navigations require a licence from the National Trust. Portable licences are issued to unpowered kayaks, canoes, rowboats, dinghies, punts and skiffs. Comprehensive BCU membership includes a licence fee for use on the Wey Navigations.

Can you kayak in Surrey lake?

Facilities at Frensham Common and Ponds No paddleboarding or inflatables are allowed at either site. Swimming is only allowed at the Great Pond, within the marked areas.

Where are the English chalk streams?

Whilst not having a coastline nor any whitewater rivers, Surrey nevertheless has some great canoeing and kayaking opportunities on rivers and lakes, most notably the River Thames and the River Wey.

Where are chalk streams found?

Chalk streams are some of the planet’s rarest habitats and 85% of them are found in England. Of the 260 true chalk streams on Earth, 224 of them run through the English countryside, as listed in the WWF State of England’s Chalk Streams report of 2014, a reflection of the nation’s geology and its temperate climate.

Are there chalk streams in the United States?

Distribution in the UK Only 200 chalk rivers are known globally, 85% of which are found in the UK in southern and eastern England. Classic examples include the rivers Itchen and Avon in Wessex and the river Wensum in Norfolk.

What is the load quantity of a river?

There is chalk in Australia and Israel. But it is only in England and Normandy that massive chalk deposits and a temperate climate have coincided to give us chalk-streams as we know them: a globally unique ecosystem.

How do you read a Bradshaw model?

The processes of river erosion operate here. Load quantity is also variable, capacity is a measure of the total amount of load that a river can carry, whilst the competence is the biggest size of load the river can transport. This is often depicted on the Hjulstrom curve.

How do you find the wetted perimeter of a river?

Bradshaw Model = theoretical model that shows how a river’s characteristics change as it goes downstream. If the triangle increases in size it means that variable increases the further you go down the stream e.g. the amount of water (discharge) in the stream increases as you move down the stream.

Can I fish the River Wey?

Wetted perimeter can be measured using a heavy chain, rope or measure tape, which should be stretched across the river bed from one bank to the other. This can be hard to do, especially in larger channels or where the bed is very rough. Fast flowing water conditions can also be problematic.

Can I swim in the River Wey?

The Wey is a river of many moods, from fast gravely runs to slow meandering stretches. It contains most species of coarse fish and lends itself to all methods of angling. Be it trotting a stick float or pole fishing, waggler or feeder fishing, spinning for pike or legering for carp, it is all here.

Is the River Wey clean?

The River Wey, Godalming, Surrey With lots of sandy banks to easily slip into the water, The River Wey is a perfect choice for anyone new to wild swimming. The water is slow moving and very serene and peaceful.

What is the clearest river in England?

Treated sewage is sent into the River Wey and Godalming Navigations and although it has been treated there are still some pathogens that can cause severe illness. For this reason it’s also advisable to wash your hands whenever you have touched water from the river.

What is the largest risk to chalk streams?

River Thames – London, UK This one may surprise many readers, that one of the cleanest rivers in the world is in the United Kingdom. But the river Thames has been through a lot of changes since the beginning of the 1800’s.

What is chalk stream trout?

The threat from pollution As they flow downstream, water running off urban and rural areas adds other pollutants, including fine sediments and pesticides. Sewage also affects the quality of water in many chalk streams.

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