What fish are in season now Gold Coast?

  • Amberjack: April to November.
  • Cobia: April to October.
  • Cod: April to October.
  • Dolphin fish (Mahi mahi): December to April.
  • Flathead: All year round.
  • Kingfish: April to November.
  • Mackerel (Spanish and Spotties): December to May.
  • Marlin: December to February.

Can you fish in Coomera River?

Coomera River is one of the best Mangrove Jack fishing rivers in the South East Corner. Live bait of either Mullet or Herring near structure like bridges, pylons and rock bars works well for the Jacks in here. Lure fishing for Jack is very popular in the Coomera.

What can you catch in the Coomera River?

Coomera River is a stream in Queensland, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Surf bream, Mangrove red snapper, and Dusky flathead. 1098 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Is the Coomera River freshwater?

The Coomera river catchment covers an area of 489 square kilometres (189 sq mi). The river’s length is approximately 80 km. Freshwater parts reach mostly to a maximum of 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) but some parts at waterholes and below waterfalls can exceed 2 metres (6 ft 7 in).

Where is the best fishing on the Gold Coast?

  1. Tweed River. Not only is Tweed River a beautiful area to just relax and spend some time in, but it also has some pretty great fishing spots as well.
  2. Currumbin Creek.
  3. Pine Lake, Elanora.
  4. Jacobs Well.
  5. Cudgen Creek, Kingscliff.
  6. Tallebudgera Creek.
  7. Broadwater Jetty.

Can you fish in Coomera Lake?

The park has plenty to offer with shaded spots, seating, covered picnic tables, BBQ’s and kids playground to make it a fun day out for the whole family. There’s plenty of room for fishing all along the causeway and the river itself.

Where can I catch bass on the Gold Coast?

Both Currumbin and Tallebudgera creeks fish well for bass during the summer months. Further west in the Scenic Rim, Christmas creek and Running creek are well worth a go too. In conclusion the Gold coast and surrounds have many great freshwater fishing gold coast opportunities for the avid and adventurous angler.

What fish are in the Nerang River?

Every year the Nerang River fishing spots produce good catches, like Bream, Flathead, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Luderick, Whiting, Cod, Herring and further upstream Australia Bass. Some good places to start looking for fish is around the jetties close to deeper holes, these areas have Bream and Mangrove Jack in Summer.

Is the Coomera River Tidal?

The creek is characterised by a tidal amplitude of

What fish are biting on the Gold Coast?

Apart from the swimming areas between the flags, anywhere along the Gold Coast beaches offers great fishing. Snapper, bream, flathead, whiting and dart are always biting and the tailor keep the beaches especially busy in winter.

What fish can I catch in Gold Coast canals?

Species to catch Species on offer in this area include bream, flathead, whiting, trevally, tailor, mulloway, mangrove jack, estuary cod and tarpon.

Can you fish in Obi Obi Creek?

Obi Obi Creek: No fish can be taken from Obi Obi Creek all year round between the Baroon Pocket Dam wall and the shortest line across the creek at the downstream side of Obi Obi Creek crossing 4 (Manuel Hornibrook Bridge).

Where can I take my kids fishing on the Gold Coast?

  • Coomera River, Gold Coast. There’s a platform underneath the M1 crossing of the Coomera River that’s a great spot to drop a line in.
  • Cudgen Creek, Kingscliff.
  • Pine Lake, Elanora.
  • Paradise Point Foreshore.
  • Broadwater Jetty, Broadwater.
  • Tallebudgera Creek.

Can you fish in the Mary River?

Mary River, Kenilworth You can expect to catch everything from bass, saratoga, sooty grunter, cod and even the dreaded catfish in the Mary River. The big attraction here is the wild bass fishing available in the upper freshwater reaches of the river.

Can u fish in Hinze Dam?

Location. Hinze Dam is located 5km west of Nerang on the Gold Coast. The dam is restricted to electric powered vessels, sail craft and paddle craft only. Fishing is permitted along the shoreline af the Eastern boat ramp, Western boat ramp and paddle craft launch point and from restricted vessels on the dam.

Can you fish on Surfers Paradise?

Best Fishing Spots in the greater Surfers Paradise area Beaches and Bays are ideal places for land-based fishing. If the beach is shallow and the water is clear then twilight times are usually the best times, especially when they coincide with a major or minor fishing time.

What fish can you catch at Jacobs Well?

Jacobs Well is in Queensland, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Dusky flathead, Surf bream, and Mangrove red snapper. 176 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

Are there bull sharks in the Gold Coast canals?

Since 2002 there have been two fatal shark attacks in canals and lakes and local newspapers regularly run stories about the waterways are teeming with aggressive bull sharks. If you want to swim, go to the beach, don’t jump in a lake, and never paddle in the canals, especially at dawn or dusk when sharks are hunting.

Are there mud crabs in Nerang River?

Perfect for your first or last catch of the day, the Nerang River Fishing Platform is a good perch for catching bream, mud crabs and flathead.

What’s the best bait for canal fishing?

Anglers use lots of different types of bait on canals: large maggots (fly larvae), casters (pupae), squatts and pinkies (small maggots), bread and worms. The best baits for beginners are squatts, pinkies, maggots and bread. When putting a maggot on a hook, you must thread the hook through the flat end of the maggot.

Is Coomera an Aboriginal name?

According to an early historian W.E. Hanlon, the name Coomera originated from Kumera Kumera – the aboriginal word for a native species of wattle. In a neighbouring dialect the word referred to blood.

Is Nerang River saltwater?

This remains the lowest point on the river not affected by tidal saltwater. This water supply provided fresh water to the northern Gold Coast until November 1961.

What is the numinbah catchment?

Catchment facts The Nerang River Catchment is the largest and most significant river system on the Gold Coast. The total length of the waterway networks within the Nerang River Catchment is 928 kilometres.

Can you swim in Coomera Falls?

It’s a pleasant 1.5km walk to the falls surrounded by lush rainforest, all sorts of Australian creatures, and that roaring sound of water thundering its way over a cliff towards the ground. Nature just knows. Can you swim here? No, the waterfall is fenced off, however you can dip your toes in the creek further down.

How long is coomera circuit?

Discover this 10.3-mile loop trail near Binna Burra, Queensland. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 4 h 42 min to complete. This is a popular trail for birding, hiking, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

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