What do I need to ice fish whitefish?

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What type of rod is best for ice fishing?

  • St. Croix Mojo – Our Pick!
  • Berkley Cherrywood HD.
  • 13 Fishing Tickle Stick.
  • 13 Fishing White Noise Ultra Light.
  • Shakespeare Ugly Stik.
  • Shakespeare Wild Series.
  • Fenwick Aetos.
  • Fenwick Elite Tech.

How do you target whitefish ice fishing?

How do you catch finicky Whitefish?

What size hooks for whitefish?

I find that size #14 hooks are the best for catching whitefish. Try wire worms in different colours or copper johns tipped with maggots. I find pink maggots work better than the white ones. I find that size #14 hooks are the best for catching whitefish.

What is the best bait for whitefish?

White jigging spoons are the most popular bait for catching whitefish, many people use live bait as well. Choose between salmon eggs, wigglers, maggots, and waxworms. Whitefish have small mouths, so you should use small eggs or worms when selecting live bait.

What is the best ice fishing rod length?

A standard length is approximately 28-inches with a fast-action tip. A medium-action rod is tailor made for walleye, small trout and pike, and will work well as your second combo. Look for a rod of around 28 to 30-inches in length, with a solid backbone throughout the lower 2/3rds.

How do you pick an ice fishing rod?

What is a medium light ice rod for?

Light rods are good for perch, and light to medium rods are good for walleye, whitefish and most trout. Heavy rods are best for pike or lake trout.

What attracts white fish?

Is whitefish good eating?

Whitefish is considered one of the best-eating freshwater fish there is. Because the fish lives in icy northern lakes, the meat has a high fat content, making it an excellent candidate for smoking. The mild flavor is more like salmon than trout. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake.

Are whitefish Camera shy?

“Whitefish are camera shy,” Whyte says, who is the publisher of the Time on the Water (-timeonthewater.ca) website, which provides up-to-date information on a number of popular ice fisheries. “They either drift off or come in and look right into the lens.

Where can I find whitefish in the winter?

In whichever lake you’re targeting, focus your search for winter whitefish on the flat areas atop large, sunken shoals at least 10 to 15 feet deep, but preferably two to three times that depth.

How do you catch Lake Whitefish?

Get on the lake at dark. Drill holes over four to 10 feet of water and plan to be fishing as the light hits the horizon. If the fish are going, a limit of whites will be on the ice within the hour. Catching whitefish is all about finesse.

How do you fish Meegs jigs?

What do lake whitefish eat?

Lake whitefish have small mouths and eat mainly small prey, including aquatic insects (fly larvae caddisfly larvae, midge larvae, mayfly nymphs, and water boatmen), amphipods, snails and clams, and fish eggs and fry. They have been recorded eating small alewives and sculpin.

How deep are whitefish in the summer?

Whitefish are easily identifiable by their silvery skin, exaggerated forked tail and it’s inset lower jaw (perfect for bottom feeding). They look similar to a cisco but larger. Not easy to fish for, they usually stay out in the deepest parts of the lake between 50-80′.

How do you catch Whitefish Lake Flathead?

In Flathead Lake, look for whitefish in 20′-60′ of water over sand and gravel bars and off points. They can be caught in 100′-150′ of water but it’s trickier. In general, you’ll need to be anchored or drifting very slowly. The most popular lures are a Kastmaster spoon or a leadhead jig with a 1 1/2″2″ Mr.

How do you rig a tube jig for ice fishing?

How do you catch Lake Simcoe in whitefish?

Live bait is always a good choice when targeting whitefish. Most Lake Simcoe anglers will use a spreader rig, right on bottom, baited with small lively minnows. Sometimes adding an additional hook higher up the line, and baited with a large minnow can produce some larger whitefish and a bonus Lake Trout.

How do you catch spring whitefish?

You can catch Whitefish on the surface in the spring with small spinners, 1/16 oz jigs, tiny Rapalas or putting a May Fly or Waxworm on a hook and a small float and just cast off the dock. Generally, the whitefish will be everywhere there are large populations of May Flies hatching on the surface.

What pound test should I use for ice fishing walleye?

For regular sized walleye lures and live bait, 4-6 lb is ideal. For large swimbaits, rattle baits and extra large live bait, you can go up to 8-10 lb. Choosing the right pound test line for walleye can be extremely important, especially if you’re fishing in clear waters that get a lot of fishing pressure.

Why are ice fishing rods so small?

Ice fishing rods are so small because they are designed specifically for use in ice. For ice fishing, you need to be close to the hole, so a standard open-water pole will be too long. You also need a more sensitive rod for ice fishing, so the small size of ice fishing rods helps with feeling the fish.

How much line should I put on my ice reel?

Ice fishing line is often sold in 50 to 110 yard spools. This means a 50 yard spool can be used on two reels. That’s 25 yards each. Just start spooling with your leftover braided line you used in the summer, then finish it off (with a GOOD knot!) with 25 yards of some decent ice fishing line.

Do you need special rods for ice fishing?

Any conventional reel will work for ice fishing. It is important however, to match it to the type of fishing you plan on doing. Since you are not casting, an ultralight spinning reel is ideal for most species like walleye and panfish.

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