Simple Ways to Improve your Dog’s Lifestyle & Health

No joy can match the joy of owning a pet and especially if it is a dog. Dogs are considered the most trustworthy, honest, and lovable pets. They are so sensitive, candid, loyal, helpful, intelligent, protective, playful, best companion.

Dogs are man’s best stress buster. It is said when it comes to their life span, they have a life span of almost 10-13 years. It is so disheartening to even think that they would not be around you for the rest of your life and you cannot do anything about that. Unfortunately, it’s not in your hand. But, at least you can do much to improve their lifestyle and health so that they live a happy and beautiful life as long as you have them.

Keeping your dogs healthy and activeEarlier, dogs tend to live for less than ten years because the majority of them suffered from various diseases like cancer, lack of proper diet, vaccination issues, etc. People were not aware of a different kind of vaccination available to prevent infections, and would only visit veterinary when the disease cannot be treated at home or when they are in severe condition.

Even now, people are not aware of the food items that should not be fed to them. Some of them are onions, grapes, raisins, or chocolate chips.

Even in some houses, they get only table scraps as their food. But, they have their food requirements as humans do. They are prone to various diseases like arthritis, mange, canine distemper, etc. if they are not appropriately vaccinated. Dogs are different from humans, and you need to understand their language, body walks, etc. Here are some ways to improve your dog’s lifestyle and health:

  • Understand their body language

Dogs cannot speak like humans. But they have feelings too. They feel happy, sad, irritated. When dogs turn their heads or body away, blink quickly, lick their lips, yawn continuously they exhibit the sign of discomfort.

You should figure out the reason behind this behavior. However, it takes time to understand their behavior, but it will help them a lot in living a happy and healthy life as it helps in avoiding stress, anxiety.

  • Give and spend more time with them

It is one of the most important factors that you devote your time to them. Even if you give them your undivided 15 minutes that will make them a lot happier. Everybody needs attention from their loved ones, so do they. Also if you are narrating bed stories or playing fetch with them, try to give them your attention and get involved in them.

  • Engage them in some activities

Engaging them in different mental and physical activities provide the dogs the chance to learn and think on their own. These activities help in building impulses control, patience, and confidence in them. It includes treasure hunts or makes them guess which hand is holding the treat. It also helps in stimulating physical training.

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  • Explore nature

dog and owner enjoying outdoorsAs humans, would you like to be in the same house for months or following the same routine with no fun? No, right! The dogs also need to explore the surroundings around them. They have some natural instincts that must be exercised by them like chasing, digging, herding, smelling, etc. This will help them in overcoming boredom and will also help them stay fit. The dogs get information about the world by taking in new scents so, you should let them play and smell whenever they want to.

  • Examine Dog’s Collar

You should always check which collar or harness suits your dog well to their comfort and safety. Make sure that the collar or harness is not too tight or too loose for their comfort.

  • Always Pet

Who does not like to get caress or stroke? Well, dogs love to get petted. Dogs when to want petting to continue, they generally nuzzle you, paw at you, or push his body into your hands.  Petting helps in releasing happy hormones, transfers bacteria to his fur in small amounts, lowers blood pressure, and helps in maintaining a good and happy life.

  • Pause while petting

You must pause while petting your dog; this will give them the consent to take rest if they want to. This gives them a sense of control and supports them to acquire your attentiveness also.

  • Proper diet

The dogs need to be fed a proper diet in a suitable amount and quality. The dogs are harsh on their bodies. The physical activities they do put pressure on the joints and results in injuries. They can also suffer from arthritis and inflammation and joint problems. To avoid this, grains, processed foods, and unhealthy protein sources must be avoided.

  • A regular visit to veterinary

The dogs need to get to the veterinary on a regular basis. Dogs are prone to ear infection, skin infection, dental problems which can cause serious effects on them. If your dog regularly scratches at his ear, shakes his head, or is facing dental problems, then you need to take him to the veterinarian.

This may be because of the infection which if ignored, may take up the form of cancer, heart disease, gum disease, tooth decay, pain, etc. This is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, owning a dog is not an easy task. You have to be very attentive and caring while taking care of them. You have to be supportive, loving, and protective for them too. Dog owners must have faced a lot of such problems, but all you need is to take good care of them.

Playing with them, paying attention to them, slowing down during walks also helps in improving your dog life. Dogs are just like babies and the most amazing best friend of humans. So, like their friends or owners, it is your responsibility to take good care of them and improve their lifestyle and health.