Simple Tricks That You Can Do to Make Yourself Healthier

For you to stay healthy, not only does your body need to stay in tip-top shape. Your mind, your soul and even your heart need to be healthy. If by some chance your relationship is now going through a rough patch, maintaining a well-balanced life can be a terrible struggle. It could even worsen and turn into an overwhelming situation if you’re living a fast-paced lifestyle in a very hectic city. Imagine the emotional toll that could so quickly turn into a more substantial burden on your relationship and ultimately, on you.

An urban lifestyle is not an excuse to avoid healthier choicesMore and more people are now leaving their hometowns and moving around the globe. Most of these migrants choose to live in different urban cities given the increase of opportunities in business and in school that was once enjoyed by developed cities. At present, more people have learned to use these opportunities to their advantage. With the increase in capital, cities have alarmingly become more vulnerable to serious health issues that adversely affect both professionals and students. Those residing in cities have also become more dependent now more than ever on medication and therapists. More doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics are also busier now with more patients coming in.

We probably don’t realize this more but living in a city can damage your health. Perhaps you might wonder and ask yourself—what are the effective ways to squeeze healthier habits into your jam-packed schedule? Think about it. Is it a good excuse to eat for convenience rather than for your health? Or try alternative treatment methods like acupuncture in New York City’s YinOva Center to alleviate the stress of city living?

Here are three easy and simple steps to stay healthy while living through the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced life:

1. Eat more natural food

When it comes to taking in natural, healthier food, living in a big city certainly has its disadvantages. Disappointing as it sounds, there are hardly any farms nearby, and it takes a lot of effort and time for all-natural, preservative-free food to arrive in the city. Good beef, quality poultry, fresh milk and healthy vegetables would take several weeks before they reach the shelves of supermarkets in the city.

Even if you don’t exactly live on a farm, it still isn’t a good excuse to excessively gorge on junk food. Treat your body right and make sure to feed your body with better food. Learn to be responsible enough to know more about where your food comes from. Fresh, sustainably sourced produce sells at significantly higher prices compared to the easy and conveniently packed canned goods. It is a more expensive choice of lifestyle, but it is guaranteed to be a good investment to improve your health.

Eat less processed food. Better food intake is on high priority when trying to keep your health in mind. Boiled potato is a healthier and simpler choice than a bag full of salty chips. The same is true for homemade bread fresh from the oven when compared to store-bought loaf. Sure, we’re all living busy lives but having ‘no time’ is no excuse to make such unwholesome choices.

Take time to discover your city's farmer's market2. Don’t depend on coffee for energy

Studies show that coffee has its health benefits with its antioxidants and nutrients that lower the chances of you catching serious diseases. However, the excess of coffee intake would be asking too much for your body. It remains true today – too much of anything is bad. One to two mugs of joe should be enough for you to function in a day, and going beyond that would require your body to take in more caffeine than your body needs. Too much coffee would eventually slow you down, pushing you to take time off work. Unfortunately, getting a massage or eating a healthy plate of salad won’t serve as a useful solution. Only complete bed rest would do the trick.

3. Walk and bike around the city

There are many livable cities with well-functioning transportation systems in place across the globe. Make a habit of walking more and learn to leave your car behind. You could also take the train to get around the city. If you’re one of the city folk, you can take your bike during your daily commute. An extra perk is taking in extra hours of exercise. If you don’t have your bike yet, another option would be to rent a bike on an hourly basis.

Living in a busy, frantic, highly urbanized city should not hinder you from making healthier choices for your well-being, coupled with good nutrition and regular exercise. Highly developed cities already have acquired better access to fresh, locally sourced food. There are now more roads built and designed for people to walk and bike around. An urban city should still be able to help you achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit.