Pitfalls in Choosing Your Wedding Reception

There are many wedding reception venues available these days. Reception and the ceremony can range from a wedding hall, garden, beach, to church. In the past, the church was the most popular place for a wedding ceremony with religion a dominant feature in many marriages. These days, with Connecticut church weddings getting costly and with people becoming open to different religions, more couples opt for civil ceremonies.

Civil weddings save much on expensive dresses and church decorationsBecause of the popularity of non-church weddings, couples have now started to explore unique receptions. Areas used for the reception currently range from food parks, playgrounds, beaches, and even cruise ships. The ideas are now wildly original and may not be heard before by your grandparents and parents. More couples now choose practicality over grandiosity because of other priorities that they want to spend on. Other priorities include a house or apartment unit, a car, and travels.

Traditionally, weddings were paid by the would-be bride’s family. However, these days, couples are “going Dutch” and choose to split the bill. It is now more acceptable for both couples with living costs only ever increasing, and many of the investments like a house and a car, which used to be affordable for our parents, are now near impossible to purchase without going for a loan deposit.

While most couples now choose to be practical, others still go for the traditional way of “Go big or go home.” They want to go for their dream wedding even if that means waiting for years until they can afford it. There is nothing wrong with going for a simple or grand wedding for it is still the couple’s decision in the end.

Here are some of the mistakes couples make when choosing their wedding reception:

Unpredictable rainshowers might ruin the occasion1. Not considering the season

It may be nice to do a beach wedding when it’s cool and breezy. However, there is also the substantial possibility of rain or storm coming in when the weather is like this. And if you do it on the height of summer, it can also be a pain for all your guests. If you must do an outdoor wedding, be sure that the weather is right for this choice. The weather and season should be your number one priority when planning for an outdoor wedding because these factors can make or break the success of your event.

2. Not considering the number of guests

Sure, you can book a wedding hall for 200 guests. But are you sure that the area will suit your needs? If you are having a big dance party and a live band for your wedding in Connecticut, you need a space in the middle for this. When you have lots of add-ons like food carts, coffee carts, and open bar on your event, you may need to look for a spacious place. Many times, couples do not think of the add-ons that they want to put in the event, so they feel that a small place can fit their needs. Everyone must feel comfortable during the event, and you must consider the number of guests, your gimmicks, and how you want all the food and drink bars to be arranged when booking for a reception area.

There are now lots of wedding reception areas to choose from. It can be challenging to sift through the many options, but ultimately, it is your personality as a couple that will reflect your area choice.