Learning Violin as an Adult Student

It is tough to learn musical instruments when you don’t have the perfect pitch, but it is possible to learn and still be good at it. Many say that violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn because it combines different musical skills and styles that takes years to master. Just like any other instrument, you have to keep on practicing to be good at what you do, so learning violin, while no different, encourages you to give your extra time to practice and master it.

Adults can still learn the violinThe most popular violinists are world-class musicians started their careers as child prodigies. These are the brilliant few who were gifted with the perfect understanding of how music works, and so they get to play even the most demanding pieces just by listening or reading the notes. Of course, as beginner violin students you must not compare yourself with them. You can still be an excellent player, but you must understand you cannot expect to be great just with a few hours of practice. For average students like most of the population, it would take years for us to be better at our playing skills.

You may be the only adult in your violin class, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Learning the how to play the violin as an adult, in fact, has its advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Adults know the value of discipline

First off, you now have the discipline to study music, and you are self-motivated to do so. With children, they are usually sent to music classes by their parents who force them to do after-school practices. It is good news for children interested in music, but bad news for more kids who, at that stage, would look forward to playing with their friends rather than having to deal with a teacher yet again. It is understandable for kids since it is not of their own choice to learn, but of their parents.

Adult learners, on the other hand, go to classes because they want to. This motivation is enough to sustain a student and overrides any age.

2. Adults know how to manage their time well

Since most adult learners have to juggle their time between work and music study, they would have to manage their time well so they can give time for both. Some learners already have families, too. It is not about not having time for practice, but it is about managing your time well. And since most adult learners have a good grasp of time management, they are usually ahead of their class as they dedicate practice hours when they are free.

3. Adults are not afraid to fail

Since adult learners are self-motivated, they know that as with anything in life, you have to go through failure to find success. So, when they don’t get the notes and rhythms right for the first practices, they don’t throw a tantrum and give up just yet. They practice in their own time and make sure they get to ask the teacher for advice. They know failure is a part of life, and this humility is needed when it comes to learning a new instrument.

There is nothing wrong with learning the violin as an adult. While there are group classes available, it is best for you to do a one-on-one class since you can then study at your own pace, and based on your skills and goals. And as a busy adult who has to juggle work and family time, you want to have a high quality of training because every minute counts for you.