Is there ice fishing on Lake Simcoe?

Generally, the ice fishing season on Lake Simcoe stretches from early December to late March or early April, which is the best time to catch perch, pike, lake trout, and whitefish.

Where is the best ice fishing on Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe perch seem to be everywhere on the lake, although the most heavily targeted ice fishing areas are Gilford, Keswick and Virginia Beach. Most successful depths range from 9 feet to 35 ft.

How deep is the ice on Lake Simcoe?

Ice Watch Reports Good pike, walleye and crappie fishing. Depth: 20″ of water. Good walking conditions.

Does all of Lake Simcoe freeze?

Although species, such as yellow perch, have a year-round open season on Lake Simcoe, weather patterns show that safe ice often does not form until after January 1. Shallower sections of the lake, such as Cook’s Bay, usually freeze first. Deeper portions, such as Kempenfelt Bay, can freeze over much later.

Where is the best ice fishing in Ontario?

  • Lake Simcoe.
  • Lake of the Woods.
  • Lake Ontario.
  • Ottawa River.
  • Lake Superior.
  • Rice Lake.
  • Lake Nipissing.
  • Georgian Bay. This large, northeast arm of Lake Huron is one of Ontario’s most cherished destinations for its sandy to rugged shoreline, gorgeous scenery and endless outdoor pursuits.

What fish are in season right now in Lake Simcoe?

  • Atlantic Salmon. Season: fourth Saturday in April to September 30.
  • Brook Trout. Season: fourth Saturday in April to September 30.
  • Brown Trout. Season: fourth Saturday in April to September 30.
  • Channel Catfish.
  • Crappie.
  • Lake Trout.
  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass combined.
  • Northern Pike.

Does Simcoe have walleye?

Has anyone ever targeted Lake Simcoe Walleyes, either through the ice or during the open water season.

Where is jumbo perch on Lake Simcoe?

Some of the more productive areas for Jumbo Perch include Cook’s Bay, Lake Couchiching, Virginia Beach, Snake Island, Innisfil Beach and Beaverton. Perch are very plentiful in Lake Simcoe and are caught on a variety of techniques.

How do you catch whitefish on Lake Simcoe?

Live bait is always a good choice when targeting whitefish. Most Lake Simcoe anglers will use a spreader rig, right on bottom, baited with small lively minnows. Sometimes adding an additional hook higher up the line, and baited with a large minnow can produce some larger whitefish and a bonus Lake Trout.

Can you drive on Lake Simcoe?

This road is highly recommended as the best road in the area by local motorcycle riders: Lake Drive hugs the shoreline of Lake Simcoe. From Georgina go to Beaverton, a small town of 2500 people go East on Lake Drive which turns into Hedge Drive until you reach Sibbald Point Provincial Park.

Is Simcoe frozen?

Spring Safety Message: Be Careful Around Waterways​​​​​ There is still a significant amount of snow throughout the Lake Simcoe watershed. The ground remains frozen and local rivers, streams and lakes may be partially covered in ice.

Where is the best perch fishing on Lake Simcoe?

Recommended Locations: With its shallow, weedy waters, Cooks Bay provides the best yellow perch fishing in Lake Simcoe. Cooks Bay is easily accessible by foot and offers early ice action as it freezes up fairly quickly giving anglers a head start to catch some aggressive early ice perch.

What is the deepest spot in Lake Simcoe?

Kempenfelt Bay is the most popular for scuba divers as it is the deepest.

How clean is Lake Simcoe?

Lake simcoe is a beautiful, clean, healthy, inland lake in ontario. Municipalities surround the lake and beached abound on all sides which are accessible to the public. The residents, the government, the conservation authorities all are doing a good job.

Can you walk on Lake Simcoe?

The Lake Simcoe Trail is a signed route in Georgina that winds along Lake Drive and Hedge Road. Adjacent to the shores of Lake Simcoe, it goes through a typical urban/cottage landscape, past Willow and De La Salle beach parks, the historic Briars Resort and offers travellers visual access to Lake Simcoe.

Can you sleep in an ice hut in Ontario?

The confusion over lockdown rules in Ontario is making its way onto the province’s frozen lakes. Regulations imposed by the provincial government have left many anglers wondering if they are able to stay at their ice shacks overnight. The quick answer is no. During the day, fishing is allowed, said Sgt.

Can you drink while ice fishing in Ontario?

RCMP Issue Reminder: Alcohol And Cannabis Use Illegal While Ice Fishing. The RCMP have issued a reminder to outdoor enthusiasts that ice fishing while impaired in any way is illegal.

Do you need a license to ice fish in Ontario?

To ice fish in Ontario, you need to: have a valid fishing licence (such as sport or conservation) follow the rules when ice fishing, including local open and closed seasons, possession limits and size restrictions indicated in the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

Is it safe to eat fish from Lake Simcoe?

The short answer is YES! Fish from Lake Simcoe are safe to eat.

What is the biggest fish caught in Lake Simcoe?

Brochu’s fish weighed 16.8 pounds and measured . 94 metres (37 inches) long and was 55.9 cm (22 inches) around. It is also the pending Ontario record.

How many white fish can you keep on Lake Simcoe?

Conservation License daily limit is 1 whitefish.

Is there muskie in Lake Simcoe?

Introduction. Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy; “muskie”) are native to Lake Simcoe and were once quite common. Lake Simcoe had a commercial fishery for muskie in the 1800s, which closed in 1904.

Where do you catch walleye in Lake Simcoe?

How do you catch big fish in Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe’s large smallmouth tend to be found in relatively deep water, typically 15 to 30 feet depths around islands, rocky shorelines, drop-offs and points all around the lake. Artificial lures are by far the most popular and effective bait, especially crankbaits and goby-imitating soft plastics.

Are there sturgeon in Lake Simcoe?

Lake Sturgeon are therefore currently considered as extirpated from Lake Simcoe… and like you mention below do have a year round closed season.

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