Is there fuel on the Gibb River Road?

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Fuel and basic supplies are available at a small number of roadhouses and stations along the Gibb River Road. While the distances between fuel stops are manageable, it is important to take into account the extra kilometres travelled along side tracks to tourist sites and accommodation.

Can you fish on the Gibb River Road?

Along the Gibb River Road, the Pentecost River is considered one of the best spots in the area to go barramundi fishing. The crossing is located just before Balanggarra Home Valley. If you are heading to Lake Argyle, throw a quick line in along the way at Spillway Creek.

Where is the best barramundi fishing in Australia?

The tropical northernmost tip of the Northern Territory or “Top End,” as it’s called, is famous for some of the best barramundi fishing in Australia. This area encompasses Darwin and Kakadu National Park, The best times to fish here are during the barra build-up, from October through December.

What fish are in the Ord River?

Ord River is a stream in Western Australia, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Barramundi, Giant sea catfish, and Banded archerfish. 15 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Is it safe to fish at Ivanhoe Crossing?

Ivanhoe Crossing is a popular spot with visitors and locals, and despite the fishing pressure, continues to produce good numbers of fish in a range of sizes.

Can you fish at Ivanhoe Crossing?

Ivanhoe Crossing is where the locals go fishing. Water flows over Ivanhoe Crossing year round and during the wet season the water level is too high for vehicles to pass. It was once part of the main road to Wyndham, but was flooded after the start of the Ord Irrigation Scheme in the 1960s.

What is the best time of year to catch barramundi?

Barramundi fishing: Between March and May the rain eases as the monsoon dissipates. The big rivers start to regain their shape as the floodplains drain into the sea. Known as the ‘Run-Off’, it is unquestionably the best time for barramundi fishing.

What is the best bait to catch barramundi?

No matter where you are fishing for Barramundi in Australia, if you are using life bait, then there is a universal standard for the best bait. The best bait to catch Barramundi is live mullet. Live baits are very productive when Barramundi Fishing because they put an injured fish under the nose of the Barra.

What is the best season to catch barramundi?

Visit during the ‘run-off’ between March and April, supposedly the best season for barramundi fishing around the mouths of creeks and on the rivers.

Can you buy food on the Gibb River Road?

A weeks’ worth of food – there’s only one shop on the Gibb River Road and it’s incredibly overpriced – they do sell coffee though! At least one spare tyre – it’s definitely more sensible to bring two, but it depends if you have room. At the very least, make sure that your first spare is in top condition.

Can you camp anywhere on the Gibb River Road?

All the campgrounds and camp sites. along the legendary track In the old days camping along the Gibb River Road was easy. You could pull up in many places, just about anywhere you liked. These days camping is strictly regulated. It’s still not difficult to find a place to stop for the night.

How hard is the Gibb River Road?

The Gibb River Road conditions have a bad reputation. The trip is often portrayed as a rough and challenging drive. Four wheel driving the Gibb River Road is a big adventure for most Kimberley travellers. Especially people without 4WD experience are often nervous about tackling it.

What is the best bait for cobbler?

  • River Prawns: Herring, Whiting, King George Whiting, Cobbler, Skippy, Bream, Flathead, Flounder, Rivers Prawns will also be good for any river fishing.
  • Whitebait: Tailor, Herring, Skippy.
  • Coral Prawns:
  • Mulies:
  • Octopus:
  • Squid:
  • Blue Bait:
  • Beach Worms:

Are there barramundi in Lake Argyle?

Lake Argyle abounds with a huge variety and number of fish. The largest is the massive “Silver Cobbler” which can weigh up to 40kg. We target these huge beasts as well as the feisty “Sooty Grunter” and anything else which might come along. Barramundi are increasing in numbers, but are still few and far between.

Is silver cobbler good eating?

Silver Cobbler (Shovel Nosed Catfish – Arius Midgelei) – these giant catfish are one of the best eating freshwater fish in Australia.

Are there crocodiles at Ivanhoe Crossing?

Estuarine crocodiles can be seen at Ivanhoe Crossing, so the area is not safe for swimming.

How do you catch big barramundi?

Get to your location at least an hour before low tide use your sounder to locate fish and get the lure to the same depth you find fish. You will find it more successful if you troll with the current once you find your fish. Color change/ Slack water/ Bait/ depth, are all very important things to consider.

How far do barramundi travel?

Barramundi have the potential to travel great distances in their life; one fish that was tagged and released had travelled 622 kilometres before recaptured. An exponential relationship exists between the length and fecundity (the number of eggs produced) of female barramundi.

Where does the Ivanhoe Crossing go?

The crossing is a concrete causeway over the Ord River, north of Kununurra, originally part of the main road through to Wyndham.

Can you camp at Ivanhoe Crossing?

Ivanhoe Village Caravan Resort provides a range of accommodation from camping, standard and deluxe cabins.

When was Ivanhoe Crossing built?

Physical Description. This concrete crossing over the Ord River was constructed in about 1953 to raise and improve an existing causeway built around 1930.

What size hooks for barramundi?

For best results, the live baits are better off hooked through the shoulders or tail with a 3/0 to 6/0 circle hook connected to 20lb or higher mono leader.

Are barramundi hard to catch?

2 to 3 out of 5: Possible Barra. Maybe give it a go, but still difficult for the beginner barramundi fisherman and difficult if you don’t have a boat. Live bait fishing may be an option to improve your odds.

What is the secret to catching fish?

  1. Choose the best time of the day. Fish are more active in low-light conditions, when they feel less threatened by predators.
  2. Choose the best spot.
  3. Cast past.
  4. Wear polarized sunglasses.
  5. Steady Does It.

What Colour lures do barra like?

Barramundi are attracted to bright colors – white, yellow, orange and red. So make sure your lure matches the water environment.

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