Is the Russian River open for salmon fishing?

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Sockeye Salmon The Russian River is a tributary to the Kenai River and is located at approximately river mile 74. June 11 is opening day for fishing on the Russian River. Larger numbers of sockeye salmon aren’t usually present until the last week of June.

How do you catch salmon on the Russian River?

Where can I fish the Russian River in Alaska?

  • Anchorage.
  • Fairbanks.
  • Girdwood.
  • Talkeetna.
  • Kenai / Soldotna.
  • Cooper Landing.
  • Homer.
  • Kenai / Soldotna.

How do you catch sockeye on the Russian River?

Is the Russian River open for fishing right now?

All fishing on the Russian River is restricted to adequate flows between October 1 through April 30 of each year. Anglers should check the Department’s Low-Flow Hotline at 707-944-5533 before going fishing on the Russian River. Gualala River: The Gualala River has a healthy steelhead trout run.

When can you fish in Russian River Alaska?

Alaska Department of Fish & Game has a great overview of fishing details & regulations on the Russian River. The best time to fish for Silver Salmon is from Late July through September. The peak for Silvers is Mid-Aug, and by mid-September, the bulk of the run has passed the Weir.

What size hook can you use on the Russian River?

Weedless hooks are recommended, since pike prefer aquatic vegetation. Also, a size 6 – 1/0 single hook or treble hook with one or more of the following: Lil’ Corky; Spin-N-Glos; Buzz Bombs; Polly Wogs; whole or chunks of herring; whole or chunks of eulachon (smelt / hooligan).

How long does it take sockeye to get to Russian River?

The fry emerge from the gravel in early spring and immediately enter Upper Russian Lake. Most early-run Russian River sockeye salmon spend two years in the Upper Russian Lake and three years at sea before returning in their sixth year of life to spawn and die.

What is the fish limit at the Russian River?

Anglers on the Russian River can now catch up to six sockeye a day and be in possession of 12, per an emergency order from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. That’s an increase from the previous bag limit of three sockeye and possession limit of six.

Are there bears at the Russian River?

Brown and black bears sometimes appear on the river to scoop salmon from the water. The two-mile, wheelchair-accessible trail to the falls and viewing decks traverses mixed spruce-birch woods filled with forest birds. Open areas might offer a view of moose.

How deep is the Russian River?

“It’s mostly shallow, with 3 to 4 feet of water. But there are still a lot of areas along the beach to enjoy and relatively narrow spots to wade,” he said. “There will be a few spots you could swim in, but mostly, for adults, it’s standing.”

How do you flip sockeye salmon?

“Flippin”: This is a useful method of fishing for reds. If you’ve spotted a fish, or group of fish, position yourself slightly upstream from them, ideally so that the fish are at about your rod tip’s distance out into the water away from you. Strip out 6 to 9 feet of line from the reel.

What is the best bait for sockeye salmon?

Salmon roe and sand shrimp are the most popular baits to add to this setup, but many others can also be used. Instead of a corky and yarn setup, you can also substitute a winged bobber (Photo 4) or other drift bobbers, for the corky, or just fish bait alone.

Where is the best sockeye salmon fishing?

The largest sockeye salmon populations are in the Kvichak, Naknek, Ugashik, Egegik, and Nushagak Rivers that flow into Alaska’s Bristol Bay, plus the Fraser River system in Canada. In good years, these runs can number in the tens of millions of fish.

What is the limit on sockeye salmon in Alaska?

The bag and possession limit for king salmon less than 20 inches (jack king salmon), is 10 fish per day, 10 in possession, in combination with coho, sockeye, chum, or pink salmon less than 16 inches in length.

Is the mouth of the Russian River open?

The Russian River has opened its mouth! Previously the mouth was closed and the water level in Jenner was rising. Photo taken at noon on Jan 7, 2021 by Sonoma Sheriff. An estuary is where a river meets the ocean.

Are motor boats allowed on the Russian River?

Small motor boats are allowed on the river, but most people bring or rent a canoe or kayak and paddle to a good fishing spot.

Where can I fly fish on the Russian River?

Favorite spots include the river below Guerneville, around Lucky Bend and upriver to the Steelhead Beach area in Forestville. Wohler Bridge is a great place to spend some time in your waders. Steelheading open in October and runs through April.

How much is the Russian River Ferry?

The Russian River Ferry is a privately operated ferry at the confluence of the rivers carrying foot-passengers. There is an $11 fee (Cash, checks, or money order ONLY).

Is King salmon fishing open on the Kenai River?

Fishing for all species is open year-round unless otherwise noted below. Kenai River—from its mouth upstream to 300 yards below Slikok Creek: January 1–June 30: 1 per day, 1 in possession, must be less than 34 inches in length. July 1–July 31: 1 per day, 1 in possession, no size limit.

Where does the Russian River meet the Kenai River?

to the Kenai and Russian Rivers! The Kenai-Russian River Confluence lies 110 miles south of Anchorage and 40 miles east of Soldotna, surrounded by the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

What lures to use in Alaska?

  • Spinners. Spinners, or spinnerbait, is a popular choice of lure for salmon fishing.
  • Silver Spoons. Considered one of the most effective lures for salmon fishing, silver spoons will ensure success.
  • Plugs. Finally, there are plugs.

What size hook is best for silver salmon?

It took a lot of gazing over tackle catalogs to finally find the answer… small circle hooks. Turns out Maruto, a Japanese fish-hook manufacturer, made the answer to my prayers. Circle hooks in the 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 sizes we normally use for egg-fishing for silvers.

What size hook do you use for king salmon?

You get the idea. Hook size and durability need to match your fishing rod selection. For King Salmon, I like to use Gamakatsu Big River Bend hooks of at least 1/0, but more than likely I’m using 3/0 for river fishing presentations and 4/0 – 5/0 as part of saltwater presentations.

What are the fishing limits in Alaska?

One fish daily, 28 inches or longer. January 1 – June : Annual possession limit is three king salmon. July 1- July 15: Annual possession limit is two king salmon. July 16- December 31: Annual possession limit is one king salmon.

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