Is Lay Lake good for fishing?

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Since being impounded in 1914 by the Alabama Power Company, Lay Lake is best known for its spotted bass and largemouth bass fishing. A high quality largemouth bass and spotted bass fishery exists at Lay Reservoir. Largemouth bass up to 18-inches are abundant and with moderate numbers of larger bass.

Where can I fish in Lay Lake?

“The best largemouth fishing is from Beeswax Creek south to the Lay Lake Dam,” McCaig said. “Beeswax, Cedar, Paint and Spring creeks all have good grass.”

How do you fish to Lay Lake Alabama?

Deep-diving crankbaits, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, jigs, jigging spoons, rattletraps and spinnerbaits will all take these deep water bass. Some knowledge of the lake and map study will be needed to eliminate a lot of fishless water. Like Logan Martin Lake , Lay Lake has a river-type upper section.

Is Lay Lake a good lake?

Lay Lake is an excellent year-round fishery. The upper end of the lake, near the Logan Martin Dam tailwaters, is an extremely high-use fishery, very popular with local anglers. It’s best known as a haven for spotted and largemouth bass that are abundant in the deep creeks, weeded shallows and sloughs.

Are there alligators in Lay Lake Alabama?

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. — Shelby County residents living on Lay Lake recently learned they have a killer creature in the water near them. A five-foot alligator was caught on camera Thursday morning near a handful of homes. People in the area say it’s a place where children and animals swim and want to see it removed.

What is the deepest part of Lay Lake?

The lake formed by Lay Dam encompasses 12,000 acres, with a maximum depth at the dam of 88 feet.

What is the water temp on Lay Lake?

Today. Lay Lake’s current water temperature is 80°F.

How deep is Lake Jordan Alabama?

Lake Jordan, Just the Facts The distance between Mitchell Dam at the north end and Jordan Dam at the south end is approximately 18 miles. Average depth is 35 feet with the deepest point just above the dam measuring approximately 110 feet.

How big is Lay Lake in Alabama?

Lay Lake. Lay Lake covers 12,000 acres (4,900 ha) and has a shoreline about 289 miles (465 km) long. It is a recreational lake with fishing opportunities for large mouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill and other sunfish, crappie, catfish, striped bass, hybrid and white bass.

How deep is lake Mitchell in Cadillac Michigan?

Lake Mitchell flows into Lake Cadillac via a ¼ mile long dredged channel which is navigable by most small boats. The maximum depth of Lake Mitchell is 22 feet, with approximately 90% of the lake shallower than 15 feet.

When was Lay Lake built?

Lay Lake is the oldest lake on the Coosa, having been created in 1914.

Can you swim in Lay Lake?

Lay Lake offers 289 miles of shoreline and provides recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Boat ramps, picnic facilities, nature trails, and restrooms are available to the public.

Is Lake Wedowee clean?

State and Federal Conservation Services rank Lake Wedowee among the cleanest lakes in this part of the country. Further, recreation opportunities abound. The Alabama Department of Conservation names the lake as one of the top three in Alabama for fishing, drawing anglers from near and far.

Where does the Coosa River begin and end?

The Coosa River begins at the confluence of the Oostanaula and Etowah rivers in Rome, Georgia, and ends just northeast of the Alabama state capital, Montgomery, where it joins the Tallapoosa River to form the Alabama River just south of Wetumpka.

Are crocodiles in Alabama?

While Alabama is home to the infamous, at times terrifying, American alligator, crocodiles are completely absent. Both alligators and crocodiles are ‘crocodilians,’ thanks to their shared Order, Crocodilia. However, the largest crocodilians in the world, the Nile and saltwater crocodile, are not found in Alabama.

Does the Coosa River have alligators?

The Coosa River in Wilsonville is a place Deborah Katchum likes to enjoy her free time. She’s seen fish and snakes at the river, but never an alligator.

Are there alligators in the Tennessee River in Alabama?

In 2019, a baby gator was spotted in the Tennessee River, just across the border in north Alabama. According to reports, 56 gators were dropped in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge as an effort to expand the species in 1979.

What river is Lay Lake on?

Lay, Mitchell and Jordan lakes on the Coosa River, Yates and Thurlow lakes on the Tallapoosa River, and Bankhead and Holt lakes (owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) on the Warrior River are called “run-of-river” projects that discharge essentially the same amount of water that flows into them.

Why do they drain lakes in winter?

Winter Drawdown: Some dam owners prefer to lower the lake level during the winter months to reduce ice damage to structures along the shoreline and to provide additional flood storage for upcoming spring rains. Several repair items are often performed during this winter drawdown period.

How cold is the ocean in Gulf Shores Alabama?

The warmest water temperature is in August with an average around 86.2°F / 30.1°C. The coldest month is February with an average water temperature of 59.9°F / 15.5°C.

Are crappie biting on Weiss Lake?

Nestled on the Coosa River in Cherokee County on the Alabama – Georgia border is Weiss Lake. This 30,000 acre impoundment is definitely one of the hottest crappie fishing destinations in the United States. Weiss is a shallow, stumpy lake but that is just what makes a happy crappie.

What river feeds Lake Martin?

The headwaters of the Tallapoosa and Little Tallapoosa Rivers begin in Georgia and enters Alabama in Randolph County southwest of Atlanta to form the main stem of the Tallapoosa River which feeds Lake Martin.

How long is Pickwick Lake?

Pickwick Lake runs 50 miles from Wilson Dam in Florence, AL to Pickwick Dam in Tennessee. When the lake is full during the summer, Pickwick provides 490 miles of winding shoreline and about 47,500 acres of water surface.

What is biting at Jordan Lake?

The crappie bite is heating up at Jordan Lake, and guide Freddie Sinclair expects it to explode by the April full moon.

Can you swim in Lake Jordan Alabama?

Well over 20 public and private recreational developments can be found along the Jordan-Bouldin shores. Campgrounds and swimming areas are found around Bouldin Lake area with numerous picnic areas and playgrounds open along both shores.

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