Is it possible to win ice fishing Stardew?

How do you beat the Stardew Festival of Ice?

You can start this competition by talking to Lewis and you need to catch at least five fish to win the competition every year. Once the competition begins, you’ll have two minutes to catch as many fish as possible. To increase your chances of winning, stand as close to your chosen pond as possible.

Where is the ice fishing festival Stardew?

The Festival of Ice is on Winter 8th and starts at 9 AM near Marnie’s Ranch. When you get there, ice sculptures and igloos will be set up across the area. There is a frozen lake in the middle of the fields with Mayor Lewis standing in the center. Talking to him a few times will start the Ice Fishing Contest.

What do you say to Penny at the ice festival?

You can give her three answers: Classic Snowman (carrot nose, coal eyes, scarf) — [She will smile and say that it is best to stick with the classics.] A Funky Snowman (Icicle antennae, pine cone eyes) — [She will smile and say that it sounds like a fun idea.]

Can you talk to the wizard during the ice festival?

According to the wiki, in most festivals, the Wizard is blocked off from the player, though he still has dialogue for them. So, unless you want to use an editor/mod, it’s not possible to talk to the wizard.

What does the golden scythe do Stardew?

The Golden Scythe has the following benefits: Its radius is larger than the standard Scythe and it is more likely to cut all grass in its radius. If used to harvest hay from grass, it can yield more hay than the regular scythe would. A regular scythe gives a 50% chance per swipe versus 75% with a Golden Scythe.

What’s hidden behind the community center Stardew Valley?

Behind the Community Center, hidden by the roof, against the wooden fence to the right there is a Stone Junimo statue which can be obtained with a pickaxe. You can still get the statue even if you purchased the Joja membership.

Does Abigail like crocus?

She also *really* likes quartz. Plus sweet pea, crocus, fairy rose, and other flowers. Basically lots of flowers and rocks and some of the things that almost all villagers like, like spaghetti.

Should I choose fighter or scout in Stardew Valley?

Is Fighter or Scout Better in Stardew Valley? In our opinion, Fighter is better than Scout while you’re still learning how to play the game. Fighter provides significantly better flat bonuses to your combat damage, and also provides a hefty Health bonus to keep you from dying.

Where is the shop Festival of Ice?

5 The Travelling Merchant Has Her Own Stall During the Festival of Ice, the traveling merchant can be found in an igloo to the left of the frozen lake. During this event, she will sell winter-themed items including pumpkin soup.

What does Marnie Love in Stardew Valley?

Favorite Gifts She is located at Marnie’s ranch south of the farm. She loves animals and taking care of her farm. She is very good “friends” with Lewis.

Can you marry Penny in Stardew Valley?

Penny is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. She’s one of the twelve characters available to marry. Her trailer is just east of the center of town, west of the river.

How do you trigger the 8 heart penny event?

  1. Two Heart Event – Enter town on a sunny day between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
  2. Four Heart Event – Enter her trailer while she’s home.
  3. Six Heart Event – Enter her trailer while she’s home.
  4. Eight Heart Event – Enter the Cindersap Forest between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

What should I say when Penny helps George?

In its place is one that says “You should’ve asked instead of assuming George wanted help”, in addition to the remaining ones to reassure Penny she did a kind thing, or to feign ignorance. Should you take that option, Penny then admits that you’re right, and apologises to George for being rude.

Is Linus at the Festival of Ice?

At the Festival of Ice, Linus traps the Wizard in his tower…

How do I give the gift Feast of Winter Star?

The main event of the Feast of the Winter Star is secret gift-giving. A random villager will be selected to give the player a gift, and the player is assigned a random villager to give a gift to. A week beforehand, on the 18th, Mayor Lewis will send a letter telling the player who their gift recipient is.

How do you end Stardew in Spirit’s Eve?

The trick to reaching the end is to take the secret passage, which begins just underneath and to the left of the “?” signpost, and then continues to the right inside the cave to the North. It weaves to the left and right, which requires a little bit of blind navigation.

What does the mermaid do in Stardew Valley?

The Mermaid will smile and wave and then reward the player with five Golden Walnuts! With the task complete, players are free to return to their farming or to search out more puzzles to tackle. Be sure to check out our guide to the locations of all Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island!

What does secret note 19 mean in Stardew Valley?

Secret Note #19 First, walk left until they hit a permanent obstacle. Then walk up until they hit an obstacle, and so on. The path will lead the player around the house, through town, and ultimately to a secret Solid Gold Lewis statue hidden behind Mayor Lewis’ house.

What happens if you become a Joja member?

If you join Joja, then JojaMart’s prices will match Pierre’s. The benefit of this is that they’re open until 11pm, and on Wednesdays. They’ll also repair things around town, such as the bus, mine carts or greenhouse, for money. As a reward, you get a JojaCola machine for your house.

What does secret note 11 mean in Stardew Valley?

What is Secret Note 11? One of the 25 notes you are able to collect in Stardew Valley is Secret Note 11, which will appear randomly if you keep performing the aforementioned tasks. The note has no text on it, but instead a picture of an older woman holding the hand of a little girl, both surrounded by farm animals.

What does the strange doll do in Stardew Valley?

The Strange Doll (green) is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Wumbus Shirt.

What do you do with Holly in Stardew Valley?

Holly is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Fancy Red Blouse.

What does Sebastian from Stardew Valley like?

In Stardew Valley, Sebastian is a rebel who lives in his parents’ basement just north of Pelican Town in the mountains. He loves videogames, comic books, and sci-fi novels, though he has been known to hide away from the world and become deeply absorbed in his hobbies.

What can I do with Stardew Crystal Fruit?

They can be sold for 150G at Pierre’s General Store and the chest on the player’s farm beside the farmhouse. It can be used to make Wine and Jelly and is also a part of the Community Center Winter Foraging Bundle.

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