How To Get Fish Oil Warframe? Discover The Best Techniques To Get More Fish Oil

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Are you an avid Warframe player looking for more ways to level up your skills and gear? One essential component of the game is fish oil, which is used in a variety of crafting recipes. However, getting enough fish oil can be a challenge for some players.

In this article, we’ll explore the best techniques for obtaining more fish oil in Warframe. From fishing strategies to trading tips, we’ve gathered the most effective methods for boosting your stockpile of this precious resource.

“By following these expert tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Warframe and defeating even the toughest enemies.” -Warframe Pro Player

We understand that the world of Warframe can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with the right resources and knowledge, any gamer can excel. Whether you’re a new player just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking to take your skills to the next level, our guide will provide valuable insights and practical advice.

So if you’re ready to embark on a journey towards greater success and abundance in Warframe, read on for our top tips on how to get more fish oil!

Understanding Fish Oil in Warframe

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is an essential resource in Warframe, a free-to-play action role-playing video game developed by Digital Extremes. In the game, it is used as an ingredient for various crafting items and also provides energy to your ship’s Aquarium.

Fish oil is obtained through fishing on the open-world maps of Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna, and Deimos. It is a rare resource that can only be acquired by catching specific types of fish at certain times of day and weather conditions.

Why is Fish Oil Important in Warframe?

Fish oil is important in Warframe because it is required for crafting various weapons, mods, gear, and even other resources such as bait and dye. Some examples of items that require fish oil are:

  • Auroxium Alloy
  • Cryptilex Wrench
  • Foxglove Syandana
  • K-Drives Jet Tags
  • Mordda Bracelet
  • Norg Brain
  • Vermillion Antitoxin

In addition, fish oil is also a necessary component for powering up your ship’s Aquarium, which allows you to display captured fish and breed them to create new species. The more diverse and exotic fish you have in your Aquarium, the higher the bonus rewards and reputation gains are for fishing activities.

How to Obtain Fish Oil?

The process of obtaining fish oil in Warframe requires some preparation and patience. Here are some basic steps:

  1. Equip yourself with a fishing spear, available for purchase in Cetus (Plains of Eidolon), Fortuna (Orb Vallis), and Necralisk (Deimos).
  2. Visit the desired open-world map during the specific time of day and weather conditions when the target fish species are active. You can consult the Fishing Guide in your Codex or use third-party websites to determine which fish give out fish oil.
  3. Use bait or lures to attract the target fish and catch them with your fishing spear. Different fish require different types of bait and lures, so make sure you have the right ones prepared beforehand.
  4. Return to your ship’s Aquarium and deposit the caught fish into the appropriate tanks. You will receive a certain amount of standing points depending on the rarity and size of the fish.
  5. Select “Extract Resources” from the Aquarium console and wait for some time until the fish turn into resources, including fish oil. Note that you need to have enough power capacity in your Aquarium to extract all the resources at once.

If you want to optimize your fish oil farming process, here are some tips:

  • Bring a booster such as Resource Booster or Resource Drop Chance Booster to double the amount of fish oil you obtain per catch.
  • Join a public squad or invite friends to fish together, since the number of fish spawns is shared among all players and increases proportionally. A full squad of four players can result in more than ten times the normal spawn rate.
  • Use night vision mods or abilities such as Animal Instinct or Ivara’s Prowl to detect fish locations easier. Also, consider using Warframes or weapons with crowd control and mobility capabilities to navigate through rough terrain and avoid attracting unwanted attention from hostile creatures.
  • Focus on catching the biggest-sized fish for maximum rewards. The size of a fish depends on its rarity and how fast you reel it in, so practice your fishing technique to minimize the struggle time.
“Fish about it; you will find it.” -Chinese Proverb

Obtaining fish oil in Warframe requires both skill and luck, but with the right tools and strategies, you can make the process more enjoyable and rewarding. Don’t forget to experiment with different bait combinations, try out new locations, and admire the beauty of the aquatic life forms around you. Happy hunting!

Fishing in the Plains of Eidolon

What is the Plains of Eidolon?

The Plains of Eidolon is a massive open-world map introduced in Warframe. It’s an ever-changing environment that includes brilliant landscapes, and players can explore it by foot or using Archwing technology.

This new map offered gamers not only limitless content but also fishing as an activity to complete when wandering near water sources. One popular feature of fishing in this game is the opportunity to catch fish and extract oils from them that are used for crafting bait options, equipment upgrades, and even food supplements. So, how do you get Fish Oil in Warframe? Let’s find out!

How to Start Fishing in the Plains of Eidolon?

If you’re a seasoned Warframe player, chances are you know how to start fishing in the Plains of Eidolon already. But if you’re a novice looking to try your hand at some freshwater angling in this exciting world, then read on!

  • You first need a fishing spear. You can buy one from Fisher Hai-Luk with standing after being acknowledged by her.
  • Then look for ponds or any other bodies of water on the Plains, since that’s where most fish swim around and splash about.
  • Select your chosen fishing spear from your gear wheel or hotkey button (default key “F”), and throw it towards your prey.
  • If the catch indicator appears and fills up, hit the right mouse button to reel in the catch.
  • Follow the instructions provided on-screen to dismantle the fish into useful resources, including the coveted Fish Oil!

What Types of Fish can be Found in the Plains of Eidolon?

The waters of the Plains of Eidolon are rich with various fish species, and below is a snapshot of several types you could find swimming around:

  • Tromyzon – This eel-like fish comes in large sizes that can reach up to 1.8m long.
  • Sharrac – With brilliant coloring and luminous locations on its skin, this triangular-shaped fish moves almost ambivalently through the water.
  • Karkina – These crab-like creatures walk underwater using their legs, making them an interesting catch if you manage to get close enough for your spear throw.
“I wasn’t expecting fishing to actually be fun!” -IGN

You can acquire these fishes from different bodies of water within the map, such as lakes and rivers. The types of available fish vary depending on weather conditions, time of day or night, location, and other factors, adding some interest and excitement to the activity.

Fishing on Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon is an immersive experience once you know how to start it.

By finding ponds and lakes, catching different species of fish, and utilizing our tips, gamers will undoubtedly enjoy trying to collect fish oils and various resources to improve gameplay performance. Hopefully, this guide helped answer the question ” How to get Fish Oil Warframe?” properly. Now go out there, sport your gear, and snag yourself some oily catches!

How to Catch the Right Fish for Fish Oil?

Fish oil is an important ingredient in Warframe as it helps players maintain their health. However, not all fish are created equal when it comes to providing this much-needed oil. To make sure that you’re catching the right fish, here are some tips:

How to Identify the Right Fish?

One of the most important things you need to do before fishing is to identify which fish provide fish oil. In Warframe, these are Glappid, Kriller, and Synathid. Each of these fish can be found in specific bodies of water on different planets. For example, Kriller can only be found on Fortuna, while Synathid can only be caught on Deimos.

What Bait to Use for Different Types of Fish?

Another important thing to consider is the bait you’ll use to catch these fish. Each type of fish requires a specific kind of bait. Here’s what you should use for each one:

  • Glappid – Twilight Bait
  • Kriller – Charamote Bait
  • Synathid – Mutalist Quanta Bait

If you use the wrong bait, you won’t be able to catch any of these fish. Make sure you have the right one before starting your fishing session.

How to Improve Fishing Efficiency?

To maximize your chances of catching the right fish, try using a spearfishing tool instead of the default fishing spears. Spearfishing tools allow you to dive underwater and swim faster, making it easier to catch fast-moving fish like Kriller and Synathid.

You can also increase your chances of catching the right fish by equipping mods that improve fishing abilities. Some popular mods to consider include Fisher Hai-Luk and Luminous Dye.

Where to Find Rare Fish?

If you’re chasing after rare fish, knowing where to find them is important. For example:

  • Odonata can be found in ponds on Earth
  • Norg is located in cave pools on Venus
  • Cuthol can be caught in Orb Vallis body of water during cold weather only

Keep in mind that these fish are harder to catch than normal ones, so bring your best spearfishing tool and bait to improve your odds.

“Using a specialized spear gun will make it easier, as many of the rarer underwater creatures move quickly through the water, making them difficult targets for standard fishing spears.” -GameSkinny

Fishing for fish oil can be a fun and rewarding activity in Warframe, especially if you know how to catch the right fish efficiently. With these tips and techniques, you’ll be able to get all the fish oil you need without wasting too much time or effort.

Farming Fish Oil with Smeeta Kavat

If you’re looking to acquire fish oil in the popular online game Warframe, then you should definitely consider farming it using a Smeeta Kavat companion. The process is straightforward and can yield great results if done correctly.

What is Smeeta Kavat?

Smeeta Kavat is one of several companions that players can have in Warframe. It’s an adorable feline-like creature that not only provides great company but also has some unique abilities that can aid in acquiring specific resources like fish oil. One significant feature of Smeeta Kavats is their Charm ability. When it activates, your chances of acquiring rare resources will increase drastically for a short period. This makes them ideal companions for resource farmers.

How to Farm Fish Oil with Smeeta Kavat?

To farm fish oil with Smeeta Kavat, you’ll first need to find a good location to catch fish. Most players would suggest going to Oceanum on Pluto because this area offers excellent loot drops rates. Once you’ve found your preferred spot, equip yourself with a fishing spear, bait, and a Smeeta Kavat as your companion.

Before starting your fishing trip, take note that some fish species are more likely to drop fish oil than others. Some examples include Norg, Cuthol, and Mortus Lungfish. You should aim at capturing these breeds specifically.

To maximize your chances further, utilize your Smeeta Kavat’s Charm ability whenever triggered. It will double or even triple your expected amount of fish oil drops during the active duration. Also, don’t forget that some baits attract certain types of fish. For example, Norgs are lured by a Charamote bait. Try to research which types of baits lure your target fish so you can tailor your fishing accordingly.

When you’ve caught enough fish, it’s time to extract and hope for some good loot drops upon extraction. With persistent farming, the chances of acquiring fish oil using this method will increase considerably, resulting in faster progress towards your Warframe builds or other items that require fish oil as one of the main ingredients.

“Smeeta Kavat is an omnipotent creature with powerful abilities that make it a vital companion for resource hunters in Warframe.”-

Trading for Fish Oil on Warframe Market

Fish oil is a valuable resource in Warframe that can help players increase their standing with certain factions, upgrade equipment and even create new items. However, getting enough fish oil can be a challenge for many players. Luckily, the Warframe market provides an easy way to obtain this resource through trading.

What is Warframe Market?

Warframe Market is a website where players can buy and sell various resources, weapons, mods, and other items related to the game. It serves as a platform for easy transactions between players who are looking for specific items or want to trade their surplus items for others’ necessities.

The Warframe Market is not officially affiliated with Digital Extremes, the developers of Warframe, but it has become one of the most popular trading platforms among players. The site is free to use, and sellers can set their own prices for the items they list.

How to Trade for Fish Oil on Warframe Market?

To begin trading for fish oil on Warframe Market, first visit the website at From there, you will need to create an account if you do not already have one. Once logged in, search for “fish oil” in the marketplace’s search bar.

You will see many listings from sellers offering different amounts of fish oil for varying prices. Look through the available options until you find a seller whose price suits your budget and then send them a message through the website asking to trade.

If the seller agrees, they may invite you to join them in-game, where the two of you will complete the transaction by exchanging the agreed-upon amount of platinum (the in-game currency) for the fish oil. Make sure both parties agree upon the exact terms of the trade before initiating it, to avoid any misunderstandings or scams.

What is the Average Price of Fish Oil on Warframe Market?

The price of fish oil on Warframe Market can fluctuate depending on market demand and availability. As of this writing, the average price for 1 unit (100 fish oil) on Warframe Market is around 5-10 platinum. However, prices can range anywhere from 2 to 30 platinum, so make sure to shop around and find a seller that offers a fair price within your budget.

“Using Warframe Market has definitely streamlined my trading experience. I love being able to easily compare prices and find deals on things like fish oil.” -Aiden H., avid Warframe player

The Warframe Market provides an easy way for players to obtain valuable resources such as fish oil through trading with other players. By creating an account, searching for “fish oil”, and finding a reputable seller whose price works within your budget, you will be well on your way to acquiring enough fish oil to meet your needs in-game.

Extracting Fish Oil with Helios Sentinel

If you’re a Warframe player, you know how important resources are in the game. One of the essential resources is fish oil, which can be challenging to obtain on your own. Luckily, there’s an easier way – by using the Helios Sentinel.

What is Helios Sentinel?

The Helios Sentinel is an AI-controlled companion that Warframe players can use to aid them during missions. This Sentinel excels at scanning enemies and objects, but it can also extract resources from fish found in bodies of water in Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis. If you’re looking for an easy way to collect fish oil in Warframe, then this machine could be the answer.

How to Extract Fish Oil with Helios Sentinel?

Before attempting to extract any fish oil, you will need to make sure Helios has a scanner equipped. Once done, search for an available body of water such as a lake in Plains of Eidolon or one of the many caves on Orb Vallis. You’ll come across a variety of fish species here, but only a few can yield fish oil. The most common among these oily fish types include Charamote and Synathid.

To have your Sentinel retrieve the oils, approach the water’s edge and deploy it over the desired target area where oily fish roam. Doing so will prompt Helios to scan for nearby schools of those specific fish. After they are spotted, the Sentinel will take care of the rest, casting its resource extractor beam into the specified direction and bringing back all loot item drops obtained. It is worth noting that oily fish remain relatively well-hidden beneath rock formations or tend to hide inside small caves, making it difficult to spot them and access their location without proper visual assistance — especially during nighttime cycles where visibility is low.

Is Extracting Fish Oil with Helios Sentinel Worth It?

Many players claim that extracting fish oil with the Helios Sentinel in Warframe can save time and effort. Usually, oily fish require you to spend a long time hunting for them manually while fishing, and not everyone has this kind of patience or skills needed. Additionally, because you’ll have better chances of spotting the oily fish, your success rate per mission will heavily increase while also saving precious Warframe currency if looking to buy some from traders (even more if using said oils for crafting other items). Overall it’s an excellent alternative that achieves its desired objective most efficiently.”

“The Helios sentinel is one of the best ways to farm fish oil in Warframe due to its accuracy and efficiency” – IGN

The extraction method couldn’t be any easier as well, meaning that all Warframe players could benefit from using Helios’ scanning abilities when on those types of missions without significant impact on gameplay style or resource gathering activity productivity. This approach ensures enough supplies concerning future encounters and should be considered by all capsuleers regardless of backstory or playtime investment put into the game thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find fish oil in Warframe?

Fish oil can be obtained by catching and then processing fish in Warframe. The fish can be found in various bodies of water on the different planets of the game. You can also purchase fish oil from other players in the game’s trading system.

What fish do I need to catch to get fish oil in Warframe?

To obtain fish oil in Warframe, you can catch any type of fish that you can find in the game’s bodies of water. Some fish will yield more fish oil than others, so it’s important to experiment with different types of fish to find the most efficient way to obtain the oil.

What tools or equipment do I need to catch fish for fish oil in Warframe?

To catch fish in Warframe, you will need a fishing spear and a fishing lure. The type of fishing spear and lure that you need will depend on the type of fish that you are trying to catch, so it’s important to have a variety of spears and lures on hand.

Are there any specific locations or times of day I should fish for fish oil in Warframe?

There are no specific locations or times of day that you need to fish for fish oil in Warframe. However, some bodies of water will have more fish than others, so it’s a good idea to explore the different planets to find the best fishing spots.

Can I trade for fish oil in Warframe, and if so, where can I find players willing to trade?

Yes, you can trade for fish oil in Warframe. To find players who are willing to trade, you can use the game’s trading system or join a Warframe community to connect with other players who are interested in trading.

What are some tips for efficiently obtaining fish oil in Warframe?

To efficiently obtain fish oil in Warframe, it’s important to have a variety of fishing spears and lures on hand so that you can catch a variety of fish. You should also explore different bodies of water on different planets to find the best fishing spots. Additionally, trading with other players can be a great way to obtain fish oil without spending a lot of time fishing.

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