How Much Is Fishing License In Pa? Find Out Here!

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Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to catch some trout or bass in Pennsylvania? If so, one of the most important things you need is a valid fishing license. Whether you’re a resident or non-resident angler, it’s crucial to ensure that you have all the proper licenses and permits before heading out onto the water.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to obtain a fishing license in Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. With our comprehensive guide, you can find out everything you need to know about getting your hands on a Pennsylvania fishing license, including the fees and requirements involved.

“Fishing provides an opportunity to escape from everyday life and enjoy nature in its purest form. So why not make sure you have the correct paperwork before doing so?”

From what documentation you’ll need to apply for your license to where to purchase one, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also go over whether or not certain groups qualify for discounted licenses and provide information on additional permits required for special types of fishing, such as Lake Erie and Delaware River.

So read on to discover all you need to know about obtaining a Pennsylvania fishing license and hit the waters with peace of mind knowing you’re fully compliant with state regulations!

Types of Fishing Licenses Available in Pennsylvania

Resident Fishing License

If you’re planning to fish for trout, bass, or other kinds of fish in the state of Pennsylvania, you’ll need a fishing license. A resident is defined as someone who has lived in the Keystone State for at least 90 days prior to buying a license. So, if you live in PA, this is the type of license you should get.

A basic annual resident fishing license costs just $22.97, which grants an angler the privilege to fish for all species except for Lake Erie and its tributaries. It should be noted that every year on December 31, your license will expire, meaning that it needs to be renewed annually. However, apart from the regular annual licenses, there are also several other types of fishing permits available under different categories such as senior citizens’ discounts, children below a specific age, military personnel, etc.

Nonresident Fishing License

For non-residents, those who have not lived in PA continuously during the preceding 90-day period and want to fish in Pennsylvania waters but do not plan on staying permanently, need to obtain a non-resident fishing license.The prices can vary from state to state and depend on the duration of your stay and the type of fishing permit requested.

  • The most popular option for tourists visiting Pennsylvania is the 7-Day Tourist Permit, which cost $34.33, plus any convenience fees by (the online vendor), and entitles visitors to enjoy their favorite rod-and-reel activities for a full week.
  • There’s also a “three consecutive day” non-residential tourist license priced at $26.97.
  • If you’re just keen to go fly-fishing in Pennsylvania, the cost of a non-residential tourist license for trout fishing is $52

It should be noted that online registration also adds an additional amount to these permit fees. But visitors can also head out to any recognized Fish and Boat Commission’s locations throughout the state or external city agencies and request one there.

“There’s no better way to familiarize oneself with Mother Nature than participating in responsible angling” – The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Purchasing a fishing license in Pennsylvania is easy and worthwhile investment that opens up a world of opportunity. Different types are available based on your preference, duration, and residency status and they cater to visitors as well those who consider PA their permanent home. Even if you’re not planning to keep what you catch, having a valid fishing license ensures that you’re complying with regulations whilst making some amazing memories by exploring the nature around you affordably.

How to Purchase a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

In-Person Purchase

If you prefer to purchase your fishing license in person, there are several options available throughout Pennsylvania. The first option is to visit a local sporting goods store that sells fishing equipment. Many of these stores also sell fishing licenses, and you can simply grab one while picking up other supplies.

You can also purchase your fishing license directly from the Pennsylvania Fish, Boat Commission. There are multiple regional offices spread throughout the state. You can locate an office near you by visiting their website. When you arrive at the office, simply let them know that you need to purchase a fishing license, fill out the necessary forms, and make your payment.

  • Cost: For residents, a yearly license costs $22.97, a three-year license costs $64.97, and a five-year license costs $106.97. Non-residents can purchase a yearly license for $52.97.
  • Note: If purchasing in person, be sure to bring your driver’s license or another form of identification with you, as well as cash or a credit card to make your payment.

Online Purchase

Purchasing a fishing license online is a convenient option if you do not want to leave your home. Simply visit the Pennsylvania Fish, Boat Commission’s website, select the type of license you wish to purchase, fill out the forms online, and make your payment using a credit or debit card.

The process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with proof of your license. Be sure to print this confirmation and keep it with you during your time on the water.

  • Cost: For residents, a yearly license costs $22.97, a three-year license costs $64.97, and a five-year license costs $106.97. Non-residents can purchase a yearly license for $52.97.
  • Note: When purchasing online, be sure to have your driver’s license or another form of identification available as you will need it to complete the forms.

Telephone Purchase

If you prefer to make your purchase over the phone, you can do so by calling the Pennsylvania Fish, Boat Commission’s regional office nearest to you. You will need to provide them with the necessary information, including your name, address, date of birth, and payment information.

You will receive confirmation of your purchase via email, which you should print and keep with you while fishing in Pennsylvania waters.

  • Cost: For residents, a yearly license costs $22.97, a three-year license costs $64.97, and a five-year license costs $106.97. Non-residents can purchase a yearly license for $52.97.
  • Note: When making a telephone purchase, be sure to have your driver’s license or another form of identification on hand to provide them with the correct information.
“A fishing license is required in every state — but figuring out how much one costs can be incredibly confusing.” -MoneyTalksNews

Purchasing a fishing license in Pennsylvania is easy and convenient, regardless of whether you choose to do it online, in person, or over the telephone. With several options available, obtaining a license is straightforward and hassle-free.

Requirements for Obtaining a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

Age Requirements

Before applying for a fishing license in Pennsylvania, the first thing to consider is age. According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, everyone who wants to fish in the state must obtain a valid fishing license unless they fall under one of the Pennsylvania fishing license exemptions. Individuals aged 16 and up are required to purchase a fishing license.

Identification Requirements

In addition to the age limit, prospective anglers should prepare some documentation before obtaining their fishing license. The most important identification document needed when purchasing a fishing license is your social security number (SSN). If you don’t have a SSN, your Driver’s License or another government-issued ID may be used as an alternate form of identification. Also, if you have obtained a fishing license in Pennsylvania before, it would help if you had your previous license with you since the unique identification number on that license will be linked to your records.

Residency Requirements

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania interested in fishing within the state borders, then you’ll need to obtain a resident fishing license. To qualify as a resident, you must reside within the state for at least thirty days immediately preceding the day you apply for the license – additionally, residents must provide proof of residency such as a tax return, driver’s license, utility bill, voter registration card, or current lease agreement. Meanwhile, non-residents can also obtain a Pennsylvania fishing license but will be expected to pay more than state residents.

Education Requirements

No education requirements are necessary for obtaining a fishing license in Pennsylvania. However, there are multiple programs available that can teach children about responsible fish handling and angling methods while simultaneously fulfilling this educational requirement. It is suggested that those who are unfamiliar with or feel uncomfortable around fish participate in these programs to confidently handle various scenarios when it comes time to fish.

“Fishing provides an opportunity to bring family and friends together. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the chance to ‘slow down’ and spend time with loved ones while enjoying nature can be very beneficial.” – Carl G. Roe

Those looking for quality bonding moments would certainly agree with Mr. Carl G. Roe. There is something special and therapeutic about fishing – connecting with Mother Nature, teaching values like patience, and ultimately casting a line hoping to land the next good catch. To make sure everyone stays safe and accountable, get your Pennsylvania fishing license by meeting all eligibility requirements first.

For further assistance or if you have any questions regarding obtaining a PA fishing license, contact the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission during their office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM) at 1-866-262-8734.

Benefits of Obtaining a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

If you’re an angler, you might be wondering about the cost of obtaining a fishing license in Pennsylvania. The good news is that there are many benefits to getting one. Not only does it grant you the right to fish legally, but it also helps support environmental conservation efforts and gives you access to public fishing areas.

Contribute to Conservation Efforts

Fishing licenses are necessary for maintaining healthy fish populations in Pennsylvania’s lakes and rivers. By buying a license to fish, you are contributing directly to the funding of various programs that aim to improve the quality of aquatic ecosystems throughout the state.

According to Brian Barner, director of Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Bureau of Fisheries, “fishing license sales provide important revenue that we use to protect, conserve and enhance Pennsylvania’s waterways and their surrounding habitats.”

The agency uses this money to implement initiatives such as habitat restoration, stocking hatchery-raised trout, and conducting research on native fish species. These measures help ensure the sustainability of recreational fisheries and preserve these precious resources for future generations of anglers to enjoy.

Access to Public Fishing Areas

Another benefit of obtaining a fishing license in Pennsylvania is the ability to fish in public waters. With over 85,000 miles of streams and more than 4,000 lakes and ponds throughout the state, there are plenty of opportunities to cast your line into some excellent fishing locations.

In addition to local bodies of water like Beaver Creek State Park or Whipple Dam State Park, Pennsylvania offers a number of special regulations as part of its comprehensive recreation planning. This includes options for catch-and-release fishing, fly-fishing-only areas, and approved trout waters that get stocked during peak fishing season.

But to fish in these areas, you must have a fishing license. Failing to obtain one could result in citations and fines, which can range from $50 up to $1,000 depending on the severity of the violation.

Opportunity to Catch a Variety of Fish Species

A Pennsylvania fishing license opens the door to the opportunity to cast your line and hook a variety of different fish species, including muskellunge, northern pike, walleye, pickerel, trout, bass, croaker, bluefish, among others.

The state is famous for its trout (including brown, rainbow and brook) fishing streams that attract avid anglers year-round, but there are numerous other species to be caught as well. Additionally, many of these bodies of water allow ice-fishing during the winter season or fly-fishing all year long making it an ideal destination for passionate fishermen no matter the time of year.

Fishing licenses are also broken down by resident vs non-resident status and age groups, among other variables, with fees varying based on each factor. As of 2021, prices range from around $6 per day for certain types of permits to roughly $23-52 annually for those who plan to fish throughout the year.

“If you compare the cost against other recreational activities like golfing; fishing is relatively very inexpensive,” says Barner.

In this way getting a license is not only necessary if you want to fish legally, but can save money in the long run. The benefits of purchasing a PA fishing license include access to great locations to fish, support for conservation efforts designed to protect the environment, and opportunities to catch multiple fish species at reasonable rates.

Renewing Your Pennsylvania Fishing License

Fishing is a popular recreational activity in the state of Pennsylvania, and therefore it’s essential to have a valid fishing license. The license permits you to fish legally on any public water body in Pennsylvania. But what happens when your fishing license expires? In this article, we will cover the different types of renewals for your Pennsylvania fishing license.

Online Renewal

The easiest and most convenient way of renewing your fishing license is online. You can apply online by visiting the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission website and paying the renewal fee using your credit or debit card. You’ll need your social security number and a valid email address to complete the online application process.

You will receive an electronic copy of your renewed license via email, which you can print out and keep with you while fishing. With the new electronic version of the license, there’s no longer any need to carry around plastic license cards anymore; everything is now done digitally.

Please note that if you don’t already have a fishing license through the PFBC, then an initial purchase must be made in-person or by mail before you will be able to access the online system to make a renewal.

In-Person Renewal

If you prefer to deal with things in person, you can visit any approved vendor such as sporting goods stores or outdoor retailers where licenses are sold to get a new license or renew your old one. Just present your expired license and pay the necessary fee at the store counter, and they’ll issue you a new one right away. This process typically takes under 10 minutes once inside the establishment.

Vendors in the state must have all current forms available from PF&BC and should be knowledgeable about general questions regarding regulations, seasons, area restrictions, and boating regulations.

Telephone Renewal

If you want to renew your license over the phone, that’s also possible in Pennsylvania. But only within certain business hours (M-F 8 am to 12 pm & Sat-Sun noon to 4 pm). To renew this way is simple – dial +1-866-270-9965 and follow the prompts on the system. A customer service representative will assist with any additional questions or concerns related to missing license data, payment issues, logging into online accounts, obtaining safety course proof, and other troubleshooting solutions.

“The convenience of renewing a license through different methods, whether it be online, in-person at an approved vendor, or over the phone creates great flexibility and accessibility for anglers statewide.” – Tim Schaeffer, executive director of PFBC.

Renewing your fishing license has never been more convenient than how it is now in Pennsylvania. You can choose whichever method works best for you; whether doing it electronically, going to an authorized store or facility or even renewing via telephone. It doesn’t have to take up too much time or resources as long as all the necessary requirements are met and paid accordingly. Remember to keep your new valid updated licenses where you can easily find them to avoid confusion during spot checks by patrolling officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a resident fishing license cost in PA?

A resident fishing license in PA costs $22.90 for individuals aged 16-64.

What is the cost of a non-resident fishing license in PA?

A non-resident fishing license in PA costs $52.90 for individuals aged 16 and older.

Is there a discount for senior citizens when purchasing a fishing license in PA?

Yes, senior citizens (65 and older) can purchase a resident fishing license for $11.90, a discounted rate.

How much is a 3-day tourist fishing license in PA?

A 3-day tourist fishing license in PA costs $20.90 for individuals aged 16 and older.

What is the cost of a lifetime fishing license in PA?

A lifetime fishing license in PA costs $511.90 for individuals aged 1-64, and $281.90 for individuals aged 65 and older.

Are there any additional fees or permits required for certain types of fishing in PA?

Yes, additional permits are required for trout fishing, Lake Erie fishing, and for certain types of commercial fishing. These permits vary in cost and can be found on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s website.

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