How many fishing poles can you fish with in Virginia?

It is unlawful to feed, bait, or snag trout in designated stocked trout waters. It shall be unlawful for any person fishing in designated stocked trout waters to use more than one rod, one line, and one baited hook (a treble hook is considered one hook); however, any combination of artificial lures is allowed.

Where is the best fly fishing in Virginia?

  • Lake Brittle. Sometimes you don’t want that small stream experience.
  • Holmes Run. Located near the city of Alexandria is Holmes Run.
  • Shenandoah River – South Fork. The Shenandoah River – South Fork is one of the more popular options in Virginia.

When can you fish for trout in Virginia?

Virginia’s trout season is open year-round and the general statewide limits are 6 trout per day, no fish less than 7 inches.

Where can I fish the Rio Chama?

An excellent fishing stream that consistently produces trophy size brown trout. Access at El Vado lake and near Ghost Ranch. Section from El Vado Reservoir has been designated as a wild and scenic river.

Where are the biggest trout in Virginia?

The South Fork Holston River rises in Smyth County, Virginia near Sugar Grove and is home to the Virginia state brown trout record. It also serves as the headwaters for the popular Holston River tailwater in northern Tennessee.

Is fly fishing good Virginia?

There’s a lot of great fly fishing in Virginia. I may be biased, but I think it’s one of the best fly fishing destinations in the southeastern states. From spring-fed rivers full of trout to large winding rivers full of smallmouth and largemouth bass, there’s truly a bounty of fish.

Does Virginia have good trout fishing?

Virginia contains over 3,500 miles of trout streams, in addition to numerous ponds, small lakes and reservoirs. The total includes over 2,900 miles of wild trout streams and about 600 miles of water inhabited with stocked trout. Virginia’s diversified trout habitat offers a wide range of trout fishing opportunities.

Can you fish in VA without a license?

One of the most important items any person needs before they go fishing in Virginia is their fishing license. The state of Virginia requires both residents AND non-residents to obtain a fishing license. Virginia offers daily, short-term, annual or lifetime licenses.

What license do I need to trout fish in VA?

Residents 16 years of age and older: A state or county freshwater fishing license. Fishing a Designated Stocked Trout Water? Need an additional trout license. (Note a resident may not use a 5-day freshwater license in combination with a trout license).

What kind of fish are in El Vado Lake NM?

Fish Species Largemouth bass, bluegill, Rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout and kokanee salmon.

Does New Mexico have trout?

Several wild populations of brown trout occur throughout New Mexico. The Rio Grande Gorge supports a thriving population of brown trout in a wild setting. Other streams include the Rio Guadalupe in the Jemez and the Cimarron River below Eagle Nest Dam. See the Gila Trout Recovery and Angling page.

Where can I find wild rainbow trout in Virginia?

Rivers and Streams: Smith River, Elk Creek, Dan River, Potts Creek, Cripple Creek, Roanoke River, Little Reed Island Creek, Jackson River, Crooked Creek and Big Tumbling Creek, and many others on both sides of the Blue Ridge. Some good wild streams are Whitetop Laurel, Fox Creek, and the South Fork Holston River.

What is the best trout bait?

  • Berkley Powerbait.
  • Berkley Micetails.
  • Maggots.
  • Berkley Powerbait Honey Worms.
  • Berkley Trout Bait Nuggets.

What flies to use in Virginia?

  • Murray’s Pearl Marauder size 12.
  • Mr. Rapidan Dry size 14.
  • Murray’s Flying Beetle size 14.
  • Mr. Rapidan Olive Delta Wing Caddis size 14.
  • Murray’s Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12.
  • Mr. Rapidan Ant size 16.
  • Murray’s Tan Caddis Pupa size 12.
  • Mr. Rapidan Olive Soft Hackle Nymph size 14.

How do you catch lake trout in Virginia?

Fishing is usually excellent through June, with limits of trout being common. The favored fishing methods include nightcrawlers, mealworms, flies, and spinners. Fishing usually becomes sporadic as the lake temperature increases, with fish hitting well for a few days, then slacking off for several days.

Are there trout in the New River in Virginia?

Trout are present in several tributaries of the New River. West Virginia’s Division of Natural Resources stocks these tributaries each spring with golden, rainbow, brook, and brown trout.

How do you catch brook trout in small streams?

Most bait anglers prefer a spinning rod, but some prefer a fly rod. A long fly rod and an underhand pitching motion can be used to precisely plop a baited hook into tight places, a tactic which is often necessary on small streams with overhanging trees. Of course, a fly rod can be used to present flies.

Can you fish on Sundays in VA?

Fishing is permitted 24 hours a day unless otherwise posted at Department-owned lakes, ponds, streams, or boat access sites.

What is the fine in Virginia for fishing without a license?

Fishing, hunting, or trapping without a license is a class 3 misdemeanor, punishable by up to $500 in fines. Often these are pre-payable offenses with fines less than $500. However, if you prepay you are pleading guilty to a criminal offense and it cannot be erased from your record.

Can I use bluegill as bait in Virginia?

The only game fish that can be used as cut bait are bluegill, sunfish, and bream. It is unlawful to remove the head, tail, or change the appearance of any other game fish since it would be impractical to measure original lengths or count the number of fish in possession.

Is it legal to jug fish in Virginia?

C. Additional jugline requirements. Jugline sets (except as exempt under subsection A of this section) shall be restricted to 20 per angler and must be attended (within sight) by anglers at all times.

How much is a fishing license in Virginia at Walmart?

Regular license cost at Walmart for residents of age between 16 and 65 – $19. A flat license cost for single-day fishing irrespective of the resident or non-resident status of the applicant – $11. Discounted license cost for senior citizens above 66 years of age – $10. Walmart annual fishing license fee – $40.

Do you need a fishing license in Virginia if you are over 65?

Residents 65 and older: You are not required to buy a Saltwater Fishing License, but you are required to register annually with the Fisherman Identification Program (FIP) by visiting

Can I get a Virginia fishing license at Walmart?

Yes! It is possible to purchase a fishing license at a Walmart store in the United States. The Walmart stores that offer this service will usually be listed in the license vendor section of your state’s wildlife department website.

What fish are in season in Virginia 2021?

New species added to the Angler Recognition Program in 2021 include black crappie, white crappie, saugeye, fallfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, and other sunfish.

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