How long is the Sittee River?

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It borders Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. It is 174 miles long and 68 miles wide (about the size of Massachusetts in the USA or Belgium in Europe). Belize has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 79° F (26°C) and average humidity of 85%.

What fish are in the Belize River?

Game fish species generally found in this area include PERMIT, BONEFISH, TARPON, SNOOK, SNAPPER, JACKS, BARRACUDA, GROUPER and others.

Can you catch peacock bass in Belize?

No peacock bass in Belize, in fact no fresh water fishing sport fishing to speak of. I’d think it entirely unreasonable to try! We have great fresh water river fishing for snook, tarpon and other species, including bill sharks, who can swim 20 or so miles upstream in fresh water.

When can you fish in Belize?

May, June, July, August and early September are considered to be the best fishing months in here primarily because there are good numbers of all three species available. Summer temperatures are in the low-to mid-90s and a steady trade wind generally makes the weather very comfortable.

Can you bring fish back from Belize?

Yes. US Customs and Border Patrol does require you to declare that you are bringing food/meat into the country, but they have no problem with you bringing back fish for personal use as long as it’s not an endangered species of course!

Do you need a license to fish in Belize?

Fishing Licenses for Belize If you’re going fishing, you need a license. Even if you’re going to be in a boat with someone who is fishing, but you’re not fishing yourself, you still need a license. Even if you’ll be fishing from shore, you need a license. You need a license to catch a fish.

Where is the Sittee River located?

The Sittee River is the name of both a river in central Belize as well as a village that is located on its banks. The watershed of the Sittee River begins in the Maya Mountains and the river empties into the Caribbean near the village of Hopkins in southeastern Belize.

What is the most common fish in Belize?

The Bonefish Considered to be one of the most popular fish in Belize, they’re known for taking both lures and flies, but also are known for being strong, so they’ll give you a challenge when trying to catch them. They tend to live in shallow water flats because their diet consists of mollusks, worms, shrimp, and crabs.

Can you fish from shore in Belize?

There are miles of flats in Belize, and plenty of rivers, so fly-fishing spots are many. You can also fish from the shore with a fly-fishing rod and reel.

Can you spear lobster in Belize?

Live Like a modern fisherman for the day and go spearfishing in Belize! This is your unique opportunity to go snorkeling for lobster or conch if they are in season using a pole-spear to catch fish or hook-stick to catch lobster.

Is fishing in Belize good?

Belize is well known as a world-class fishing destination. Visitors to this beautiful country can experience some of the best fishing trips anywhere in the world. In Belize, you can Fish for the “Big 3” which are the prized Bonefish, Tarpon and the elusive Permit (all these fish are catch and release only).

How much does it cost to fish in Belize?

Spend the day out at sea on a chartered boat. Deep-Sea Fishing, the price usually ranges starts at $625 USD for a half-day trip, extending to $925 USD for a full-day trip. Book a Fly Fishing trip, the price range from $350 USD for a half-day to $525 USD for a full day.

Is there Freshwater fishing in Belize?

Belize is home to an abundant diversity of freshwater fish species and is often considered a fisherman’s paradise. The New River area is a popular freshwater fishing destination in the Orange Walk district of northern Belize.

Can you catch marlin in Belize?

Belize has some of the best fishing grounds throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Deep sea sport fishing for wahoo, mahi-mahi, tun, blue marlin, and other billfish is exhilarating to say the least.

Is there bone fishing in Belize?

Bonefishing Belize – Turneffe Flats Belize Come bonefishing in Belize on the expansive flats of Turneffe Atoll, one of the most productive bonefishing locations in the Caribbean. Turneffe Flats offers the best access to the these bonefish fishing flats.

Are there snook in Belize?

SNOOK: Known for both their explosive topwater strike and their acrobatic, gill rattling fight, snook are generally found holding along the inland lagoons and mangrove-lined tidal channels which connect Belize’s shallow-water flats.

Where can you fish in Belize?

  • Ambergris Caye.
  • Turneffe Atoll.
  • Punta Gorda.
  • Hopkins.
  • Placencia.

What is the best time of year to visit Belize?

When is the best time to visit Belize? The best time to visit Belize is during the dry season, which is between January and May. Although you can enjoy warm temperatures across the country, the type of weather you get will depend on the region. Expect clear, sunny days in the Cayo District and on the Cayes.

Is there catfish in Belize?

Species: Cathorops belizensis, Belizean sea-catfish.

Can you swim at Hopkins Belize?

Hopkins: Located on the eastern coast of Belize, this long stretch of beach is perfect for morning walks and jogs. South Water Caye Marine Reserve: Easily reached from the coasts of Dangriga or Hopkins, this mile-long island is one of the few spots in Belize where you can actually swim from beach to reef.

What kind of tuna are in Belize?

  • SAILFISH – Istiophorus americanus.
  • BLACKFIN TUNA – Thunnus atlanticus.
  • ALBACORE TUNA – similar to Thunnus alalunga – Thunnus atlanticus.
  • BONITO – Katsuwonus pelamis – Thunnus atlanticus.

Can you eat tarpon?

Are Tarpon Fish Good to Eat? Tarpon are rarely eaten because their flesh is filled with small, hard to clean bones. In the United States, the tarpon usually is caught for sport — and then released. As a bony, strong-smelling saltwater fish, it may be more trouble than pleasure to eat.

Where is the best fly fishing in Belize?

Belize is well known for the famous flats fishing opportunities from its northern border with Mexico to the south border with Guatemala. The most noted of these flats fisheries is found on Ambergris Caye, Turneffe Atoll, the inshore waters near Placencia and Punta Gorda.

What do you fly fish for in Belize?

Belize Fly Fishing Species: Belize might be most well known for anglers chasing to get a fly fishing grand slam, catching a permit, bonefish, and tarpon in one day. These are the main three target species and thanks to some grassroots efforts bonefish, tarpon, and permit are all catch and release only.

Can you fish from shore in Ambergris Caye?

Although it is said that local game authorities have a “go easy on the tourists” attitude, it is imperative to obtain a fishing license if you plan on doing any sort of fishing while in Ambergris Caye. A license is required whether you’re fishing will be surf, pier, or deep sea, or anything in between.

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