How is scalloping season this year?

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The season generally runs from July to September, but the exact dates can vary from year to year. During scalloping season, you can expect to find plenty of scallops in the shallow water grass flats. Most scallops range in size from a quarter to as big as a half-dollar.

What fish are in season in Crystal River?

  • Red grouper May/June and October/November.
  • King mackerel April/May and October.
  • Redfish September.
  • Spotted seatrout February/March/April and October/November.
  • Tarpon May/June.

Is Crystal River good for fishing?

Crystal River is one of the most popular destinations for fishing in Florida. This area is known for its inshore fishing and offers some of the best opportunities in the country to catch redfish, trout, flounder, and other species.

What is biting in Crystal River?

Fishermen usually get bites of grouper during the early morning and late afternoon hours. Grouper can be found near Bayport. Flounder fishing in the Crystal River area is the most productive in the late summer and early fall. Anglers usually get bites of flounder in the early morning and late afternoon.

What fish can you catch in Crystal River Florida?

Hunt for both freshwater and saltwater species here, with bass, sheepshead, mullet and bluegill being a few of the common catches near the headwaters. As these rivers make their way to the Gulf of Mexico, anglers cruise shallow grassy flats teeming with redfish, spotted sea trout, snook and tarpon.

Where can I fish for grouper in Crystal River?

The best Grouper fishing found along Crystal River and Homosassa can be found along the shallow waters of our “Foul Area” also known as the Old Bombing Range.

How do you get grouper inshore?

The best way to fish for inshore grouper in Florida is to find deeper water with structure like bridge pilings, rock piles and deep dock pilings. Any live bait or fresh dead bait presented to them will be eaten if you get it down to their holes with enough lead weight to pin your bait to the bottom.

Is Crystal River fresh or saltwater?

Each day in Crystal River fresh water from an abundance of area springs mixes with the salty seawater from the Gulf of Mexico. Nature’s magic happens in an estuary, where the fresh water and salt water meet.

How do you catch trout in Crystal River?

Where can I find snook in Crystal River?

During this time of year, one way to target slot snook is to fish the miles of mangrove shoreline in the Crystal River and Ozello areas. Mangroves provide a complex maze of roots from which snook can ambush prey.

Are there bass in Crystal River Florida?

The Crystal River area provides excellent fishing year-round. A combination of record-breaking Bass, Redfish, and Tarpon have been caught in the Crystal River all at the same time. This western Florida area is home to Kings Bay, which is spring-fed and home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refugee.

What fish are biting in Homosassa?

Anglers in Homosassa and south in Everglades City, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa will enjoy fall and winter confrontations with redfish, grouper, kingfish, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, trout and blackfin tuna. Spring and summer trigger the year’s best battles with burly tarpon and snook.

How do you catch cobia in Crystal River?

However, one of the most exciting ways to catch cobia is sight fishing providing fishermen with a “thrill of the hunt” experience second to none. Artificial lures are extremely effective, while some of the most common bait options are whitebait, pinfish, eels, and pigfish.

How do you make scallop in Crystal River?

To go scalloping, simply float along the surface or gently swim over the expansive grass flats in four to six feet of water. Once you spot a bay scallop, hold your breath, take a shallow dive down, place either your hand or small dip net under the scallop, and gently place it in your mesh bag.

Is Homosassa River fresh or saltwater?

The Homosassa River is another spring fed river beginning at Homosassa Springs. This short, slow-moving tidal river flows eight miles from the headsprings to where it meets the Gulf of Mexico in Citrus County. The river is a mixture of fresh water from the headsprings and salt water from the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the best month to catch grouper?

The best time of year to fish for gag grouper in the shallows would be from October through the end of the season in December, however, they can be caught all year long. Since these fish are so strong on their initial run we use extremely heavy tackle to keep them out of the structure and into your cooler.

What is the season for grouper in Florida?

1 – April 30 in all state and federal waters of the Atlantic including all state waters off Monroe County (Atlantic and Gulf sides).

How do you catch a grouper in Florida?

All you need to have is your rod, a reel with a very long line, lures, or a weighted hook, as well as live or dead bait. Of course, deeper waters require heavier sinkers. Bottom fishing for Florida Grouper works great in both nearshore and offshore waters around wrecks and reefs.

What pound leader is grouper?

Smaller grouper, 30 to 40 pound line is fine with a 60 to 100 pound fluorocarbon leader. For bigger grouper, scale up to 50 to 80 pound line and you might be better off with braided line or some other type of super line with a 100 pound fluorocarbon leader.

Is grouper hard to catch?

Protected Species Of Grouper They are very hard to catch because of their size – they can be as big as a refrigerator – but if you do snag one, you will have to let it go.

How do you target a grouper?

The trick to targeting only the grouper has been using big live bait such as grunts and large pinfish. Frozen sardines have been the standby for red grouper, but these smaller, soft baits usually get inhaled by the snapper well before they reach the bottom.

Is there alligators in Crystal River?

There are alligators in Crystal River. They live in King’s Bay, and the surrounding canals. They are also found in Three Sisters Spring. Alligators can live in any body of freshwater in Florida.

Are there snakes in Crystal River?

The timber rattlesnake and the southern copperhead are rare in Crystal River and are typically found in northern Florida, but if you’ve spent time outdoors in the Crystal River area, you’ve probably seen at least one of the four other venomous snakes.

How deep is the water at Crystal River?

Many of the river’s springs are 20 to 30 feet deep and the water is clear enough to see a dime resting on the bottom! Coming from deep within the limestone aquifer, the spring water is 72 degrees year-round, offering a cool break during the hot summers and a natural, warm bath during the winter months.

Can you fish in Kings Bay?

There is no fishing allowed in refuge waters (less than 5 percent of all waters in King Bay), including the interior springs of Three Sisters Springs, the King Spring/Tarpon Hole area, and Warden Key’s surrounding waters. In addition, all established manatee sanctuaries (closed waters) prohibit all fishing.

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