How do you fish the Smith River Montana?

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Consequently, the most popular and effective way to fish the Smith River is by boat. Unlike other Montana rivers, anyone who wants to float the Smith needs a permit. Each February a drawing for permits is held, with a limit of 9 float parties allowed to put in on any given day.

How much does it cost to float the Smith River?

Do note that each member of your party MUST HAVE A PHOTO ID to be able to float as they will take down each person’s information. In addition to this, each floater is required to pay a launch fee before floating. The fee is $25 for Montana residents and $75 for nonresidents.

When can I fish the Smith River?

Floating and fishing on the Smith generally takes place in May, June, early July and September. Late July and August are generally too low for floating. There is typically enough water to float again in the fall after irrigation season ends and fall rains help to raise the river.

Can you float the Smith River without a permit?

The Smith River is so popular that a permit is required to float it. The permit process allows visitors a quality, multi-day float in relative solitude. Smith River State Park has one put-in point (Camp Baker) and one take-out point (Eden Bridge) for the entire 59-mile stretch.

What flies to use on the Smith River Montana?

Spring Flies for the Smith (March, April, and May) Starting in March and April the Smith River gets a nice hatch of blue-wing olive mayflies and skwala stoneflies. For the mayfly hatches you probably don’t need much more than a size-16-18 Purple Haze, which is a killer mayfly pattern for Montana and beyond.

Can you wade fish the Smith River Montana?

Nine miles upstream from Camp Baker, you will find the Smith River Access Site which is probably the easiest point of entry for wade fisherman. Rainbow, brown and brook trout can all be found along the entire river, but this access point has some of the better spots for catching them.

Can you swim in the Smith River?

Unparalleled swimming. In summer, continue on the trail to cross Stony Creek to access the warmer waters of the North Fork Smith River. There are no sandy beaches here, but you won’t want to spend much time on land when you get a glimpse of the picture-perfect pools.

Is the Smith River open for fishing?

Closed to fishing all year. North Fork from mouth to Stony Creek* • 4th Saturday in May–Mar. 31. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used from the 4th Saturday in May–Aug.

When can I apply for Smith River permit?

Permit Lottery to float the Smith River in the 2021 season. The Smith River lottery opens on Monday, January 4th, 2021 and remains open through Monday, February 15, 2021. The permit drawing will be held on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021. FWP will notify successful applicants by email.

Where can I fish on Smith River?

Society Hole is a great spot just downstream from the Highway 199 bridge. The confluence of the South Fork and the main stem is another excellent option. The Smith River offers numerous access points for shore fishing, wading and launching boats.

How do you catch steelhead on the Smith River?

When the river is dropping, side-drifting is the main technique on the Smith. At times pulling small plugs is also effective for steelhead on the Smith. Steelhead fishing on the Smith continues into April. Big fish are caught throughout the season.

What kind of fish are in Smith River?

Both salmon and trout are born in the cold waters of Smith River, and resident cutthroat and rainbow trout stay in this water their whole lives. But other fish, such as sea-run cutthroat and steelhead trout, as well as other species like Chinook and coho salmon, migrate to the ocean as juveniles.

Are dogs allowed on the Smith River Montana?

STAY LIMITS: During the May 15 to July 15 peak season, all groups are limited to four nights on the river. Nights spent at private cabins or guest ranches are included in the four- night limit. PETS: No pets are allowed on Smith River float trips.

Are Smith River permits transferable?

Permits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Permit holders must bring photo ID to the put-in. Permit holders must cancel their permit if they are not going to use their launch regardless of weather or water flows above 100 cfs.

Can you float the Smith River in August?

Mid July through early September Summer on the Smith is definitely hit or miss when it comes to fishing and floating the Smith. On a high snow pack year the river may be float able all summer and good fishing can extend into late July and even August.

Where is Smith River Montana?

Smith River is a tributary of the Missouri River, in central Montana, in the United States. It rises in southern Meagher County in the Castle Mountains and flows northwest in the valley between the Big Belt and Little Belt mountains, past White Sulphur Springs and past Smith River State Park.

What is Smith River known for?

The Smith River is truly a destination with its pristine emerald waters and abundance of Chinook salmon and Steelhead. The only undammed river in California, it flows 25 miles from the Klamath Mountain range to the Pacific and is recognized as a Wild and Scenic River.

Why is the Smith River Green?

Smith River water often appears emerald green or on clear, sunny days, a turquoise blue color. This is because of the rare green serpentine rocks below that cast their brilliant color.

Can you swim in the Rogue river?

This large sandy beach on the Rogue is located near downtown Gold Hill and is a favorite swimming spot for families during the summer. A number of picnic tables and grills are available a short walk from the road and from the river. Keep in mind that this location can get very busy!

What is the difference between trout and steelhead?

Rainbow trout and steelhead are the same species, but they have different lifestyles. Steelhead are anadromous—meaning they spend part of their lives in the sea before going to rivers to breed—while rainbow trout spend their lives mostly or entirely in freshwater.

Is there salmon in the Smith River?

Smith River Salmon Fishing The Smith River produces many of the largest salmon on the west coast, with fish weighing up to 50 pounds getting caught each season. The largest Smith River king salmon weighed an impressive 86 pounds. Big salmon are caught on plugs and roe back-bounced through the deeper holes.

What is the limit for rainbow trout in California?

The limit is 5 trout a day and 5 trout in possession. Regulation information taken from the California Sport Fishing Regulations California Department of Fish and Game.

How do I get a Montana ALS number?

You can find your ALS number located at the top of any previous license/permit. The number is identified by your date of birth, followed by a dash and up to three digits.

Are dogs allowed on San Juan River?

No pets are allowed (service animals, as defined under the ADA, must be preauthorized by the Monticello BLM River Office prior to arrival).

How do you fish the Klamath River?

Two of the most popular places to fish the Klamath River in California are the Iron Gate Dam tailwater and from the community of Happy Camp down to the outlet into the Pacific Ocean. While most sections of the River are accessible to wade fishermen, most anglers prefer to use a drift boat.

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