How do you fish from Lake Guntersville in April?

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A spinner bait can produce big bass on Lake Guntersville, at almost any time of the year, but especially in April. * Flukes, Frogs and Jigs – When the grass at Guntersville tops-out, I’ll fish a fluke on the edge of the grass, a plastic frog on top of the grass or a jig in holes in the grass.

What fish are biting on Guntersville Lake?

Historically, about two-thirds of the anglers on Guntersville target largemouth bass, although bream (bluegill, redear sunfish, and longear sunfish), crappie, sauger and catfish attract their fair share of anglers.

How do you catch the big bass on Lake Guntersville?

How do you fish from Lake Guntersville in March?

With the cold winter and water temps in the mid 40s so far, March should turn on quickly, allowing anglers to catch bass on reaction baits. The SPRO Aruka Shad, ChatterBaits and Tight-Line swim jigs should all produce. Fish the shallows. Look for prespawn locations, and work your baits erratically for best results.”

Where is the best fishing on Lake Guntersville?

Some of the best bass fishing on Lake Guntersville can be found in the creeks, such as North and South Sauty, Siebold Creek, Brown’s Creek and Town Creek. With numerous bridges around the lake, working funnel areas can also be productive.

What month is best for bass fishing?

April is the best month to fish for bass. Depending on your region, bass may just be starting to come out from their winter depths or already well into spawn.

Are crappie biting on Guntersville Lake?

More and more, however, the secret is out. Crappie are superabundant on Lake Guntersville, grow up to three pounds and offer yearlong, around-the-clock opportunities. At different times of the year, Guntersville crappie can be caught in just about any way possible.

Where are the shell beds on Lake Guntersville?

Where is the Miracle Mile on Lake Guntersville?

Professional bass anglers have dubbed the waters around Goose Pond Colony at the south edge of Scottsboro the “Miracle Mile” of Lake Guntersville for the amazing catches of bass produced in the area.

What are the bass hitting on on Guntersville Lake?

Live worms, crickets or slow-sinking flies get them. Bass bite is also good anytime there’s current, with best action on main lake humps, ledges and shell bars with crankbaits and jigs.

How do you catch bass on Lake Guntersville in June?

“The Spook is a big topwater lure that you work from side to side.” The other bait that Criss recommends for June fishing on Guntersville is a swimbait. “I believe the biggest swimbait you can cast often will be the most productive swimbait you can fish. When large shad move in, the big bass will put on a show.

How is the fishing in Guntersville in summer?

How do you fish in Lake Guntersville in the fall?

When the heat kicks in and Guntersville Lake falls flat without any wind; dig in the tackle box, and pick up a 10 inch worm to throw on the edge of the grass. This will catch big fish, as well as small fish. Cover water and stay on the main channel grass focusing on steep drops of hydrilla.

How big does a bass have to be to keep in Alabama?

Green pumpkin, watermelon, and other related natural colors are excellent choices. If fishing dirty or stained waters, it helps to use a black and blue combination. Certain jigs often imitate bluegill and shad with color matching.

Are there smallmouth bass in Lake Guntersville?

Key Points To Land Your Biggest Bass You’ll generally want to avoid spinnerbaits and swimbaits and go with topwater frogs, worms, crankbaits, or jigs. Anglers may have success in their usual spots using big baits and a slow presentation to attract the bigger fish in the area.

How do you catch bass in April?

  1. Suspending Jerkbaits.
  2. Lipless Crankbaits.
  3. Jigbaits With Crawfish or Grub.
  4. Plastic Worms.
  5. Tubes.
  6. Drop-Shot Rigs.
  7. Best Technique for Suspending Jerkbaits.
  8. Best Technique for Lipless Crankbaits.

What color jig is best for bass?

Good crappie fishing can also be found on the main river run as well. Armstrong mentioned the fishing in Silver Creek, Maiben Lake, Camp Creek, Cane Creek, Tallatchee Creek, and McCalls Ferry. A good launch on the lower end is at Isaac Creek near the dam.

What baits catch the biggest bass?

Today. Guntersville Lake’s current water temperature is 76°F.

Where is the best crappie fishing in Alabama?

This lake is part of a river system and there are some walleye and sauger available to catch on Lake Guntersville. Most of the reports from anglers that are catching walleye or sauger usually come from people fishing near the Guntersville Dam.

What is the water temperature on Lake Guntersville today?

Rod Limitations There is no restriction on the number of rods used by anglers in most Alabama public water bodies with the following exceptions. No more than three rods and reels, or poles, or any combination thereof may be used on Weiss or Neely Henry Reservoir at any time.

Are there walleye in Lake Guntersville?

Alabama anglers can successfully jug fish all year long for a fish native to Alabama, the channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), except during spells of exceptionally cold weather. They appear the most active in the spring and fall months.

How many rods can you fish with in Alabama?

“There are reports of them near Guntersville, so that’s a pretty large area of the Tennessee River that’s had reports of them.” Cooley said larger, mature alligators have enough body mass to survive the colder winters, but the newly-hatched ones likely die off most years.

Is it legal to jug fish in Alabama?

The lake is the largest in Alabama and the second largest of all TVA-operated projects.

How do you throw an Alabama rig?

Are there alligators in Lake Guntersville?

In 1974 Lake Guntersville was opened as a recreational park by the state of Alabama. It is a 6000 acre park located in northeast Alabama along the Tennessee River. It is known for its prize largemouth bass fishing and other abundant wildlife to include Bald Eagles.

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