How do I start fishing in Ireland?

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  1. Tackle a shop owner. Nearly every town in Ireland has a fishing tackle shop – some sell nothing else.
  2. Jump in a lake. OK.
  3. Join the club. There are literally hundreds of fishing clubs all over this green and rainy island.
  4. Hop aboard and try your luck.
  5. Seek further guidance.
  6. Give us a call.

Where is the best fly fishing in Ireland?

  • Waterville.
  • The Great Western Lakes.
  • The River Moy.
  • The River Boyne.
  • The Dingle Peninsula.

Where is the best fishing in Ireland?

  • Galway Bay.
  • Upper Lough Erne.
  • Ireland’s Lakelands.
  • West Cork.
  • The Dingle Peninsula.
  • Connemara Region.
  • Lakes of Killarney.
  • River Drowes. The River Drowes in northwest Ireland is important to mention because it is where some of the first salmon arrive each year in Ireland.

What is the best time to fish for trout in Ireland?

Climatic Influences on Irish Wild Brown Trout Trout may be fished for from February through to October. At all times the fishing depends on prevailing weather, water levels, barometric pressure and temperature. The influence of the Irish climate, as well as the habits of the trout, also has to be taken into account.

Is there good trout fishing in Ireland?

With a huge network of rivers and loughs, Ireland is the one of the few last refuges for truly wild trout attracting anglers back year after year.

Do you need a licence to fish for trout in Ireland?

You need a state licence to fish for salmon or sea trout. You can purchase a licence for a period of one day or up to a year. Information on licences and their cost is available on the Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) angling website, where you can also purchase the licence online.

Is there any good fishing in Ireland?

AN ISLAND MADE FOR FISHING Ireland is recognised as being the outstanding fishing holiday destination in Europe. The vast variety and quality of fishing in Ireland makes it the perfect destination for your angling holiday. The Irish climate is well suited to sport angling.

Where can I fish without a license in Ireland?

In Ireland you do not need a licence to fish for trout, coarse species or in the sea. However, if you intend to fish for salmon or seatrout you must have a State Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing Licence. State Salmon and Sea Trout Licences are available as a National licence or a District Licence.

Can foreigners fish in Ireland?

You can fish in the sea for almost all species without the need for a licence or permit. In Northern Ireland, you need a licence for all freshwater fishing but not for sea fishing. In the Republic of Ireland State Salmon and Sea Trout Licences are available as a National Licence or a District Licence.

What is the most common fish in Ireland?

What fish is popular in Ireland? Without a doubt, salmon is the most popular fish in Ireland.

What is the best month to fish for trout?

Normally, the best months to target trout are July to Early September when the waters are at their warmest and many insects are hatching. Because of this, dry fly fishing becomes incredibly effective.

Are there rainbow trout in Ireland?

Rainbows are to be found in waters all over Ireland. Most Rainbow Trout fisheries are in private ownership and permits and licences for these waters are widely available.

How do you catch sea trout in Ireland?

In the sea, flies that resemble small fish or shrimps will work best. For spinning, trolling or bait fishing in rivers and lakes an 8-10 foot rod capable of casting up to 40 grams will suit most situations; for sandeel or bait fishing in salt water from the shore something slightly heavier might suit.

Where can I fly fish in Dublin?

  • River Liffey.
  • River Dodder.
  • River Dargle.
  • Bohernabreena Reservoir.
  • The Ryewater.
  • River Tolka.
  • Blessington Lakes.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Ireland?

The Cork Blackwater is Ireland’s finest Salmon River and one of the most important salmon rivers in Europe, stretching for over 150 kilometres from its source in Kerry to the sea at Youghal. The season for salmon opens on 1st February and continues until 30th September.

Can you fly fish all year round?

We offer fly fishing all year round. Our target species and fisheries vary through the year depend on spawning seasons and climate conditions. For most beginners, trout in small stillwaters are the best species to start fly fishing for. This type of fishing is best between October and June.

Can you eat pike Ireland?

Already pike are being removed from the trout lakes and transferred to other coarse fish habitats, where the French and Germans and Dutch can have their sport and their dinners. And pike is good eating. In this country we have been slow to break with the old idea that it was somehow unwholesome.

Can you keep salmon in Ireland?

Daily Bag Limit – May 12th to August 31st: Three salmon (any size) or sea trout (over 40cm) per day (except where a salmon rod (one-day) ordinary licence is held, 1 fish). Daily Bag Limit – 1st September to the close of the season: One salmon (any size) or sea trout (over 40cm) per day.

Can you fish for pike in Ireland?

There is no statutory close season for pike in Ireland and anglers may fish for pike all year round. Pike are now one of the most highly sought after sport fish species in Europe and North America and there has also been a huge increase in the popularity of pike fishing among Irish anglers.

What fish are in season in Ireland?

Fishing seasons are as follows: salmon, January 1 to September 30; brown trout, February 15 to October 12; sea trout, June 1 to September 30; coarse fishing and sea angling, all year. A license is required only for salmon and sea trout angling; the cost is €20 for a day, €46 for 21 days, or €120 annually.

Can you fish rivers for free?

Fishing the River Thames in Greater London Fishing on the River Thames is free all the way up to Staines and following improvements in water quality there are now plenty of fish. However, the size of the river in London can be rather daunting unless you have the time to figure out the best places to fish.

Do I need a licence to fish for pike in Ireland?

Do I need a licence to fish in Ireland? While no licence is needed for trout, pike and coarse fishing in the Republic of Ireland, a rod licence is required in Northern Ireland. In both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, licences are required for salmon and sea trout fishing.

Do you need a licence to catch lobsters in Ireland?

Any Irish sea-fishing boat with the appropriate licence conditions is eligible to fish for lobster. Non-commercial or recreational fishers who do not have a fishing licence can fish for lobster from 1st May to 30th September each year and are limited in the number of pots that can be fished.

How much do fisherman make Ireland?

Salary range for the majority of workers in Deep-sea fishery workers – from €1,614 to €3,421 per month – 2022. A Deep-sea fishery workers typically earns between €1,614 and €2,619 gross per month at the start of the job.

How do you catch salmon in Ireland?

For the angler in Ireland the three main methods employed for salmon angling are fly fishing, spinning and bait fishing. The classic way to fish for salmon is with the fly. Double handed rods are not always essential and usually a single handed rod or a switch rod will be sufficient to cover the water properly.

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