How deep is the Clarence River NSW?

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At Carnham Bridge, just upstream from its junction with the Mann River, the mighty Clarence is less than 2 feet wide and about 6 inches deep. To fill one large tanker truck with water would stop the flow of the river completely for some short time. Hardly worth pumping to Tenterfield or Stanthorpe!

What fish are in the Clarence River?

One of the most well known Yamba fishing locations is on and along the mighty Clarence River – home to Blackfish, Jew, Flathead, Groper, Snapper and much more. Being one of the largest mainland rivers in Australia, tourists not only love a good fish but can also enjoy boating and kayaking.

What fish are in the Grafton River?

Trevally, Bream, Flathead and Whiting.

Is the Clarence River saltwater?

The freshwater reaches of the Clarence River support important populations of native freshwater fish including Eastern freshwater cod, an endangered fish species unique to the Clarence River system, and Australian bass.

Where can I fish in Iluka?

To the north of the beach are other fine coastal fishing spots such as Iluka Bluff, Bluff Beach, the headland known as Frazers Reef, Middle Bluff, Woody Head and Shark Bay. Most of these sites offer opportunities to variously catch tailor, jewfish, bream, mackerel, tailor and blackfish.

Are there sharks in the Clarence River?

Inland shark fishing To find out, we spoke to locals with first-hand experience of reeling in the big one. In fact, bull sharks can be found in such substantial numbers, they sustain a commercial fishing operation in the Clarence River during the months of October through to January.

Where are jewfish found?

Mulloway or Jewish, are one of the fish species most commonly targeted by fishers. Mulloway can be found along the east coast of Australia in estuaries, reefs, beaches as well as offshore.

Can you fish in Grafton?

If you are looking for those fishing and tackle items you need for fishing in the beautiful Clarence River, remember your fishing licence, drop in to visit BP Marina in South Grafton. They are the only supplier of fishing licences in the Grafton area.

Can you fish in the Nymboida River?

The Nymboida/Mann River System is truly one of Australia’s finest freshwater fishing and canoeing destinations.

Can you swim in the Clarence River?

If you love spending time in the water, one of the best ways to explore the Clarence River is to swim or snorkel from one of the area’s many amazing beaches. The water is generally calm enough that even beginners can enjoy swimming, and the scenery is gorgeous.

Can you water ski on the Clarence River?

From kayaking rapids in the rugged highlands of the upper Clarence, sailing, boating, or even water skiing the wide open body of the river, to surfing the golden beaches of Yamba, the Clarence River has got you covered.

Are there bull sharks in Yamba?

>> RELATED: Yamba station to ‘hear’ sharks According to a DPI Fisheries spokeswoman, just four separate tagged bull sharks have been responsible for the 22 detections near Main Beach since March 16, with two of them being picked up by the station as recently as May 8.

What do you do if a shark circles you?

If you spotted the animal and it spotted you, maintain eye contact. Sharks typically attempt to circle behind you to take a bite, so they will feel less comfortable if you keep an eye on them. Keep calm and slowly back away.

Are there bull sharks in Grafton?

Angler Aaron Hickson’s photo of the one-metre bull shark he caught near the Grafton Bridge.

What is the best bait for jewfish?

Though if you want the best possible chance or be far more consistent, fresh bait is best or at very least freshly vacuumed sealed. Jewfish will eat just about anything that will fit down there gob, but squid, yellowtail, pike, slimy mackerel, and tailor would rate up there as the top five for me.

Are jewfish good eating?

Black jewfish, even the larger specimens, are excellent eating with white to pale pink flesh with large flakes. Usually they have little oil and a distinct flavour.

What’s the best bait for mulloway?

Baits. The most successful bait for mulloway are small live fish such as mullet. These fish need to be caught before hand and care must be taken to keep them alive with an aerator and regular changes of water. If using a dead bait it must be as fresh as possible.

How do you catch eastern cod?

How big is Eastern cod?

Eastern Freshwater Cod can grow to over 1 metre in length and to 41 kg in weight, but are more commonly less than 66 cm and 5 kg. They have an elongated body with a distinctly concave profile, relatively small eyes and a short snout.

What years did the Clarence River flood?

Significant flooding has also occurred in 1890, 1950, 1954, 1963, 1967, 2001 and more recently 2009 and 2011. Grafton and South Grafton have a series of levees built over the past four decades. In most years, flooding will occur outside this levee system affecting farm properties, some homes and businesses.

How many rivers run into the Clarence River?

It is the largest coastal river system with the largest catchment in New South Wales. The river is over 400 kilometres long and the estuary reaches over 100 kilometres inland to Copmanhurst, it’s tributaries include the Mann, Nymboida and Orara rivers.

How far is the Clarence River navigable?

The Clarence is navigable by small steamers as far as Grafton and by smaller craft 35 mi farther upstream.

How healthy is the Clarence River?

The experts’ marks for the health of the Clarence River system. SCORING a C+ on its first official health report card, the Clarence River and its tributaries could be better and could be worse, say the experts.

Why is Yamba beach closed?

Yamba Ocean Pool will remain closed until Marine Parade is repaired and Council’s Open Spaces crew can gain access to clean it. Sections of the beach are barricaded off and signposted and will remain closed until further notice due to erosion and non-friable asbestos material found in the land slippage.

Can you swim in Clarence River at Yamba?

Swim! There is a great selection of beaches around the area that allow some truly excellent opportunities to enjoy the lovely water of the Clarence River. The water is generally calm and perfect for a leisurely swim while taking in the gorgeous scenery.

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