How big do catfish get in Arizona?

Length 10 to 39 inches.

Are there catfish in Lake Pleasant?

Lake Pleasant is home to channel catfish as well as flathead catfish. While channel cats are more common, flathead catfish reach more impressive sizes. Surveys by the AZGFD have turned up flatheads over 45 pounds here. Catfish are most common in the Agua Fria Arm, but are caught in areas all over Lake Pleasant.

How big are the catfish in Lake Pleasant Arizona?

Lake Pleasant There are loads of channel cats up to 10 pounds. However, the lake’s flathead catfish are the target for the most serious catfish anglers. Game & Fish Department surveys of Lake Pleasant have turned up flatheads weighing over 45 pounds.

Where is the best cat fishing?

  • Rock River, Dixon, IL.
  • Cumberland River, Clarksville, TN.
  • Alabama River, Selma, AL.
  • Altamaha River, GA.
  • Colorado River (Lower Colorado)
  • Red River, Alexandria, LA.
  • Apalachicola River, FL.
  • Illinois River, Peoria, IL.

Can you eat fish out of Lake Pleasant?

You can still eat these fish, but the state is advising a weekly cap on how much–- 2.4 ounces or less per week for adults. That goes for largemouth bass in Apache Lake, striped bass in Lake Pleasant and flathead catfish in Bartlett Lake.

What’s the largest catfish ever caught in Arizona?

Angler’s 76.52-pound flathead is an Arizona record and the heaviest fish ever caught in the state. An angler and guide nicknamed “Flathead Ed” lived up to his moniker and then some Friday by catching a 76.52-pound flathead catfish, which is an Arizona record and the heaviest fish of any species ever landed in the state …

How do you fish for catfish from shore?

Can catfish see in dark?

Like walleye eyes, channel catfish eyes have a tapetum lucidum, a structure in their retina that can allow them to see in low-light or dark conditions with little ambient light.

What is the best month to catfish?

Late March, April, and early May are some of the best blue catfish fishing of the year for numbers of fish and also offers excellent opportunities for trophy class catfish as well. Channel catfish action is typically excellent and very consistent also.

What is the best depth to fish for catfish?

Conclusion. The best depth for catching catfish is between 15 and 20 feet deep in lakes. This is known as the catfish zone because they reside within such depths in most lakes. However, depending on the time of the year and the temperature of the water, they can also reside in shallow areas.

What is the best catfish bait?

  • #1. Nightcrawler. First on the list is the ubiquitous nightcrawler, favored food for all fish species.
  • #2. Gizzard Shad.
  • #3. White Suckers.
  • #4. Skipjack Herring.
  • #5. Stinkbait.
  • #7. Bluegills.
  • #8. Punchbait.
  • #9. Chicken Livers.

Where can you fish for catfish in Arizona?

The major Arizona lakes with a healthy population of catfish include Alamo Lake, Apache Lake, Bartlett Lake, Canyon Lake, Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Pleasant, Lake Powell, Martinez Lake, Rainbow Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Saguaro Lake, San Carlos Lake, Show Low Lake and Watson Lake.

Where can I shore fish in Lake Pleasant?

Upstream drainages, including Castle Creek, Humbug Creek and Cole’s Wash as well as Jackass and Honeymoon coves on the east side of the lake have become anglers’ favorite fishing sites. The fish, which include some sixteen species, ranging from Florida-strain largemouth bass to crappie, have proliferated and grown.

What depth do Flatheads spawn in?

“Once they start spawning, they’ll be in really shallow water, like 4 or 5 feet deep.” Massive flatheads will move into water as little as 4 feet deep preparing for the spawning season.

How many catfish can you keep in Arizona?

The limit is 10 trout; the limit is 6 bass, minimum size 13 inches; the limit is 10 catfish in any combination; the limit is 25 sunfish or crappie in any combination.

Is there trout in Lake Pleasant?

Fish Species: Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, brown bullhead, yellow perch, chain pickerel, rock bass, and walleye.

Is silver bass good to eat?

White Bass are packed with healthy protein, minerals, and oils. While most types of bass have a reputation for being good eating, many fishermen will not eat white bass at all, claiming that it has a strong, fishy, or muddy flavor. While some like this flavor, many people don’t.

Is catfishing illegal in AZ?

While catfishing itself is simply immoral, not illegal, certain forms of Internet bullying may land the perpetrator in hot water, especially if someone is scamming, manipulating, or blackmailing another for monetary purposes.

Where can I find flathead catfish in Arizona?

Found in the lower Colorado River near Yuma, Gila River, Salt River, Verde River systems and reservoirs. Found near cover, in deeper, slower moving pools of rivers. Often congregate in swift water below dams to feed on live fish. In lakes, prefer to utilize river channels.

Are there flathead catfish in Arizona?

There are three species of catfish that live in Arizona. Channel, flathead, and yellow bullhead catfish can be found throughout the state in various waters.

Are there pike in Arizona?

Non-native, originally found in Canada and northern states around the Great Lakes. Introduced to Arizona in 1965.

What’s the biggest catfish caught in the world?

The largest catfish ever caught is the Mekong catfish. These giant catfish live in the dusky waters of the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. In 2005 a man caught a Mekong catfish of 9 feet, weighing 646 pounds, taking the world record for the biggest catfish in the world.

Should you use a bobber for catfish?

When catfishing with these techniques the sound of the float hitting the water helps draw in fish and gets them to strike. Using a streamlined float that doesn’t make a good “splash” in the water would actually work against you so the traditional bobber rig is preferred.

What is the best time of day to fish for catfish?

The best time of day to catch catfish is from sunrise until 10 am. This time window is before the sun gets directly overhead and water temperatures are still cool from the evening prior. Catfish will be more active as they seek to feed before the overhead sun warms the water and prey fish seek cover.

What size hooks should I use for catfish?

1X gauge hooks should be more than adequate for catching most catfish. Large Blues could be caught with a 2X gauge. A 3X gauge would likely be too large for most catfish. Most catfish anglers will not need fishing hooks of this size.

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