Is the Yampa open for fishing?

August 10th, 2022 The Yampa through Town, and at Cuck Lewis are closed. The Stagecoach Tailwater, Sarvis and the Elk are now open and fishing well. That being said there is still plenty of water to fish in the Yampa Valley. Feel free to give a call down to the shop for up to the … Read more

Are there sturgeon in the Feather River?

Sturgeon, limited numbers of the green sturgeon, share the Feather River not only with the annual infusion of king salmon, but with carp, catfish, and small-mouth bass, once plentiful around Oroville until the dam caused colder waters. What fish are biting in the Feather River? The Feather River is producing good striped bass and shad … Read more

What fish are running in the Feather River?

At the Feather River, you’ll find striped bass and Chinook salmon, in addition to the plentiful steelhead population. Be sure to check out our guide so you know the best way to tackle this fishery. Steelhead nymphing the Feather River & American River! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Where can I … Read more

Where can I fish in the Middle Fork American River?

You can gain access to fish the middle fork of the American river at four main locations, including Mammoth bar road off of Foresthill road, Drivers flat road off of Foresthill road, at Oxbow reservoir off of Mosquito ridge road, and directly below the French meadows reservoir dam. Where can I fish in Middle Fork … Read more

Where can I fish in Feather River?

Best Places to Fish Feather River One area is accessible along Arline Rhine Memorial Drive. This access point is open from January 1 to July 15. The access point along Wildlife Area Access Road, however, is open year round. Where can I fish in Middle Fork Feather River? The Middle Fork of the Feather River … Read more

Is the White River stocked with trout?

The White River is stocked with trout by the AGFC Commission, putting nearly 1.5 million Rainbow trout in the river each year, in addition to fingerling stockings of Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Brook trout. Where is the best place to fish on the White River in Arkansas? Bull Shoals-White River State Park has become … Read more

Can you wade fish the White River in Arkansas?

Wade Fishing Rim Shoals – Rim Shoals Resort on White River – Mountain Home, AR. The Rim Shoals area was the first section of the White River to be turned into a catch and release trophy area for one reason and one reason only. Rim Shoals is the premiere spot on the entire White River … Read more

What part of the White River is best for trout fishing?

The North Fork River injects freshly cooled and oxygenated water into the White about 35 or 40 miles downstream enabling trout to survive well below these great dams. The North Fork is a short but fertile four mile river that is a wonderful fishery as well. Where is the best place to fish on the … Read more

What fish are in the South Santiam River?

South Santiam River is a stream near Albany. The most popular species caught here are Steelhead, Rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon. 72 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Where can I fish in South Santiam? The Santiam is most often fished in its two main forks, known as the North and South Forks, especially for salmon … Read more

Is the South Santiam River open for trout fishing?

Santiam River, South Fork Open for hatchery trout May 22 – Oct 31, 5 hatchery trout per day, no minimum length. Open all year for hatchery steelhead. Open for wild steelhead Jul 1 – Aug 31. Open for hatchery Chinook salmon Jan 1 – Aug 31 and Oct 15 – Dec 31. Where can I … Read more

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