How Many Fish Can Go In A 10 Gallon Tank?

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, choosing the right size tank is crucial for the health and happiness of your fish. A common question that many people have is how many fish can go in a 10 gallon tank? While this may seem like a simple query, the answer is not as straightforward … Read more

Does Betta Fish Like Music? Learn the Surprising Truth!

As an owner of a Betta fish, have you ever wondered if they enjoy listening to music? Many animal lovers believe that bettas and other pets have musical preferences just like humans do. While some people might think that this is a silly idea, it has been the subject of many debates over the years. … Read more

Does Snail Eat Fish Poop? The Surprising Truth!

Perhaps you’ve never given much thought to snails and their eating habits, but have you ever wondered what they might consume in a fish tank? Specifically, do snails eat fish poop? It’s an odd question, but one that may surprise you with the answer. If you’re a fish keeper, you know how important it is … Read more

Does Shrimp Eat Fish Poop? Discover the Surprising Truth!

Have you ever wondered what shrimp really eat in the aquarium? Surprisingly, there’s a common belief that shrimp feed on fish poop. But is this true or just a myth? Aquarists and marine enthusiasts have argued for years about whether or not shrimp eat fish waste. To settle this debate once and for all, we’ve … Read more

Does Swai Fish Have Scales? The Truth You Need to Know

Swai fish, one of the common types of fish used for cooking, has always been a popular choice among food lovers. It is known for its mild taste and tender flesh that can be cooked in various ways. There’s been some confusion regarding swai fish scales, whether it has them or not. Some people argue … Read more

How Long Are Betta Fish Pregnant?

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are among the most popular pet fish in the world. They’re small but eye-catching creatures with brilliant colors and attractive flowing fins that make them ideal for aquariums. As a betta fish owner, you may be wondering about their reproductive habits. Specifically, if you have a breeding … Read more

How Often To Clean Betta Fish Tank? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Keeping a Betta fish can be a rewarding experience. These beautiful and charming creatures are known for their vibrant colors, fascinating behaviors, and easy maintenance. However, with this beauty comes responsibility, and one of the essential parts of ensuring your Betta’s health and happiness is to keep its tank clean. Cleanliness is crucial when it … Read more

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