Can you swim in lake Van Etten?

Hot News | vela-3. Water contact is fine for all recreational activities (swimming, boating, skiing, fishing).

Is Cedar Lake good for fishing?

Comments: Lots of deep water near shore makes this a good lake to fish all year – even in mid-summer. Cast a crankbait to water near overhanging branches, lily pads, or underwater plants.

What kind of fish are in Cedar Lake Michigan?

Cedar Lake is a 252 Acre lake with a maximum depth of 46 ft in the southwest corner of the lake. Fish species include Bluegill, Brown Trout, Small and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Sunfish and Yellow Perch.

How deep is Van Etten Lake Oscoda MI?

Van Etten Lake is 1,320 acres in size, and is located two miles north of Oscoda, in Iosco County, Michigan, in the east central Lower Peninsula (Figure 1). Its maximum depth is approximately 32 feet with 80% of the lake deeper than 10 feet (Figure 2).

Is Cedar Lake stocked with fish?

Channel catfish have been stocked in 2020 (21,000 4-8 inches) and in 2021 (9000 channel catfish 7-8 inches). Cedar Lake has an excellent crappie population consisting of both black and white crappie.

Is Cedar Lake open for fishing?

Catch and release fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass is open year round unless otherwise noted.

Is Cedar Lake MI clean?

Welcome to Cedar Lake! Our lake is located in Van Buren County in Southwest Michigan. The Cedar Lake Recreation Association is dedicated to promoting a clean lake environment. Cedar Lake ranks among the cleanest and clearest lakes in the state and we are dedicated to maintaining our beautiful natural resource.

How large is Cedar Lake in Michigan?

Cedar Lake is 1,075 acres in size and located in both Alcona and Iosco counties in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan (Figure 1). It is north of the town of Oscoda and south of Harrisville. The lake lies only a half-mile west of Lake Huron and is 5.9 miles long and averages 0.2 miles wide.

How many acres is Cedar Lake Greenbush MI?

Cedar Lake is located in Alcona County, Michigan. This lake is 1,075 acres in size.

What size walleye can you keep in Wisconsin?

15″ minimum length limit, walleye from 20-24″ may not be kept, only one over 24″ may be kept, daily bag limit of 3 until an annual quota is met (announced locally), then catch-and-release to the first Sunday in March.

What kind of fish are in Cedar Lake Wisconsin?

Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing. Fish include Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye.

Is there a size limit on perch in Wisconsin?

No fishing allowed. The minimum length limit is 14″ and the daily bag limit is 5.

What kind of fish are in Van Etten Lake?

Van Etten Lake is located in Iosco County, Michigan. This lake is 1,320 acres in size. It is approximately 33 feet deep at its deepest point. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Chinook Salmon, Lake Sturgeon, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Yellow Perch.

Is it safe to swim in Cedar Lake?

Water quality improvement projects throughout the years at Cedar Lake have supported consistently favorable scores in aesthetics, water clarity and low bacteria levels making it a popular destination for visitors to enjoy swimming and boating.

How thick is the ice on Cedar Lake Wisconsin?

In winter the lake freezes over completely with ice up to 36 inches thick, Winter activities on the lake include ice fishing and snowmobiling. Many species of fish are found in Little Cedar Lake, including northern pike, walleye, rock bass, smallmouth bass, bluegills, carp, and bullheads.

How many acres is Cedar Lake Wisconsin?

Cedar Lake is a 937 acre lake located in Washington County. It has a maximum depth of 105 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings.

Is Cedar Lake open to public?

Thank you for visiting the Town of Cedar Lake! Our town namesake is a 794-acre lake that residents and visitors enjoy both from the shore and in the water. The public access point to Cedar Lake is at the Chamber of Commerce building at Lake Shore Dr. and Cline on the lake’s north end.

Can I kayak on Cedar Lake?

Cedar Lake is also open to kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The City owns and maintains a public beach and boat dock at Cedar Lake.

Is Cedar Lake Campground open?

Area Status: Open The campground is situated on the shores of the scenic lake, a popular destination for boating, fishing, horseback riding and hiking.

Is Van Etten lake polluted?

PFAS compounds at that site have contaminated a stretch of the nearby Au Sable River, Van Etten Lake and drinking water wells in some homes around that lake. The cost for remediation is estimated at $250 million.

What is the water quality of Cedar Lake Indiana?

Cedar Lake is considered to be mesotrophic, as are 46% of assessed Indiana Lakes. The report also indicates that Cedar Lake is showing signs of aquatic ecosystem improvement, as nutrient levels and their associated effects are decreasing in the lake.

What county is Greenbush MI in?

Township of Greenbush | Alcona County, Michigan.

How many lakes are in Van Buren County Michigan?

There are 126 lakes in Van Buren County, Michigan.

Where is the best walleye fishing in Wisconsin?

  • Lake Winnebago. The largest inland lake in Wisconsin is also home to some fantastic walleye fishing.
  • Green Bay. The Bay of Green Bay and its tributaries are not only a spot to catch a lot of walleye but also to catch big walleye.
  • Puckaway Lake.
  • Lake Koshkonong.
  • Lake Geneva.

Can you sell fish you catch Wisconsin?

➢ Purchases/sales involving Wisconsin residents: All sellers residing or operating in Wisconsin must have some type of license authorizing the sale of fish. Every Wisconsin commercial fisher authorized to sell fish has some kind of commercial fishing license number or rough fish removal contract.

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