Can you fly fish for Murray Cod?

New South Wales & ACT are not only home to some great trout fishing, but for those wanting something different, there other species to try. Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Carp on fly are all available for a guided trip. Murray Cod in particular are an exciting fish to chase on fly.

Can you fly fish for cod?

The muddlers were mentioned as particularly good for night fishing, but actually the cod will take almost any fly. Most of the sea trout patterns will catch a cod now and then. Heavy flies can be good for day time fishing, again in order to reach the bottom.

What size fly rod for Murray Cod?

We tend to use a 9-10 weight rods for most of our Murray cod fishing. An 8 weight is okay at times, but the size of the flies you throw for cod tend to make it much more enjoyable with a heavier weight rod (and line).

What weight fly rod for Murray Cod?

A 6-10kg spin or baitcasting rod, with a reel that acquires approximately 7kg of drag pressure to pull these belligerent fish to a standstill, will be more than sufficient.

Where is the best cod fishing?

Where to catch Atlantic Cod. The Atlantic cod occurs in subarctic and cool temperate waters of the North Atlantic from Greenland to North Carolina, including the Hudson Strait, and from Novaya Zemlya, in the former USSR, to the northern reaches of the Bay of Biscay, including the Baltic and North Seas and Ireland.

Where can I find Murray cod in Australia?

This fish is generally targeted in areas such as Murray River, Goulburn River, Ovens River, Mulwala and Eildon.

What is the best rig for Murray cod?

Rigging for luring When targeting Murray cod on lure braided line is preferred over monofilament for it’s casting performance, strike sensitivity, and for constant direct contact with the lure.

What pound leader is Murray cod?

A rods length of 25-40lb leader depending on the area and you have a setup that is capable of catching Murray cod of any size.

What set up for Murray cod?

How do you rig a fishing line for Murray Cod?

How do you set up a fishing rod for cod?

How do you hold a Murray Cod?

Is cod fishing hard?

Don’t be mistaken, codfish are not hard to catch. They are simply hard to find. Once you find them, they will bite actively while not giving a forceful fight and letting you drag them to shore very easily. The challenge is, therefore, to find them and be able to deploy bait where they hold and feed.

What is the best time for cod fishing?

You can never set your watch by the first inshore catches but Cod tend to start making an appearance inshore in October and are caught until early February. The peak of the winter Cod season runs from mid November until mid January. Larger mature fish spend this period inshore feeding up prior to spawning.

What’s the biggest fish in Australia?

The Murray cod is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in Australia, and one of the largest in the world. Other common names for Murray cod include cod, greenfish, goodoo, Mary River cod, Murray perch, ponde, pondi and Queensland freshwater cod.

Is it hard to catch Murray cod?

It’s a challenge many anglers take on and the final result can be so rewarding. Landing a Murray cod is so rewarding simply because these fish take a lot of effort. They do not get big from being dumb and it can take countless of trips, hours and casts to land an iconic Murray cod.

What lure is best for cod?

  • Spinnerbaits – The spinnerbait has been around for some time now and emerged in the native lure market as one of the best!
  • Diving Hard Body Lure.
  • Soft Plastics.
  • Surface Lures –
  • Swimbaits –

What Colour lures do Murray cod like?

The purple lure owner believes success on said lure and finds it difficult to try anything else in the colour spectrum. I see it day in day out on social media forums when asked what colour to use for Murray Cod – there’s an overwhelming response of “Purple”.

What size hooks for cod?

A size 1 B940 is strong enough to land a decent cod. Larger hooks are required for a big cocktail bait (lug/squid or shellfish/crab).

Can you catch cod on lures?

Targeting cod on lures is awesome fun on light jigging rods, we take a look at the tackle you need and our top five cod lures. Targeting cod on light spin and jigging outfits is seriously good fun, it’s something I look forward to each season.

Are Murray cod bottom feeders?

Murray Cod are a bottom feeding fish in the fresh water Darling-Murray system of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. It was introduced to Western Australia many years ago but it has not thrived in the manner it does in the Murray-Darling basin.

Where was the biggest Murray cod caught?

In fact, the ‘record’ is based on a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on 6th of October 1955 from a Mr Noble, who claimed to remember a 250-pound Murray Cod being caught in the Barwon River in 1902 just outside Walgett, north-western New South Wales.

Do you need a baitcaster for Murray cod?

Baitcasters are more accurate and they provide you with more control over your line and lure. This is a must when casting for Murray Cod because you need to be extremely accurate when casting at structure.

What size hooks for Murray cod?

Murray Cod Hook Size Even a small fish of 40cm will scoff down a large grub or a big yabby. So if you’re tying on a 2/0 or below then you are in real need of an upgrade. For me if you intend to use a bait holder style hook (not my preferred hook) and you want to target Murray Cod then I use nothing under a 4/0.

What do I need for cod fishing?

  1. A 100-pound barrel swivel.
  2. A 50 – 80-pound fluorocarbon leader.
  3. 6 – 20-ounce sinkers.
  4. 5/0 bait-holder fish hooks.
  5. 6/0 bait-holder hooks.
  6. 7/0 bait-holder fish hooks.
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