Can you fish in the Condamine River?

Located on the Condamine River 6.5km south of Warra, Warra Weir is a great fishing spot with golden perch, silver perch and Murray cod all native to the Condamine River.

What can you catch in the Condamine River?

Condamine River is a stream in Queensland, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Murray cod, Common carp, and Golden perch. 17 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Are there Yabbies in the Condamine River?

There were plenty of legal-sized golden perch landed on shrimps and saltwater yabbies in the main basin. One local angler managed to land seven quality golden perch on TN50 Jackalls. There were also reports of a few smaller Murray cod landed.

Is Condamine River crossing open?

Condamine River Road was reopened on 27 January 2021. The road has been inspected and the crossings cleared of any debris. This area is a natural treasure and the public road is a delicate part of the Cambanoora Gorge ecosystem, so please treat the area with respect.

Do I need a fishing permit in Qld?

You do not require a licence to fish recreationally in Queensland, except if fishing in some stocked impoundments where a stocked impoundment permit is required. You should make sure you are fully aware of the rules that apply to the area you are intending to fish.

Where do you fish a chinchilla?

Chinchilla Weir is located on the Condamine River approximately 8km south east of Chinchilla. The weir is suitable for all vessels types and is a popular destination for watersports and fishing.

Are there Murray cod in Qld?

A closed season applies to Murray cod from 1 August to 31 October each year in all Queensland waters contained in the Murray Darling Drainage Division. An exception to this closed season applies to Beardmore Dam, Beehive Dam, Connolly Dam, Cooby Dam, Coolmunda Dam, Glenlyon Dam, Leslie Dam and Storm King Dam.

Can you fish at Bunya Mountains?

Bunya Swimming Hole and the nearby South Pine River is a popular location with local children to throw in the line and do a spot of fishing. You might just catch yourself a bream, trevally, cod, jew, catfish or jacks. When fishing from a bank, look for weedy areas or submerged logs and rocks to fish near.

Can you fish in Myall Creek Dalby?

Fishing in Dalby Dalby is home to Myall Creek, the perfect spot for an afternoon of fishing or to just take a short break on your travels. Enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing followed by picnicking, camping, and … well, more fishing.

How do I get a fishing license in Queensland?

  1. online.
  2. over the counter at Queensland and selected NSW Australia Post outlets.
  3. via phone on 1300 575 359 (permit purchases only, for general SIPS enquiries phone 13 25 23).

Where does the Condamine River flow?

The Condamine River rises on the Darling Downs in the Queensland. The river flows north-west past Dalby and onward to Chinchilla. It then flows south-west to the plains, where it meets the Dogwood Creek and becomes the Balonne River, near Surat.

Is the Condamine River closed?

Due to safety concerns for road users on the river crossings, the Condamine River Road remains closed, with the gate at Killarney re-locked from midday, January 6th, 2021. Visitors in the area should take care around water crossings which are subject to fast changing depths and flows after rainfall.

How long is the Condamine River Road?

The Condamine River Road is about 20 kilometres long, and depending on road conditions and water levels should take you between 40 and 50 minutes to cover. It is recommended that you have a high-clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle to tackle this track.

Is the Condamine bridge open?

The new bridge is now open to traffic and will better support heavy vehicle movements and improve flood immunity. The old Tchanning Creek bridge was constructed in 1938 and was the last timber bridge on Roma-Condamine Road to be replaced.

How many rods can you fish with in Qld?

No more than six fishing lines should be used alone or combined. A set fishing line must not be used. A set fishing line must not be used as a cross-line. Only one hook, artificial fly, bait jig or lure can be attached to a line.

Do you need a licence to catch red claw in Qld?

A fishing permit is required and can be obtained from the Emerald Post Office or online here. Red Claw, a freshwater crayfish, is abundant and is best caught in opera house traps.

When was Chinchilla Weir built?

Chinchilla Weir, 8 km south of Chinchilla on the Condamine River, was built in 1973 to address a shortage of urban water supply for the town of Chinchilla.

Are Murray cod good eating?

It’s a good thing, because the Murray cod is arguably our greatest eating fish. The big barrel-shaped fish has a huge mouth and small eyes set well forward on its head. It has a creamy yellow-to-white belly and olive-to-blue and even yellow/ green skin on top.

Is there a season for Murray cod?

“The fishery is only open from 1 June to 31 August each year and closed for the remainder of the year, to provide protection for this vulnerable species,” Mr McLellan said. “NSW recreational freshwater fishing laws are designed to protect, conserve and improve our fisheries resources for future generations.”

What fish are in season now QLD?

  • Amberjack: April to November.
  • Cobia: April to October.
  • Cod: April to October.
  • Dolphin fish (Mahi mahi): December to April.
  • Flathead: All year round.
  • Kingfish: April to November.
  • Mackerel (Spanish and Spotties): December to May.
  • Marlin: December to February.

Does Sandy Creek flow into the Condamine?

Sandy Creek in southeast Queensland starts at an elevation of 763m and ends near Leslie at an elevation of 439m flowing into the Condamine River.

What does condamine mean?

(mŏn′ə-kō′, mə-nä′kō) A principality on the Mediterranean Sea consisting of an enclave in southeast France. Probably settled by Phoenicians, it has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since the 1200s.

Are there dingoes at Bunya Mountains?

The headwaters of the river rise on the slopes of Mount Superbus, part of the Main Range, before passing through Cambanoora Gorge. The river flows through the towns of Killarney, Warwick, and Chinchilla and the tributary Gowrie Creek drains the slopes around Toowoomba.

Is Maidenwell Bunya Mountains road sealed?

Dingoes (Canis lupus dingo) do occur in small numbers in the Bunya Mountains. In fact during the winter months you’ll often hear Dingoes howl in the distance.

Can you swim at Bunya Mountains?

The Maidenwell – Bunya Mountains Road is a sealed and an unsealed road in Queensland. It goes from near Great Dividing Range to Maidenwell.

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