Can you fish in Guadalupe State Park?

Trout will be stocked at Guadalupe Park, Whitewater Camp, 4th Crossing, 3rd Crossing, and Camp Huaco Springs. Many camps and resorts in this area offer river access to paying guests. Free public fishing access is provided at the following locations: Year-round: Guadalupe Park, operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Is the Guadalupe River good for fishing?

Fishing on the Guadalupe River The Guadalupe River is known for some of the best fly fishing in Texas and is one of the top 100 trout streams in the United States! Cold water is released from the Canyon Lake dam, making the waters of the Guadalupe River cold enough for rainbow and brown trout to survive year-round.

Do you need a fishing license to fish at Guadalupe River State Park?

With a pass or permit, you do not need a fishing license. Get to Park Road using Highway 46 either head east of Boerne or west of US 281. Park Road 31 is about four miles long to the entrance of the State Park.

What lures to use in Guadalupe River?

The best lures for Guadalupe bass are scaled-down versions of largemouth lures. Small crankbaits, spinners and topwaters are effective, as are jigs and various soft plastic lures, including grubs, tube jigs, wacky worms and creature baits.

What kind of fish are in the Guadalupe River Park?

Fishermen and anglers come from miles away to reel in a variety of fish including Rainbow Trout, Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, and Rio Grande Perch.

Is there alligators in the Guadalupe River?

Guadalupe River Alligators? Alligators are an extremely rare sight in the Guadalupe River, but it has happened before. Back in 2016, a kayaker had the thrill of a lifetime while taking advantage of heavy rainfall near Edge Falls Road above Guadalupe River State Park.

Is the Guadalupe River clean?

A portion of the Upper Guadalupe River (Segment 1806) in Kerrville, has had high concentrations of bacteria since 2002. High bacteria can pose a health risk to people who swim or wade in the water body—activities called “contact recreation” in the state’s standards for water quality.

Are there crappie in the Guadalupe River?

The current world record Guadalupe Bass was caught by one of our clients in February. Several of us have caught bass in the 7 to 8 pound range this time of year as well. Other possibilities this time of year are large white bass, crappie and freshwater drum.

Can you wade fish the Guadalupe River?

The area provides approximately 0.5 miles of bank access along alternating pools and riffles. The bank is gently sloped and rocky. Anglers can wade fish both upstream and downstream, or fish from the bank. There is a low-water dam at the upper end of the property and a deep pool at the lower end.

Can you bring your own tube to the Guadalupe River?

No. It’s against the law and you will be cited. Law Enforcement personnel patrol the rivers and nearby parks/structures. Keep it cool, stay in your tube and enjoy the float.

Is the Guadalupe River Deep?

– Con’s: The Guadalupe River averages between 52 to 54 degrees almost year-round as the water being released from Canyon Lake Dam comes from the deepest part of Canyon Lake, around 130 feet deep, which causes the cold water temperatures on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake Dam.

Can you have cans on the Guadalupe River?

Yes, you can drink on the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers (this is in accordance with TX law) And you can drink whatever you’d like – beer, wine, mojitos, margaritas, fuzzy navels, any other alcoholic beverage, juice, water, sports drinks, and even that stuff you found dripping from under the hotel sink if you want.

How do you catch a Guadalupe bass?

Some best lures to use are plastic grubs, streamers, and small crankbaits. An angler will find the best time to find the Guadalupe Bass is when they are actively feeding in swift water currents. They respond well to bait that is moving quickly through the water. (In slow-moving water, they are reluctant to bite.)

What does the Guadalupe bass eat?

Guadalupe bass are adapted to flowing streams. Like other black basses, the Guadalupe bass eats fish, crayfish and insect larvae.

Does the Guadalupe River have bass?

The Guadalupe bass is native only in a few rivers on the Edwards Plateau of south-central Texas. Of those, the most likely place to find them is in their namesake Guadalupe River. The Guadalupe bass is a natural river fish, preferring to inhabit water that is moving.

How big can a Guadalupe bass get?

Appearance. The Guadalupe fish is small in size but rather powerful, with physical traits that resemble the spotted bass. A typical adult weighs about one pound and reaches 12 inches in length. Their backs have many smaller diamond marks scattered and 12 dorsal-fin rays.

Where can I find rainbow trout in Texas?

Some of the most popular places besides the Guadalupe River are the Trinity River, Possum Kingdom tailrace, Frio River, and Llano River. All of the rainbow trout stocked in Texas come from Crystal Lake in Ava Missouri and are placed across the state for put and take fishing.

What lives in the Guadalupe River?

These include white-tailed deer, coyote, gray fox, skunk, raccoon, opossum, bobcat and armadillo. Other smaller species live here, as well. Download Birds of Guadalupe River State Park and Honey Creek State Natural Area (PDF).

Are there snakes in Canyon Lake?

Are there snakes in Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe River? Yes.

What rivers in Texas have alligators?

In Texas, the American alligator ranges from the Sabine River of East Texas to the Gulf of Mexico across the coastal marshes to the Rio Grande and west to around Interstate 35. This range includes about 120 counties with the highest concentrations occurring along the Gulf Coastal Plains.

What river has the clearest water in Texas?

Devils River State Natural Area Has The Clearest River In Texas – Narcity.

What’s the clearest river in Texas?

What’s the cleanest river in America?

And it’s stunningly beautiful. –The Smith River is the wildest and cleanest river in the country outside of Alaska — indeed, it is one of the cleanest rivers in the world. — The Smith is the only major undammed river in California.

What size speckled trout can you keep in Texas?

Current speckled trout limits allow anglers to keep 5 fish per day within the slot limit of 15″- 25″. Additionally, one of the five fish is allowed to be over 25″.

What is the limit on trout in Texas?

Three fish per day per angler. A minimum size of 17 inches and a maximum size limit of 23 inches.

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