Can you catch sturgeon in the Snake River?

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The Snake River offers an outstanding fishery for small mouth bass, trout and sturgeon in one of the most impressive destinations in the northwest. You can expect to catch 100’s of bass and multiple sturgeon in a day during prime months.

Where do you fish for sturgeon on Snake River?

Snake River from Swan Falls to C.J. Strike Dam – the best sturgeon fishing begins just below C.J. Strike Dam near the turbine discharge and in the main channel below the spillway.

What is the biggest sturgeon caught in the Snake River?

But Idaho does list a rod-and-reel weight record for white sturgeon: a 394-pound fish caught on the Snake River by Glenn Howard in 1956.

What is the best bait for sturgeon fishing?

A combination of a nightcrawler and a baitfish is excellent. Additional baits that can work for sturgeon include lamprey, shrimp and crawfish and several cut-baits with local fish species such as suckers.

What Rod should I use for sturgeon?

A 10-12′ surf casting rod is heavy duty enough to tangle with these large fish. You can easily cast the large weights that are sometimes needed for this fishery. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Series spinning rod is an ideal rod for shore sturgeon fishing.

How many sturgeons are in the Snake River?

Findings from the 2021 survey were interesting to say the least. Overall, biologists collected 116 sturgeon from Milner Dam upstream to Idaho Falls. Fish ranged in size from two feet up to eight feet long.

What is the biggest fish in the Snake River?

Sturgeons of 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) are common for most species, but some have been known to grow up to 26.3 feet (8 meters) long. The current record for Sturgeon caught in the Snake River is 9 feet 11 inches.

How big is the Snake River sturgeon?

This 117 inch monster caught in The Snake River in Hell’s Canyon broke the old record of 113.5 inches. 4 men combined on the effort. Kirk Fairchild, Seamus Fairchild, Lawaine Fairchild and Homer Brown. White Strugeon can be found anywhere along the Western parts of North America.

Can you eat sturgeon?

Sturgeon has a refined flavor and consistency. That charm is why eating it raw is the best way to eat it. You can enjoy the charm of the fish meat by eating it as sashimi, sushi and marinading it. Even when boiled, you can enjoy the tender texture of sturgeon.

Do sturgeons bite?

And yet at other times they hook big bad keeper and oversize sturgeon, so yes some of those tiny bites that you tend to ignore are big sturgeon picking at your bait!

How much does a 10 ft sturgeon weigh?

A 10-foot sturgeon which as pes Bisson weighs about 500 to 600 lbs was caught, tagged, and re-released in the river.

What’s the Idaho State record for sturgeon?

White sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish in North America, are protected in Idaho and the state only recognizes catch-and-release records. The sturgeon released by Poulsen measured 124 inches (10.33 feet). The previous record was 119.5 inches, set in 2019.

What’s the best time to fish for sturgeon?

What months are the best for sturgeon fishing? Usually in the spring is best, but the fishing is even better when it is close to when they are about to start spawning right around July and August. It also depends on the weather and water temperature.

What size hooks for sturgeon?

Most sturgeon anglers will use what most call a sturgeon rig. Typically, this is a 18″ snell made of 60 lb line or leader material attached to a 5/0 circle hook. Circle hooks help to prevent gut hooking fish.

How do you rig for sturgeon fishing?

How much drag do you need for sturgeon?

Other types of drags can and do FAIL. I have seen reels break and blow smoke while on the water. These fish will test the limits of many reels. Spool: You need to have at least 250 yards of line in the 100 – 150 lb class if you are fishing from a boat, and even more if you choose to fish from shore.

How many yards of line do I need for a sturgeon?

needs to be very strongly built, have a very smooth drag, and hold at least 250 yards of the proper line. Land the fish as quickly as possible, as fish that are fought to exhaustion can be at risk of not being able to re- cover.

Where can I find the biggest sturgeon?

The largest modern concentrations are in San Francisco and San Pablo bays in California, the Columbia River, and the Fraser River drainage in British Columbia. The fish forage in bays and estuaries, but are known to travel offshore to water as deep as 50 fathoms.

Can you keep sturgeon in Washington?

(1) It is unlawful to fish for or retain green sturgeon.

Is it legal to fish for sturgeon in Idaho?

Downstream in Hells Canyon, where biologists have handled more than 4,000 sturgeon during surveys over the last 30 years, only 10 fish have ever exceeded the 10-foot mark. Fishing for Idaho’s white sturgeon is allowed strictly on a catch-and-release basis, and they may not be removed from the water while handling.

What’s the lifespan of a sturgeon?

LIFE CYCLE: Sturgeon can live to be up to 100 years old, but in the Kootenai watershed they are not as long-lived. Females have been observed to mature as early as age 22, with males sometimes maturing at 16. Females are reported to spawn once every two to 11 years.

What is the world record white sturgeon?

For that reason, the IGFA world record for a white sturgeon stands at only 468 pounds. However, the largest white sturgeon caught by a fisherman is believed to be the estimated 1,100-pounder measuring 12 feet, 4 inches caught in July 2012. It was released on the Fraser River, too.

Are sturgeon dinosaurs?

Sturgeon are living dinosaurs. Fisheries biologists have discovered that sturgeon existed as long as 200 million years ago. The scientific name for white sturgeon is Acipenser transmontanus, which means “fish on the other side of the mountains.” Both white and green sturgeon are native to the Columbia River.

What do giant sturgeon eat?

Sturgeon are generally scavengers, eating whatever food they can find on the bottom of the river, lake or ocean. Their diet is generally living or dead food items like salmon /small bait fish / insects / clams / mussels / fish eggs / shrimp / lamprey eels / euchalon / hot dogs, etc. You get the point.

What do river sturgeon eat?

Atlantic sturgeon are bottom feeders. They typically consume invertebrates, such as crustaceans, worms, and mollusks, and bottom-dwelling fish, such as sand lance.

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