Can you catch barramundi in Darwin?

Darwin Harbour is one of the best places to go barramundi fishing during the wet season, which is normally not the best time of year to fish. You’ll find the in the estuaries around Darwin Harbour or the mangroves and tidal creeks of Shoal Bay and Bynoe Harbour.

Is Darwin good for fishing?

With tropical waters, and plenty of stunning coastline, the Northern Territory is home to some of the best warm water fishing in Australia. Throw in the numerous rivers and billabongs for good measure, and it’s no surprise that Darwin, in particular, draws fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

What fish can you catch in Darwin Harbour?

  • Barramundi.
  • Bream.
  • Golden Snapper / Fingermark.
  • Jewfish – Black.
  • Longtail Tuna.
  • Mangrove Jack.
  • Queenfish.
  • Trevally.

Where can I fish for barra in Darwin?

North-east of Darwin, Shoal Bay and the Howard River are also top barra locations with boat hire and secure parking available for a fee. Large barramundi are regularly caught at ‘the rock’ in shoal bay during the build-up. The area is also renowned for great mud crabbing.

What is the best time to go fishing in Darwin?

The Build-Up lasts from October to December. This is the pre-monsoon season— rain is on its way and humidity is rising. Conditions are hot and sticky until the monsoon rains arrive in late December. The Build-Up can produce the best fishing of the year in the Top End.

What time of year is best for barramundi fishing?

BARRAMUNDI fishing improves as the weather warms. August can fish well but September and October are the best barra months. The second half of September and first half of October are a great time to fish the harbour. Unlike the famous wet season run-off period, early build-up conditions are stable and predictable.

How many barramundi can you keep?

Bag And Fishing Possession Limits In NSW, the current bag and possession limits for barramundi are: Two fish per person (combined total for both fresh and saltwater). Four fish per boat (combined total for both fresh and saltwater).

How many barra can you keep in NT?

Personal possession limit of three barramundi and vessel limit of one barramundi over 90cm (overall length).

Where is the best place to fish barramundi?

The tropical northernmost tip of the Northern Territory or “Top End,” as it’s called, is famous for some of the best barramundi fishing in Australia. This area encompasses Darwin and Kakadu National Park, The best times to fish here are during the barra build-up, from October through December.

Do I need a fishing license in Northern Territory?

While you do not need a recreational fishing licence or a recreational boat licence in the NT, you must follow recreational boat laws. You must follow boat rules and carry the right boat safety equipment.

How deep is Darwin Harbour?

Water depth in the main channel at the mouth of the Harbour ranges from 20-30 m, with this decreasing to 5-10 m in the arms of the Harbour. The prominent features of the coastal and marine habitats in Darwin Harbour are the expansive mudflats backed by mangroves which contain considerable biodiversity (Hanley 1988).

Can you fish Darwin River Dam?

Yes with restrictions The majority of the dam is open to fishing.

Are barramundi hard to catch?

2 to 3 out of 5: Possible Barra. Maybe give it a go, but still difficult for the beginner barramundi fisherman and difficult if you don’t have a boat. Live bait fishing may be an option to improve your odds.

Can you fish on Channel Island Darwin?

Channel Island Bridge is another fishing bridge, located about another 10 minutes drive from the Elizabeth River Bridge, just before the Channel Island power station.

Can you fish at East Point Darwin?

You are allowed to use a rod, hand line, line, hooks, and lures to fish in East Point reserve. Any fish less than 30 cm long must be returned to the water as soon as possible after it has been caught, with as little damage as possible. The map of the East Point aquatic life reserve is a general guide only.

What tide is best for barramundi?

Half tide out to half tide in is the best time to fish. The bottom of the tide really concentrates bait and can be the best time to fish, especially for barramundi. Neap (smallest) tides are best for lures fishing, because of the better water clarity when compared to the bigger spring tides.

What is the barramundi season?

February to May is the run off and when the monsoon floods the swamps and billabongs and multitudes of school size fish can be caught easily with lures around drains as the water runs off. Of course there is always the possibility there will be a big fish amongst them.

What lures to use for barramundi?

Lures like the 4 and 5 inch Paddle Prawn are perfect for barramundi when rigged on a conventional 3/8oz jig head and 3/0 or 5/0 hook. Alternatively they can be rigged weedless on a worm hook to avoid snagging in heavy timber or weedy areas.

Do barramundi take lures at night?

You can’t see a monster barra come in and engulf your lure, nor can you judge how close you come to snags or other potential fish holding structures. Despite this, barra readily feed at night and are positively a great night time target species on lures.

Do barramundi bite in a full moon?

There are two phases that have stood out for targeting barra and that is the lead-up to the full moon and the fall of the new moon period. The lead-up to the full moon will see larger quantities of bait pushing into the system with the bigger building tides, which really fires a system up.

How do you rig for barramundi?

How many hooks can you have on a line?

Line fishing A maximum of three hooks or three gangs of hooks can be attached per line. A gang of hooks should have no more than five hooks. One line may have six single hooks with a lure attached to be used by the method of hand jigging only. A maximum of three treble hooks can be attached to a lure.

What can I feed my Barra?

Fish diet/nutrient requirements Barramundi are strictly carnivorous and highly predatory, and they need to be fed meat constantly. Meat sources include shrimp, small fish, beef heart, crayfish, worms, and Barramundi pellets.

Where can I find Cherabin in Darwin?

One of the most popular locations for catching cherabin is in the Daly River.

Can you fish at Mindil Beach?

Okay fishing for Barramundi, Bream, Flathead, Cod and whiting. During the low tide and start of the incoming, fish the creek and rock bars with hard body lures, slow retrieve. Warmer months, incoming tide fish from the mouth to the boat ramp with shallow diving hard body lures for Barramundi.

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