Can I fish the Ohio River in West Virginia?

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Anglers with a valid Ohio resident or West Virginia resident fishing license may fish on the Ohio River, its embayments or from either bank.

What is the best bait for the Ohio River?

In faster water (Ohio River tailwaters) use heavy spoons and jigs. In less current use imitation minnow baits and other crankbaits.

Where is the best bass fishing in WV?

Game and Fish says Stonewall Jackson Lake is West Virginia’s No. 1 bass lake. Located in the the Stonewall Jackson Lake Wildlife Management Area, Stonewall Jackson Lake offers the rugged appeal prized by anglers, hunters, wildlife waters and others who enjoy outdoor activities.

Where is the best place to fish in the Ohio River?

According to locals, the most bountiful spots to fish are the Cluster Islands, the mouths of the Muskingum River, Fishing Creek, Dam #21, the New Cumberland Dam, and the Byrd Dam. Almost all Ohio River favorites can be found in WV’s waters.

Do I need a WV fishing license to fish the Ohio River?


Where can you bass fish in the Ohio River?

Smallmouth bass are found throughout the Ohio River. The best smallmouth habitat in the river is upstream of the Willow Island dam, but they are commonly caught in all of the tailwaters and from most rocky areas in any of the pools.

What’s the biggest fish in the Ohio River?

Massive 95-pound catfish ‘by far the largest’ trophy fish caught by these Kentucky men. Michael Robinson and Terry Raymer have made an annual tradition of catching massive fish on the Ohio River, but their latest snag is a personal best.

Can you eat fish from the Ohio River?

While you can eat fish from the Ohio River, the ORFA and Ohio EPA both recommend you don’t do it more than once a month for most species. The amount drops for children and women of child-bearing age. So, if you’re worried about pollutants in the fish caught from a contaminated river, you’re RIGHT.

What is the West Virginia state record bass?

Facts. The West Virginia length record for largemouth is 25.75 inches (Eli Gain, 2001) and the weight record is 12.28 pounds.

Is bass fishing good in West Virginia?

Small lakes, ponds, parks and rivers are good places to look. The states major lakes with bass include Beech Fork Lake, Bluestone Lake, Burnsville Lake, Cheat Lake, East Lynn Lake, Jennings Randolph Lake, Moncove Lake, Mount Storm Lake, O’Brien Lake, Stonewall Jackson Lake, Summersville Lake and Tygart Lake.

What is the largest largemouth bass on record?

Official Largemouth World Record: George Perry’s Undefeated Bass. On June 2nd, 1932, George Perry caught the current world record bass out of Lake Montgomery, an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River in southern Georgia. The fish (the whopper) weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces.

Can I fish the Ohio River with a WV license?

Because the Ohio River is a border water — Ohio is right across from West Virginia — a license from either state is acceptable if you are fishing by boat.

What all fish are in the Ohio River?

  • Largemouth Bass.
  • Smallmouth Bass.
  • Sauger & Walleye.
  • White, Striped, & Hybrid Striped Bass.
  • Channel, Flathead, & Blue Catfish.

Are there Muskie in the Ohio River?

Ohio muskies are commonly found in the southern and eastern portions of Ohio but have been found throughout major streams and lakes, for example Ohio Brush Creek, Muskingum River, Salt Creek and Wolf Creek.

Does a 65 year old need a fishing license in WV?

(d) In accordance with the provisions of section twenty-seven of this article, any resident sixty-five years of age or older is not required to have a license to hunt, trap or fish during the legal seasons in West Virginia, but in lieu of such license any such person shall at all times while hunting, trapping or …

How much is non resident fishing license in West Virginia?

Fishing licenses in West Virginia can range from about $3.00 for a Nonresident 1-Day fishing license to just over $800.00 for a Resident Lifetime Fish/Hunt/Trap license. Take a look below for all the resident and nonresident fishing licenses and prices.

Are there sharks in the Ohio River?

yes, I said “shark!” If I remember right, in 2014-2015, a “Bull Shark” was spotted swimming in the Ohio River. Bull Sharks can live in both freshwater and saltwater and have been known to travel up rivers off the ocean. There is actually a “YouTube” video online of kids in a school bus spotting a shark in the Ohio.

Is the Ohio River polluted?

The Ohio River is also one of the most polluted rivers in the U.S., according to the U.S. EPA. Its banks are highly populated and industrialized, and it’s served as a dumping ground for local cities and industries for generations.

Are there skipjack in the Ohio River?

Currently, the skipjack shad is most abundant in the Upper Mississippi River below the mouth of the Ohio River. They are known as an “early-run” species as they migrate to spawn in the early spring.

What is the largest catfish ever caught out of the Ohio River?

Catfish Fishing The largest catfish caught on the Ohio River weighed 106.9 pounds, caught by Glynn Grogan in 2018.

Are there bass in the Ohio River?

Central Region. Shawnee State Park near Portsmouth hosts two well-stocked lakes providing good catches of largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie and trout. Fish the Ohio River alongside and behind the locks at the Meldahl Dam for a good selection of bass, stripers, sauger, white bass and channel cats.

What is the biggest blue catfish caught in the Ohio River?

The fish was 50.7 inches long and weighed 67.22 pounds. The trophy catfish eclipsed the weight record of 61.28 pounds held by Cody Carver for only seven weeks and broke the length record of 50.15 inches held by Justin Goode since 2021.

Is there mercury in the Ohio River?

Mercury-contaminated fish are common in waterways across the country, and the Ohio River is no exception. Species including angler favorites like hybrid striped bass have been found in the Ohio River with mercury above the level considered safe by the EPA.

How many fish can you eat out of the Ohio River?

For most Ohio fish, people can safely eat one serving every week ( or four servings per month.)

What state owns the Ohio River?

In 1792, the federal government determined that Kentucky owned the Ohio River along its border with Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. In essence, the boundary between Kentucky and these three future states would be the low point of the Ohio River’s northernmost bank.

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