Beauty Mistakes You Make If You Have Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it can be challenging to look for beauty and makeup products to fit your skin type. You think that what works for dry and combination skin can also work well for you; however, that is certainly not the case. To each is his/her own, and so if you have oily skin, you must stick to products that complement your skin type.

The problem is, many products available in the market are not labeled straightforwardly. What it means is there are rarely labels that say this product is for “dry skin,” “oily skin,” or “combination skin.” Usually, the label just says the color tone of the product, or whether the product is fit for those with “sensitive skin,” or “normal skin.”

This lack of proper labeling may be due to the ever-changing nature of skin. In your lifetime, you may experience having a dry, oily, or combination skin, depending on the seasons, your diet, lifestyle, and hormones. So, it may seem futile for Korean skin care products to label their products depending on your skin type. However, there is a general skin type for every person. So, even if you have some bouts of dry skin, if you have oily skin most of the time, then you are classified to have an oily skin type.

If you have been looking for the perfect beauty product for your oily skin type, here are beauty routine mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

1. Using the wrong products

It is pretty evident that you must avoid using the wrong products for your skin type. It can be challenging to choose beauty products that are perfect for you, so you need to consult a dermatologist for this one. Your doctor will analyze your skin, and establish a routine that’s the best fit for your diet, lifestyle, and health conditions. Going for an appointment may cost you your time and money, but it will be worth it in the long run. Every person has a routine that works for him/her, so do not merely copy your friend’s routine. Find one that works for you, and let your dermatologist know straight away if something does not look or feel right with the recommended products.

Hypoallergenic face powder can minimize oiliness2. Using lots of face powder

If you have oily skin, the first thing you do is to put on powder. It sounds effective, right? In fact, to put powder on oily skin is counterintuitive at best. It is because face powder blocks off the proper circulation in your skin, so instead of improving your skin’s look, it will end up being oilier and out of control.

When doing your makeup, stick with using a primer with putting a particular focus on your T-zone. The primer will help your skin breathe while providing enough coverage before you put on makeup. And instead of using a cream-based or powder-based foundation, use a gel-based one so you can allow your skin to have a good circulation.

Having oily skin is not only based on genetics, but also on your diet and lifestyle. Aside from avoiding these beauty mistakes, avoid dairy, sugar, oil, and processed foods from your diet. Sleep early, exercise well and do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed. These tips can help you get great skin and can help you avoid having an oily skin for good.