Are there blue catfish in Carlyle Lake?

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Blue catfish were stocked for the first time in 2021. These fish should grow well and add an additional trophy fish to the existing catfish fishery. The bluegill population at Carlyle remains fair.

What fish are biting in Carlyle Lake?

Fishing at Carlyle Lake Carlyle Lake offers good fishing for crappie, white bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, channel and flathead catfish, freshwater drum and carp. Other species commonly caught are green sunfish, yellow bass, yellow and black bullheads.

Are there Muskie in Carlyle Lake?

Largemouth bass and muskies are being caught deep and shallow on the main lake and back in the creeks. There have been some good-sized bass caught by anglers fishing for whites. The muskies are also shallow on the flats with the whites. White bass action is also heating up at Carlyle Lake.

How Clean Is Carlyle Lake?

Currently the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has listed Carlyle Lake impaired for Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Phosphorous, and mercury while the Kaskaskia River upstream from the Lake is impaired for dissolved oxygen, Atrazine, and mercury.

Are there walleye in Carlyle Lake?

Carlyle Lake and the tail water area offer year-round fishing opportunities for a variety of game species such as white bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, largemouth bass, freshwater drum, carp, flathead catfish, and walleye.

Can you snag at Carlyle Lake?

Carlyle Lake is the largest man-made lake in Illinois and so easy to get to from St. Louis, MO. With 24,580 acres of lake area, there are lots of opportunities to find just the right spot to snag a mammoth catfish or crappie. The lake was completed by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1967 and is stocked each year.

Is there a limit for catfish on Rend Lake?

Site Regulation: White, Black or Hybrid Crappie: 25 daily limit, not more than 10 exceeding 10″. Twenty-six flathead catfish were collected in the 2021 survey ranging in size from 8-40 inches in length with the largest weighing 32 pounds. The bass population for 2022 will be good.

What is the water temp at Carlyle Lake?

Carlyle Reservoir’s current water temperature is 73°F.

What time does Carlyle Lake open?

Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How old is Carlyle Lake?

The Carlyle Lake project was completed in April of 1967 and the Carlyle Lake Dam was dedicated on June 3, 1967. The damming of the Kaskaskia River at Carlyle is 107 miles from the mouth of the river and creates the largest man-made lake in Illinois.

Are the crappie biting at Rend Lake?

Tuesday 5/4/2021 Crappie fishing – Good, using minnows and jigs. The fish are biting good. We are catching crappie in 2-3 feet of water in the bush brush.

Can you swim in Carlyle Lake Illinois?

Water-oriented outdoor recreation opportunities including camping, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Is Carlyle Lake Safe?

Testing at Carlyle Lake has shown that the water is safe and meeting all state and federal regulations for public use.

What is the second biggest lake in Illinois?

10. Horseshoe Lake. Covering an area of 2,400 acres, Lake Horseshoe is the second-largest natural lake in Illinois. Horseshoe Lake is 2,400 acres (10 km2) in size and is the second-largest natural lake in Illinois, following Lake Michigan.

What is there to do at Carlyle Lake?

Carlyle Lake is a premier location for outdoor sports. Known to sailors, it is one of the best and most challenging for sailboats. There is also boating, fishing, hunting, bird watching, sand beaches, and camping areas. Hotels, cabins and golf courses make the area a true outdoor lover’s playground.

How long is Lake Shelbyville IL?

Location: Lake Shelbyville is located in Shelby and Moultrie Counties in east-central Illinois, with the dam situated on the Kaskaskia River, east of the City of Shelbyville, Illinois. Description: This lake has a surface area of 11,100 acres, with a maximum depth of 65 feet, and an average depth of 18 feet.

Is snagging fish illegal in Illinois?

Lake Shelbyville extends about 17 miles from the Shelbyville Dam to the cities of Bethany and Sullivan with islands, inlets, coves and peninsulas that create its 250-mile shoreline.

Is snag fishing illegal in Iowa?

1) Snagging for fish is permitted from September 15 through December 15 and from March 15 through May 15 within a 300 yard downstream limit below all locks and dams of the Illinois River, except for the area below the Peoria Lock and Dam where snagging is permitted year round.

Can you keep paddlefish in Illinois?

You can use gaff hooks or landing nets to help land fish. You can take rough fish (carp, buffalo, quillback, gar, sheepshead, dogfish) day or night, by: snagging. spear.

How deep is lake Springfield Illinois?

Description: Lake Springfield was constructed in 1931 by the damming of Lick and Sugar creeks. It has a maximum depth of approximately 30′ and average depth of 13′. Lake Springfield is 3866 acres.

What is the limit for crappie in Illinois?

Missouri has maintained its statewide minimum length limit of 24 inches for paddlefish (measured from the eye to the fork of the tail), while Illinois license holders (and those exempt from buying an Illinois license) may keep spoonbill of any size if caught in Illinois waters.

What is the crappie limit on Rend Lake?

Fisheries managers restrict daily creels to 25 crappies, with not more than 10 crappies longer than 10 inches.

Where are the fish biting in Illinois?

  • Heidecke Lake. Heidecke Lake is a power plant cooling lake owned by Commonwealth Edison.
  • Braidwood Lake. Braidwood Lake is a partially perched (elevated above the surrounding terrain to catch wind) cooling reservoir owned by Commonwealth Edison.
  • Kinkaid Lake.
  • Rend Lake.

How warm is the water in Illinois?

During the 2019 survey 93% of crappie caught were white crappie. White, black, or hybrid crappie have a 25 fish harvest limit daily, with no more than 10 fish greater than or equal to 10 inches in length. Bluegill fishing is projected to be good at Rend Lake for 2020, with most fish between 6.5″ – 8 inches in length.

What is the lake level at Carlyle Lake?

The average for all 20 lakes was 82.1 F.

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