Are there barbel in the River Stour?

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For the second year running, two-year-old species measuring up to eight inches and each weighing just under a quarter of a pound have been introduced to the River Stour. Within a decade they could reach up to 17lbs, making the river the finest barbel fishery in the Essex and Suffolk division of the Environment Agency.

Is the River Stour free fishing?

Fishing on the River Stour in Ashford Much of the riverside land in Ashford is owned by Ashford Borough Council and free fishing in the river is allowed by the council in these areas.

What fish can you catch in the River Stour?

The Stour is slow moving, with many of different fish species – barbel, bream, chub, dace, grayling, perch, pike, roach, rudd, salmon, tench & trout including eels which all provide food for the many resident otters.

Can you fish the River Stour Dorset?

Fisheries on the lower Stour are relatively popular with anglers targeting large barbel and chub. The Dorset Stour catchment supports a range of sport fishery types, all are catch-and-release in nature. Small numbers of salmon and sea trout still ascend the Stour but few are now caught.

What fish are in the River Stour Suffolk?

The river holds Dace, Chub, Carp, Pike, Perch, Rudd and Roach. Barbel were stocked into this stretch many years ago and caught into double figures, although it is not known if any still remain in this stretch.

Are there trout in the River Stour?

For hundreds of years the Kentish Stour has been widely acknowledged for its quality fishing. In bygone days it was mainly famous for its Fordwich trout, but today anglers visit to fish one of the most prolific waters in the south east of England.

Is there pike in the River Stour?

Night anglers tell us they have success with Chub up to 6lbs and Pike to 21lb have also been caught. The river also holds Tench, Perch, Dace, Rudd and Roach.

Is there carp in the River Stour?

About River Stour River Stour is a stream in England, United Kingdom. The most popular species caught here are Northern pike, Common carp, and European perch.

Can you fish at Dedham?

The most caught fishes here are the spined stickleback , the silver bream, the river lamprey and the chub fish. Come try the most famous fishing techniques like the cast fishing on the edge for mackerel, fishing technique of the pollack, trolling for mahi mahi or surfcasting for sole .

Can you fish the river Stour Essex?

The fishing on this mile long stretch is not considered easy, but it can yield excellent specimens. The nominal river depth is about 5 feet although local variations can be between 2 – 10 feet.

Can you fish at Flatford Mill?

The River Stour provides many opportunities for coarse fishing. If you want to fish around Flatford, you must first purchase a day ticket.

Is the River Stour clean?

The latest publically available monitoring (2016) indicates that most of these – twelve – are at Moderate status; seven are classified as Poor and one – the River Dour – is classified as Bad. The Environment Agency and its partners are committed to get as many water bodies as possible to Good status by 2027.

Is the River Stour safe to swim in?

River Stour Swimming in rivers is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers or children. Currents can vary, surfaces are often rocky and slippery, and rivers are not monitored by lifeguards. Experienced swimmers can enter the River Stour in several places, including a mooring platform near the Fordwich Arms.

Why are rivers called Stour?

The name ‘Stour’ means stirring, or moving. It supplanted the old British one of Durwhern, meaning swift river. In Latin, Stauro means strong or powerful. As East Kent’s major watercourse, the Kentish Stour originates as the Great Stour in Lenham, north west of Ashford.

Is the Dorset Stour a chalk stream?

The River Stour is classified as a chalk river; however, it varies from most chalk rivers as it does not rise through chalk. Instead both the East Stour and Great Stour sources are found in Gault Clay and Greensand soils and only flow through chalk after their confluence in Ashford.

What fish are in the River Stour Sudbury?

Roach, bream, dace, chub, perch and pike. All methods work on this stretch of river. The roach,dace, chub and perch can all be taken using the stick or waggler float while a swim feeder in the deeper water can account for some superb bags of bream.

Can you fish the river Wantsum?

The River Wantsum is located between St Nicholas and the sea wall near Reculver. It is a quiet fishing spot with numerous Carp, Chub, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, and Pike. Access is currently restricted to members only.

Can you fish the river Colne?

Fishery Description The river holds good Chubb up to 6lbs, Barbel up to 14lbs, Bream to 10lbs, Carp to 20lb, Tench, Trout to 4lbs, Eels, Pike, Perch, and good size Dace. The Close Season applies on the river, so no fishing from March 15h to June 15th. Night fishing is allowed and seems to pay dividends.

Do you have to pay to go to Flatford Mill?

Prices: National Trust members free; £5 per car; £1 per motorbike; £15 per coach (£12 if pre-booked). Pay by phone available. Frequent services from Colchester and Ipswich bus stations to East Bergholt via Manningtree Railway Station.

Is Flatford in Suffolk or Essex?

Flatford is a small hamlet close to East Bergholt in Suffolk. It is most famous for Flatford Mill, Willy Lott’s Cottage and Bridge Cottage, immortalised in the paintings of John Constable.

Where is Flatford Mill situated?

Flatford Mill is a Grade I listed watermill on the River Stour at Flatford in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England. According to the date-stone the mill was built in 1733, but some of the structure may be earlier. Attached to the mill is a 17th-century miller’s cottage which is also Grade I listed.

Is the River Stour polluted?

sewage, agricultural runoff, toxic. chemicals.

Are there two river Stours in England?

There are five River Stours situated in England, one each in the counties of Dorset, Kent, Suffolk, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. There is much controversy and debate as to where the name Stour originates, with historians believing that the word could come from three different language groups.

Can you get norovirus from river?

Norovirus, the notorious “stomach bug,” can spread like wildfire through homes, schools, healthcare facilities and cruise ships. According to a recent report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus also can be spread among swimmers in natural water bodies.

Can you swim in Dedham?

DEDHAM AND FLATFORD ON THE RIVER STOUR The river offers up not only extreme beauty but also several wild swimming spots, the majority of which are between Dedham and Flatford. A good spot to start swimming in this historic vale is at Fen Bridge near Dedham, a quiet spot with fairly deep water.

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