About Us

Welcome to “Safe Harbor Fishing”, the blog all about the joys and challenges of fishing. My name is Brent Pollock, and I’m the founder and author of this blog.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my summers out on the water, exploring the many rivers, streams, and lakes of the region. I fell in love with fishing at a young age and spent many hours practicing my craft, learning the ins and outs of the sport.

After earning a degree in biology, I spent several years working as a fishing guide, leading trips and teaching others how to catch everything from trout to salmon. In 2013, I decided to turn my passion into a full-time career and launched “Safe Harbor Fishing”.

The blog has been a labor of love, and I’m proud to have built a community of fellow anglers who share my passion for fishing. Here, you’ll find tips, tricks, and advice on everything from gear and techniques to the best spots to cast your line.

In addition to my writing, I’m also an active member of the fishing community and participate in conservation efforts to protect and preserve the natural habitats of the region’s fish populations.

Thank you for stopping by “Safe Harbor Fishing”. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and share in the joys of the sport. Happy fishing!

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